Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photos of the Day

I'm behind as usual so I am putting Mon.-Wed. on this post. Cool.
The theme for this week is bits and pieces from my day. A random pic from my day...
Monday, August 25, 2008
My son was playing with his Moon Sand and used a heart cookie cutter. He said, "Mommy, here is my heart." Heartwarming, I know, but this is same little boy who says, "Hi Booger!" to me, too. LOL
Tuesday, August 26,2008
Pooh bear. My son can't sleep without him! I love PB, and H's furry blanket,too. When we wash them, we both anxiously wait for the dryer buzzer to go off.
Wednesday, August 27,2008
Snack. Sometimes I end up making us snack by color. LOL I guess creativity makes up for my lack in true cooking skills!

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Lisa said...

I love all the bright colors!