Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy finds!!

I found you...

Don’t you just love it when you find awesome things on the internet? It is a bit like winning the lotteryokay, not so much lol. My favorite word in the world is the word “serendipity”. It means to make a pleasant discovery or surprise. I always thought to myself, “If I open a store I am so naming it Serendipity.”

But I am also the girl who tried to teach her dog how to read. Really.

Back to my original point, I have been doing lots of really hard research (no, it was fun!) to bring you my serendipitous finds. Enjoy friends!

I love this Editable ABCs of Your Classroom freebie by Simply Kinder. I always wrote out class info for parents in a packet that some may not have read because tl;dr (too long, didn't read). But this would have been a very good way to get the same info across to my parents in a much easier-to-read format!

(Photo from Simply Kinder, not my own)
You can download it in her TPT shop HERE.

(Photo from

How super is this? Kids can practice letter matching, or you could use the concept for a making words lessons. You could even use split pool noodles for holding name plates or cards for activities. Genius idea! Thanks Prek Pages! You can read about this activity HERE.

Cccccheck it out! Dolch word printable labels for flashcards or word walls. What?!?! I remember writing them out on index cards in large Sharpie print. This is so much easier and better. Work smarter, not harder Tina Winkle!

(Photo from Kinder Craze blog)
You can download these wonderful labels in her TPT store HERE.

For my mommy friends out there~
Look at these adorable TMNT pancakes!!!
(Photo from The Joy of Boys)
They come from the really cool mom web site The Joy of Boys! You can see how to make these lean, green, and mean pancakes HERE. I also found some neat things to do with pool noodles. Pool noodles are only a dollar at Dollar Tree.

See? Even Honey Boo Boo approves. Since I have a wild nine year old boy I am sure I will make lots of visits to The Joy of Boys. 

Speaking of pool noodles, a friend sent me this fun idea to put tape on them and transform them into light sabers.

Leaving on a funny note, I am sure all teachers can relate

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