Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mission accomplished!

Have I mentioned how much I love this boy??
Today I attacked the office (yeah, I am always doing something to my house) and I fought the battle...the battle of all the stray game pieces. They are sorted, ziploc-ed and shelved. Mission impossible--accomplished.
I came to the realization today that every room in the house really belongs to my son. Like I can look in every room and see toys,books,etc. And while yes, I miss adult time and adult things, I am really happy and content when I see evidence of childhood around. Someday he's gonna grow up and this little nest will be empty. No more legos stuck to the bottom of my bare foot, no more (creepy?) electronic toys going off on their own at night, and worse, no more warmy, bear snuggles in the morning. Instead I will be making phone calls saying, "Why don't you ever call your mama?!?" So hug your little ones tight today. And if your little ones have left the nest call them and say, "Why don't you call your mama?!?" lol. Seriously, life moves too fast! Who is in agreement?
Enough of the Hallmark posting. Let's talk about something more on the light side. We have plans to make hot dog cookies today. Hot dog cookies!!!
Recipe and photo found here!
Basically you take a butter cookie recipe, dye some of it red and some hot dog bun color LOL. Then you shape it like hot dogs and bake! Gel icing--yellow and red--make great toppings. Click the link above for the detailed recipe.
I am not too sure our version will look much like the recipe...we had an incident two days ago where we attempted to make cake suckers. Ummmm...they turned out non-edible. Let's just say you *should* follow recipes and not try to substitute stuff. Which reminds me I need to go buy eggs. :)
Have a happy hump day!!!


Best Childrens Movies said...

Hot dog cookies! what a novel idea. let us know how it turns out. :) Love your site.

Pearl said...

Well done de-cluttering , Tina ! lol
Glad you are cherishing the moments today !


twinkle teaches said...

Thanks ladies. :) I took pics of the cookies. (Will upload after the weekend). They were soooo delicious,too,they were gone in seconds! :) I love easy recipes!
tina :)