Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raining on my parade...

I am writing this post in between dyeing my hair (brownish black), and trying to trim my son's hair. Bear with me...I have to be sneaky like a ninja to trim the sides of his hair--he is an extremely light sleeper!!! I am also watching a re-broadcast of the inaguration. I am like the only person who seriously missed it this morning (I slept in...) and so I feel like grand master idiot for missing it.
I did not really go insane (see post below) in case you are wondering!
So Friday early morning I started feeling like I was going to faint at times and really weak. I tried to blow it off (like us mom's often do!) as me just being overstressed and tired. Plus, I also never eat right (just grab what I can throw in my mouth quickly while on the run). Then the weakness feeling got worse as the day progressed. By the way, how come medical stuff always has to happen as the doctor offices are closing?!? I started to suspect anemia because I had a lot of the symptoms and my mom and grandma have it. Long story short, when I felt too weak to eat (as in could not lift the fork) I knew I had to get checked out. Yup, anemia. I have to tell you the only downside to taking iron tablets and vitamin C is the really salty taste in your mouth 24-7. Anyway, I get to cut down on my iron tablet taking amount after awhile (but still have to take it daily just not in such large quantity). Also, my thinking is going to be cloudy for a few days. I proved this today by messing up an etsy order (sorry LA!) but situation should be fixed now.
Let's talk about more stuff that almost drove me insane...
Our week started with a letter from the IRS...not an audit but we do have to submit some receipts (that we sure do have...we keep all that stuff in a filing cabinet...the one thing I am tidy about keeping up with...).
Ben and Harrison got into a fender bender at Sonic. The lady hit the back of our car because she was TALKING ON THE CELL and READING A MAGAZINE--while driving.
(This happened a week ago...)One of our cats appeared to have a stroke but it ended up being a cut (we never saw was not noticeable!) that had become infected and had to be drained...he had to have anesthesia because the abscess had to be drained. He had to spend the night at the vet. We run a zoo so you are probably used to our "hurt animals" stories by now!
I started a new job. I still do the blog advertising from home (just emailed a lead--yay!) but I am now an on-call nanny. I am loving everything about it. It kind of gets me back into teaching in that I get to play learning games, crafts,etc but not in a school, structured environment.
BRB have to cut son's hair LOL...
Ben has an interview next week with a new school. They called him before Christmas Break but now he has an official date set. Send good thoughts our way! He would love to work for this district.
Anyway, all this stuff makes you think there is Tina voodoo doll or something out there. There isn't. You know why?? Because in the long run it was all just "little bumps" in the road of life--everything I listed above has been fixed or is manageable. Thank God! So now you understand why last week was a little bizarre for me and why I have been MIA.
My new goals are to eat an actual meal instead of "whatever I can grab!", sleep more, drink more water, maybe exercise (??? I can hope...), and spend less time online (because I never set limits for myself).
I have to say Ben has been an awesome "nurse"--making sure I eat all my veggies, fruit and get lots of protein (I really avoid beef--always have--but hey it has iron!). He let me buy some stuff I was coveting from etsy and do scrap shopping today. God really sent me an angel in him.
Thanks also to my online friend Krissy for checking in on me. :)
So let's talk about sunshine stuff...
Congrats to the new digital team over at ScrapCity!
Harrison has been watching Fraggle Rock dvd's-his latest fave...he sleeps with his Red doll. :) She is so cute,too!
I tried to get him to paint today but he didn't want to. I still feel tired so I read quite a bit today (a mystery book!) when I was not doing Red's voice or playing sock puppets with H.
Still watching the inaguration re-play. We bought the USA Today issue (being a scrapbooker I always buy the newspapers announcing events--9/11,the war, new president, etc). I could not find a local paper AT was like people went and bought cart fulls or something! We looked everywhere,too...I saw some of the online pics of people reacting as they viewed the inaguration. This one was my fave...
description: Jan. 20: Farrington James, a homeless man, cries as he watches President Barack Obama's inauguration from the Lord's Place homeless shelter in West Palm Beach, Fla.
I also love these pics:
Our new President's first signature as President! It was on a Proclomation after being sworn in.
the finale....
No matter who you voted for it feels great to be an American today.
Inauguration Photo Source: All photos are from Yahoo News!

Also I want to share my latest scrapbook pages with you (3 pages)...

I better get back to being a ninja...

p.s. update--I just saw on the news they said Mexico is in crisis? It was just a little blurb on CNN before they show the news...oh my...not only do my relatives live in Mexico but two of my American relatives just left this week to visit them...!!! Hopefully I just heard the news anchor wrong or something...


Alecia Wolfford said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care of yourself!!

Your pages are so great, love your use of white space!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Tina! Huge hugs to you. I'm so sorry that you've had a lot of bumps in the road. There is way too much of that going on EVERYWHERE! I haven't seen you too much at ScrapCity, and I miss you. Take care. Feel better!

twinkle teaches said...

Thank you Alecia !