Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Old Blog, New Blog

~originally posted 1/29/11~ 

Welcome to my first official Kindergarten blog post. My name is Mrs.Winkle. I have been teaching for seven years now although everyday is a new experience! 
I feel like I am always evolving and learning with my students. 

I think this will be useful for communication with parents and also it will be a good place for us to share ideas and plans with my peers. So let's get caught up on the year so far!

 I moved into my classroom in July. Sometimes it felt like the paintbrush was glued to our hands. My mom and I painted the giant room and my mom and husband made murals to cover the mirrors. 

It was an effort to get things ready for our students but so worth creating a positive learning atmosphere. I wanted our classroom to feel like a safe, comfortable place.