Friday, September 25, 2015

Pumpkin Farts

I love FALL. I love pumpkin but I detest the million pumpkin pics/status updates on everything pumpkin. I mean you can get pumpkin year-round ya know? And real pumpkin smells like fart. Maybe I am just being a dumpy grumpy. I do have a little Fall spirit-or my nails do anyway! Let's get to those Friday Funnies and may you enjoy your pumpkin fart latte.


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Saturday, September 19, 2015

From the heart...

I want to take a moment to write about something very dear to my heart. September is National Blood Cancer Awareness Month and September 15 was World Lymphoma Awareness Day. It is not only important to raise awareness about blood cancers but to also shine a light and give support to those out there who are fighting the brave battle.

Something that made a deep impact on my life and still affects me to this day was the passing of my best friend and cousin Tony to leukemia. This happened when I was around five years old and I was never the same afterwards. My cousin Tony was the nicest, sweetest person in my world. He gave me piggyback rides, was the only one who would come looking for me to tell me the ice cream man was outside and he let me call him “Tony the Tiger.” I loved him. I did not understand why suddenly if I wanted to see him it was in a hospital, and he lost his hair but never his smile or the twinkle in his eye. I was so happy when he was able to come to my birthday party. He wore a ball cap to cover his head but I did not care that he had no hair, I was just so happy he was there and not in the hospital. Sadly, that was the last time I saw him. 

That is why I urge you to support awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancers. I was able to read a wonderful blog by Patience Brewster. She lost her sweet son to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2005. Patience’s writings offer support and wisdom for other families that may be in a similar situation. 

The Brewster family  started the Holland C Gregg IV Research Fund. Patience Brewster designs and creates a unique ornament every year to raise research funding toward a cure for these cancers. The cool thing about it is that the funds raised go DIRECTLY to the research funding! I encourage you not only to visit the blog, but also to check out their Christmas ornaments, especially the LLS Collection. Anything you can do to support this wonderful cause. I appreciate it personally from the bottom of my heart!

Here are links that take you to Patience Brewster's social media:
Even if all you can do is visit to offer support, you are awesome!