Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mama sings the blues

This was our day yesterday:
I am preparing breakfast for H when he happily trots into the living room and declares, "Mmmm...breakfast! Sugar is grrrreat!". He has his hands elbow deep in a bag of sugar! (We have been keeping our dry/canned goods in a huge cabinet in his room). So I wash him up. After he eats his REAL breakfast we head to Hobby Lobby.
I try to avoid taking him to HL at all costs, but hey sometimes we gotta leave the house! HL is situated next to WalMart. Grrr. So the whole time we are walking in he is crying and saying,"That waaaaay." while pointing in the direction of WalMart.
Of course, I hear, "Who brings a kid into HL?" and I ignore it while I think," Okay. My son needs to learn how to behave properly in public. Is he going to learn that holed up in the house? NO! He will learn it through real-life experiences. And I can't always cater to him--he needs to learn that he cannot always get his way. AND he does not act this way everytime we go to a store. Must have something to do with his breakfast!?!"
So he calms down and since I was only popping in for one item we go to the check out line without anymore calamity. If you have never been in Hobby Lobby or any craft store during the day here is something you should know. Those stores are loaded with rich woman who stay at home without children and have nothing better to do than buy useless overprice knick knacks and ponder where to eat their salad for lunch or which body part to alter with plastic surgery next. NOT everyone--sometimes a true blue crafter is in there or a crazed sahm, but this time it was just the first kind.
There is only one lane open and of course, it is the slow as molasses cashier who looks like she might die at the register. I practice patience...practice, practice, practice. The lady in front of me is only getting 2 posters. Why is is taking an hour? Remember the first kind of lady? She gets in line behind me with her one (ugly) platter. Her nose is in the air--it really is! H spots some pumpkins and starts saying loudly," Pumpkins, mama, pumpkins! Look!" He was not running around the store. He was not fighting me for candy at the register. He was not touching all those ridiculous glass displays. I think his behavior in the line was A minus, not even a B. So we offend first lady with ugly platter because she walks out of line and puts the platter back. She had only been in line less than 3 seconds! Either it was us or molasses cashier or a combo. I was holding H and I said," I think we scared that lady off"--as she was leaving the store (I did not see her walking past us when I said that). It's okay-I said a silent prayer for her to get that stick removed from her butt soon.
We left that chaos and went to Target after I gave H the speech that any running people out of line would result in us just leaving the store and coming home. He was superexcellent at Target.
Here is my point: For those of you who don't have kids, you will someday. They will embarass you in public. You have to ask yourself sometimes, "Do I really need toilet paper or can it wait until I can get a sitter/dh comes home?" Don't feel guilty if your child does goes berserk. If you are at least trying to deal with it by talking to the child or removing them for the situation, that is better than nothing.
There are certain places you will never go again until child is 16 yo. That would be the movie theater, and sit down restaurants. Maybe we should put Hobby Lobby on that list.
And yes, sometimes you have to just leave the store. Or bribe.(Or leave).
Really tag-teaming works best. Ben and I often do the shopping together so one can leave with the child if needed or one stays home with child while the other goes.
Anyway, if you are a child-free shopper it is best if you ignore the mom dealing with the tantrum. Do not offer advice, scold the kid yourself (unless it is a serious safety issue) or hiss/glare at mom (because we bite!). I bet she is already embarassed and guilt-filled enough for the whole store.
Lesson for the day.