Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sorry to make this short but my computer died today. Kaput. RIP. Forevah. It was only 3 years old so go figure. I am borrowing my brother's laptop and will post from it and going laptop shopping this weekend. The worst part? (Besides the withdrawals LOL) is that I lost some pics--not a lot but still enough to make me boo hoo. Thank GOD for external hard drives--I still have 85% of stuff. PSA-Back up your stuff!!!!


Unknown said...

Damn, damn, double damn! I am sorry, I guess I better get my external hooked up and back up asap I would be in a world of hurt if I didn't. So sorry i will boo hoo for you.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry about your laptop, I know how hard it is to go without it, mine died in October and I didn't get a new one until January. I got a great deal on a Sony at Circuit City since they are going out of business.