Tuesday, July 8, 2014


This has been my face lately. I have a confession to make. I have been a truly lazy bum! Ever since the 4th I have been doing the minimum around the house, reading and binge watching on Netflix. You can lose days on freakin' Netflix!!! One weird movie I saw was The Brass Teapot. A couple finds an antique teapot and figures out that pain (like stubbing a toe) causes it to produce massive amounts of money. They are in debt and very poor so this is like a dream come true. Or is it a nightmare? Weird movie but I think in the end it had a good message.

I would say the end message is that money cannot buy happiness. Which leads me to another movie I watched on Netflix. This one makes me squeeeee! with happiness because I loved it so much as a little girl--Can't Buy Me Love. I could envision myself swimming in Patrick Dempsey's pool of curls on top of his head. And I was so jealous of the fashion.
Ah, and I also saw this:
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