Monday, June 29, 2015

Her Beading Heart

My brother's girlfriend sells amazing and beautiful jewelry on Etsy. Her store has the best name, too! Her Beading Heart! Check it out and if you are on Etsy please favorite her shop. Her jewelry is handmade with love. Shop local-Oklahoma pride! smile emoticon

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Weekly Summer Link-Up: My Favorite Quote

The topic of this week’s Summer Weekly Link-Up from I Heart 3rd Grade is “My Favorite Quote”.

Quotes! I am a sucker for quotes! I love to collect quotes like stamp collectors collect stamps. I have a secret folder on my computer for happy quotes and educational quotes. When I feel sad I like to open my happy quotes folder and happy myself up!

So I want to share some quotes I have collected with you and then I will end with my favorite.

 Eye candy aside, I do agree with the quote because reading is a great way to exercise your mind. Reading makes us think! I don’t know about you, but when I am involved in a good book it gets me asking my brain all kinds of questions. I begin to try to predict the plot or the ending. I sometimes try to envision what I think the characters would look like in the flesh. And sometimes I get to the end of a story and think of an alternate ending.

Sometimes as a teacher you feel like nothing you do matters. Sometimes those stressors can get to you like the pressure of standardized testing, developmentally inappropriate standards, lack of administrative support or issues out of your control like home environments. This quote reminds me that teaching does matter. It is like that older quote about how without teaching there would be no other professions. It is true. Teachers are awesome. And I cannot speak for all teachers but for me I love teaching because my reward is seeing students learn! It takes heart to teach just like it does in any profession that provides guidance and help.

Teaching can be hard, y’all. And it can be harder if instead of building each other up, some naysayers gossip in the lounge. So I wish something like this was posted in every teacher’s lounge in America.

There have been times in my life where I've felt like an ant getting squished under someone's high heel. I have worked with drama queens, backstabbers and just bullies. But I have also worked with people who have inspired me--coached me--and TAUGHT me. So keep this quote in mind if you are ever feeling squished! 

I saw this quote and thought about education. So many times I see districts try the latest and greatest program or professional development. They think it will fix things. But programs fix nothing, people do. If you are in education think of all the change you can make! You are the magic!

Ahhh. I try to be patient with life. I really, really do. After instructional coaching, I have been at home this past year waiting for something literacy-related to open up in my area. Now it looks like there will be another year. I try to remind myself that I need to enjoy being home right now and homeschooling my 5th grader. I remind myself my blog and other social media is something I can use to virtually coach teachers and parents in reading. 

This quote is more of a personal reminder for me that sometimes I need to just let life happen.

 Not only do we need to teach academics but also social skills and life lessons. To some kids, you may be their only role model for that year. And now on to my favorite quote...

It is more of a prayer than anything and yes, it is in my happy folder. It is meaningful to me because it is my wish for everyone--to be happy!

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