Monday, January 26, 2009

hey there

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^My favorite all-time movie.
So I have received a lot of emails from friends asking me about my health and all. I am doing fine. I just needed a break and to take some time to relax. I had to adjust some stuff on my blog but now it is open again. Hugs to everyone!
So let's talk about today...
Today I continued to work on my embroidery piece. I started it a few days ago--I've been using flower patterns I bought from Elsie to sew on it. I am making an area of the living room a woodland-type theme. I have been wanting to redecorate the house forever (have not done so since our wedding), and I want to start out small with stuff I make or alter myself.
Today it is raining ice now. I stepped out on the porch to test it--SLICK!
Today I went to Mapquest and checked email.
Today I am about to go bake a cake.
Today Ben and I lit cinammon candles and drank hot cocoa and ate Cheerios together for breakfast.
Today I talked to my mom and she made me laugh so hard with her stories.
Today I painted some lyrics for Harrison's room.
Today I thought about Janice and even visited her blog because I missed her so much. She passed away last week. I did not find out until a few days later. I am not even sure what happened but she was the friendliest person. So caring. I am going to miss her...
Today I browsed some books I got recently on knitting and mom is going to teach me and Ben has been giving me painting tips.
Today I plan on scrapbooking tonight. :)
Have a happy day everyone!!!!

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