Saturday, November 17, 2012

Elmer's Holiday Pin and Win!

So I just checked my email and heard about this contest!! As a teacher, scrapbooker/crafter, and mommy I would be so excited if I won! I see painter's pens and x-acto knives and adhesive runners! JOY!
I pinned some wonderful ideas I found on the web site.

Like this Best Buddy Ball!

In the classroom this would be great to put sight words or spelling words for students to take home and review or make at a center!

And here's some things I made myself using Elmer's products!

Halloween garland using Elmer's clear glue to stick the felt pieces together!
And a snazzy clear card using the clear glue again!!!
My students made monsters using Elmer's glue sticks.
Get sticky! :)