Sunday, July 11, 2010

Much needed update time!

What time is it? Adventure time! (Love that show...)
This summer is flying by too fast for me! We celebrated the 4th in our tiny town--hopefully I'll post some pictures soon.

I have been working in my classroom and on professional development with co-workers.
Our garden is growing like crazy.
Ben and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. :)

Our cat Angry ran away when a window was left open and the screen fell out of it. :( It has been 3 days now.

(Here she is with her baby Glitz-he was born on Mother's Day 2008!)
I keep dreaming at night that I find her. I am keeping the hope alive in my ♥.

My goal today is to sort things in my office. My teacher files are a mess! Oh, and to go swimming today.

Okay so I started thinking about my Christmas shopping list (yes, I start in July!) I have lots of nieces and nephews and of course, my little Harrison to buy for. Ebeanstalk to the rescue! lol I love, love to peruse their site.
We would get toys from them when Harrison was a baby and they were always good quality, and developmentally appropriate.

So now I am off to clean!