Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting to the Core!

Our Reach Coach Lindsay, shared this wonderful method of going through the Common Core State Standards and highlighting to discover those you are already familiar with, familiar with but with a little higher level of rigor expected, and unfamiliar. I think it helps to make Common Core not seem so overwhelming!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Waaaahhhhh! This is how I felt last week and will continue to feel this week and the next!!!
Me everyday until May

Okay, fess up...who was spying on me and took the photo above? ;) was you!
Snow White is a spy

To get our kids motivated for testing I made a nifty bulletin board with a countdown section and tips on testing. I totally stole the concept off Pinterest. Thank God for Pinterest!!!So here is my board:

And yes, most of the streamers shooting out of the rocket have mysteriously disappeared.

Happy testing! And try your best not to lose your mind!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SNERP it up!

Is this SNERP??!?!?

I spent some time earlier in the school year learning about SNERP. What's that? Some kinda slime? Nooooo.
Mrs. Fran Sylvester invited me to go to observe her teach the reading strategy to her students.
SNERP stands for 
Skim (highlight the title first, then numbers/number words, then proper nouns, then any "strange-looking words" like italicized, bolded print, etc).
Number the paragraphs (and she had her students highlight the numbers)
Then they highlighted words they did not know, and shared with the class. Mrs.Sylvester did a really great job of making the words come to life by sharing or pointing out objects around the room!
Examine questions (finger/brain...some questions you can find the answer to by skimming the book with your finger, others require knowledge from your own brain)
Read the selection
Prove answers (find and label)

Fran has a chart posted on the way for the students to refer to. They would verbally remind each other about each step.
I love how they did the procedure whole class and every step of the way Fran questioned the students so they had to prove why they felt or thought that way. Bravo Fran!!! :) I could have stayed in your room all day. :) I have attached the posters below !