Friday, December 25, 2009

Let it snow?!?

Merry Christmas friends!
I wished for a white Christmas and my prayers were answered...and then some!
I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life. I remember a blizzard when I was 5. Twenty six years later, we have a major blizzard!!
The weather man on Wednesday night said it would be a blizzard warning. Everyone was like, "yeah right. we will be lucky to get snow."
My husband Ben kept saying it would all melt before Friday lol.
He was so wrong...
This morning there was the plink, plink of ice coming down.
We kicked our own butts for realizing we had no isomelt/salt in the house. We only had a 1/2 a cup of kitchen salt and a little bit of car de-icer. I was really worried about the treacherous sidewalk to our mailbox.
We tried to clear it. And then the snow started!
And it snowed all day until 9pm.
So we had plans to see my husband's family in Yukon to eat dinner and exchange gifts. Then my dh's mom calls at like 11am to say they were heading out to my sister-in-law's to do it early. We debated about whether to go or not...
Ben had made an emergency grocery store run (*cannot* run out of chocolate milk in this house!) up the street about two hours before and it was slick but no biggie.
At noon we start to take things to the car. The snow is about 4 inches at this point.
The wind was horrible!!
It was blowing snow so you would be blind and my face still has freezer burn from just walking to the car. They said on tv the wind was making it sub zero in areas.
Harrison has his snow bib and boots on and is bundled up. I had all my winter gear on except a hat.
We start walking to the car...Harrison's snow boot gets stuck in the snow and his sock gets covered with snow! So I go back in to grab a hat for me and new socks/boots for H. I also grab some bottled water bottles, wrapped rice krispy treats and two blankets out of concern.
We start driving down the road...not too bad...then once we get on a main street it is terrible!!! The wipers would get stuck to the windshield even with defrost on high. The snow was blinding. You could not see the car in front of you. If you rolled down your window in an attempt to see, the window would get stuck, snow would blow in your face and you still could not see anyway.
Ben was yelling at people because so many would drive by with no lights on. Some people had hazards flashing. Ambulances/fire department trucks would drive by. People were getting stranded. Some were trying to wait it out in parking lots.
It got bad fast.
I knew there was no way we could make it on the highway.
We got about 4 blocks away from the house and decided to turn around. Honestly, we should have never left the house!!
It took us like 45 minutes of an ordeal to get home!!!!
We saw a major accident and turned off to avoid seeing someone hurt/dead (help was already on the way--we could hear the sirens).
I saw people trying to walk in it!!
We argued in the car--Ben was like, "the best thing to do is leave the car and walk." I was like, "No, the only way to survive is stay in the car, crack a window a tiny bit to let CO out, and run the car on/off for heat." I was sooo thankful that I had nagged him into filling up the tank the night before!
Then we argued over bad grandma/good grandma because Ben's mom was so insistent we try to go to Yukon just to exchange gifts and I said my mom kept calling to tell me NOT to take her grand son out in it.
It got so bad I thought we would be stranded. I started crying about two blocks from our house. I was sooooo relieved when we pulled in our driveway!!!!
The wind made huge snow drifts! I went and measured some in our backyard and they were 1 1/2-3 feet!!!! What?!?!
So about 20 mins. after being home and drying my poor baby boy off, the phone rings. Ben's mom saying not to come out, and that they were home already and Ben's brother was stuck in his SUV about 9 blocks away from us. She wanted to know if Ben could pull him out. Ben starts out the door and I am like, " need kitty litter, salt, bleach, a rope,etc". I think he was just in a rush to help his brother but he grabbed the stuff after I said that.
His brother called as Ben was pulling out the driveway to say he got unstuck. Thank God!!!!
I have been keeping up with the live feed from Channel 5 KOCO. There are people having to sleep in their cars tonight.
KOCO quotes--
Stuck @ work for 24 hours! The sun better burn a hole in the ice and get me home!!! So tired!!! Can Rick or Rusty make this happen?"
"Tony McCarty from EMSA says they've been busy overnight taking care of folks who can't get to the hospital. Tony stresses not to call EMSA if you're stuck in the snow. EMSA is keeping busy right now with medical emergencies."
"I have heard about Fire Trucks being stuck and they are just leaving them."
"Please..anyone.. Husband never made it home yesterday and still no word...was traveling on 152 in Mustang..need any information thats available"

"Mark Opgrande reporting that lots of folks probably had to spend the night in their cars along I-35 in Norman."
They closed highways/turnpikes and declared it a state of emergency around 3pm. Snow finally stopped at 9pm.
This is sooo crazy and sad. I know this is going on in the North but think about snows heavy there all the time so they are prepared/used to it---we are not.
So the lesson of the story is be careful what you wish for when it comes to white Christmases!!!
***Video and pics coming soon from the blizzard. Since I had my camera with me the one thing to keep my mind off us crashing/getting stuck was to take pics/vid.******


Veronica Lee said...

No snow here!

Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!!

MoMo sprnany said...

I am SO glad you are all ok....and that you diverted an lack of Chocolate milk disaster! lol I hope in spite of everything you all had a wonderful Christmas and New year!