Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Creative Ways to Gift or Reward

I came across a neat article about 24 Creative Gift Ideas for Family and Friends on the Credit Repair  blog. Every year at Christmas we usually give cash or gift cards to family, but I always seem to struggle with a creative way to do this. I usually just put a bow on it lol. 

Photo from Credit Repair

So I adore the creative ideas for gifting in the article like, putting it in a balloon and having them pop it, or making it into a scavenger hunt! There are also lots of printables  such as: printable fortunes for dollar bill fortune cookies,  or math problem-solving cards to find a cash reward inside. 
Check it out!!


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Summer FUN in the SUN!

I am absolutely so excited that summer is almost here. I can't wait to soak up the sun pool side. And go on our vacay...see how much I need some sunshine in my life?!?!
Don't mind the hair...got a haircut after this...

Look at my pretty flowers growing in my flower beds!

I have recently become very much a rock-hound. I have always, always loved shiny things so rocks/minerals/gems speak my language.

Here is a geode my son opened recently. We got it a few years back in Arkansas. Arkansas has such a wide variety of "good" rocks.

My most prized part of my collection is my little piece of Moldavite. Moldavite is rare because it is from a meteorite impact from 15 million years ago in South Germany. Mine is the size of a dime. I have a friend who has one in a natural heart shape and I am so jelly. 

The whole point of my post is to share some fun summer 
activities so let's get to it!!! 

Since I posted pics of one of our geodes, how about making your own geode art? Have your child draw wiggly oval lines. Use watercolor to fill it in. You can add glitter, glitter glue OR use aluminum foil
 pieces to make it shiny. It would be fun to tear the foil.
You can even mix salt into the watercolors! 

  If it is nice outside, how about painting with a squirt gun? 
Fill a squirt gun with washable paint mixed with water. Put
on some messy clothes and have fun!

 CHOMP!!! I love this. 
Use a clothespin, construction paper and an unsharpened
toothpick or dowel to make your shark eating a fish puppet.

  When I was little I would play with mud and dirt for hours.
My family would pretend to eat my mud pies. So this idea is cool. 
Fill an empty plastic tub (any size) with rocks, sand, beans and toys.
This one has construction machine toys but you could add anything really like little plastic figures or shovels.

You know I am a sucker for handprint keepsakes.
Your little ones only stay little for so long!!!! (Mine is 16 now!!!)
This cool campfire is made with painted hands, construction paper and cotton balls aka marshmallows.

Sunshine!! So easy. Use a paper plate *you can color or paint it yellow* and add construction paper strips and a face. 

Use an egg carton to go on a scavenger hunt!
You can do this in your own backyard or at a park or while out on 
a hike. You can add clip art or photos of local nature items to find or 
just let your kids fill up each egg carton component with what they find.

Enjoy yourself, no matter what you do this summer!
I am going to be making more YouTube story time videos at
Twinkle Teaches YouTube channel starting in mid-June!


Thursday, May 20, 2021

Site Update!

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

Change is always good! I have some subscribers to this blog using Feedburner. Since Feedburner is going on hiatus, I switched to follow.it
I deleted my Feedburner, but switched all subscribers over to my follow.it
I like follow.it because it offers more features that were not available on Feedburner.
Users can define features (keywords, tags, author, etc.) and choose output channels (like if you want your subscription via email, newspaper, RSS, news page, etc.) So there is more flexibility. I also found it to be very user-friendly which for me is a huge plus since I always seem to be short on time!
I just wanted to let my readers know about the transition. If you want to subscribe to Twinkle Teaches go HERE.


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Python for Coding with Kids

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Why is Python popular among kids learning coding? 

With software engineering careers in great demand, more people are
learning coding today. Kids learning coding too has become the norm.
What’s interesting is how Python - already a popular coding language -
has won favor among kids and beginners.
A general purpose, high-level programming language, Python is being
hailed today as the best coding language for beginners, including kids
and teens. 

Below are the top reasons behind Python’s popularity among kids: 

1.  Python is the most popular coding language today: One of the most
popular programming languages in the world now, Python is said to
have gone up to second place from the third in last year’s ranking of
programming language popularity as published by the analyst firm
RedMonk. This has made it more attractive and lucrative for kids 
to learn Python. 

2. Python is easy-to-learn: With a syntax that is a lot like English, Python
without a doubt is among the easier coding languages today. With
Python, one can write concepts in fewer lines of code, making Python a
very efficient and fast choice for tasks, especially for beginners,
including kids. Also, Python is a flexible coding language so children
learning it can experiment easily and more often.

3.  Python comes with good documentation, community support and a
wide network of Python libraries: There is no shortage of guides and
video tutorials while working with Python. This community support
makes it very easy for kids to learn computer science with Python.
Additionally, Python has many libraries helping minimise one’s time and
effort during development. Take for example, matplotib that is used for
plotting charts and graphs; SciPy used for engineering applications,
science, and mathematics; BeautifulSoup for HTML parsing and XML
and NumPy for scientific computing.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

4.    Python is versatile, adding to its cross-industry appeal: Python can
be used in many types of environments such as mobile applications,
desktop applications, web development, hardware programming, and
many more. This makes it a highly versatile coding language. Today it is
widely used are Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IOT), Full Stack
Web Development, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial

5. Supported by top colleges and the corporate world: Python has
backing from most of the top computer science college programs; it is
usually the first language taught in the computer science curriculum.
Moreover, it enjoys support from Facebook,
 Amazon Web Services and Google.

Due to the above reasons, more kids are learning Python today than
ever. And while there is no paucity of free learning resources today; it is
recommended to join a coding class for greater accountability. A leading
coding program for kids and teens, YoungWonks provides students
individual attention in 1:1 live lessons, encouraging them to explore their
creativity by experimenting and making new programs, apps, websites,
games, robots and electronic devices. Its students have even won first
prizes at the RoboRave International 2018, RoboRave California 2018
and RoboRave US National 2017, making it a great choice for a kid
looking to learn coding. Students get a free trial to test the quality of
teaching before joining the program.

This is a guest post by Team Yongwonks in collaboration with Twinkle Teaches. 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

This was a hard week.

This morning our other cat, Forbes passed away. She was 15 and grew up with Glitz. I woke up and screamed for my husband to find her because I just had a feeling. She had been mourning Glitz all week--looking for him, crying out and actually crying tears. The vet said as long as she was eating not to worry. I know she was older, but I really think she died of a broken heart. We do have peace in the knowledge that they are reunited. 💓💕


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Glitz was the bestest.

Our 14 year old cat, Glitz passed away Monday morning. This week has been rough, but I know there is sunshine after the storm. Rest in peace, my baby.


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Edible Frosting Play Dough

One Little Project has a 2 ingredient recipe for edible frosting play dough!
So you can have little ones work on motor skills and you don't have to worry if they take a taste test. Genius!
Photo from One Little Project


Thursday, April 29, 2021

Shades of Meaning

I love this anchor chart because it teaches students that there are different "shades of meaning" to words but it would also be a great help to ELL students! I took this picture in a first grade classroom.


Monday, April 26, 2021

So excited for this! December needs to hurry.

WEST SIDE STORY Trailer (2021) Steven Spielberg, Musical Movie HD

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Rainy Day Activities

Photo by Sam Willis from Pexels

It is raining cats and dogs where I am at! I know it is hard to keep the kids busy and active on rainy days and they always seem to have so much extra ENERGY lol. So I found some things online to share that will keep them busy!

This is a great way to be creative and learn about butterflies!
You can open in new tab to zoom in or right click and save to print/view larger. 

This is from Frugal Fun 4 Boys. Make Lego rocks. Or paint rocks to be anything!

This is my own piece of art. I had a dinosaur story time. The kids colored a stegosaurus pattern. They used their handprints to make the spikes. You could have them trace their hands if you don't want to use paint.

This is one of the samples from the kiddos!

Here is the template I used. You can save it by right clicking.

Another time we had a heart story time and we made creatures out of hearts!
Here is a panda heart bear from SassyDealz.

Paper plate lion! You can use markers or crayons, too.

Krokotak always has really fun paper ideas. 

Glued to My Crafts Blog has a creative paper plate unicorn craft.

If you don't have bean bags, just have your kids match items they find around the
 house to the colors! What Moms Love actually has 87 indoor games and activities!

Cute beehive fingerprint craft!

Make a circle bear! From Crafty Morning Blog.


Thursday, April 22, 2021


Love is a beautiful thing. My husband shows me love every day in the way he speaks to me, the way he treats me and best of all, when he spoils me. I am so pumped because we are going to our favorite spot for summer vacation. He just surprised me by booking it all! I very much missed this place because last year due to Covid we could not travel anywhere. I feel in my heart that I absolutely have to be there at least once a year to recharge my soul. It is a beautiful, wild place. I get to see the stars and feel like I am surrounded by space on all sides. Wildlife will walk near you with no fear of humans because they are not accustomed to being threatened by human encroachment. I like to watch deer eat wild apples and racoons just being silly racoons. I just love it so much. My dream is to retire there someday but for now I will continue to cherish these memories we are making as a family.