Friday, April 29, 2016

FriYAY FunYAY!!!

It has been a week since my last post! Eeeek! I am doing great but I had pinched my sciatic nerve and so I took some time off to do some much-needed healing. I am feeling better but wow...the stuff that comes out on tv during the day. I found myself with the remote out of my reach a few times but the tv had been turned on for background noise while I tried to get that nerve to heal. 

I have seen things. 

Let's just say that. 
I never really watch tv at all unless it is Hulu or Netflix. I love documentaries, especially historical ones. But this past week sometimes a show would come on like Dateline or some other crime-type show and those shows make you paranoid that your cat wants to take you out. I saw a few episodes of I Survived a Tornado while we were under tornado watch here in Oklahoma because I like to scare myself. And, I saw game shows and caught myself yelling answers at the tv. I think the worst choice was when I watched the national news channels while they discussed politics. Yes, we should all be informed, but it felt like watching a circus. I did see re-runs of Alf (ha!) and Mama's Family so it wasn't all bad...

Let's get to the fun stuff and Happy FRIDAY!!!

Cat dinosaurs are scary!


And you know teachers are starting to feel that end of the school year crunch when...

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Earth Day Ideas

Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22!
Are you looking for some new ideas for your classroom to celebrate Earth Day?

During this week and the week after, I usually worked with my students on learning about plants, flowers, rocks and soil. They really loved the soil part. We would spend a little time outside with magnifying glasses looking at soil, grass, and bug life. Then they would return to the classroom and draw and write about what they saw. 

One thing I would share with them is a great little 4 minute Ted Talk on what happens to plastic when you throw it away.

I like this anchor chart idea that has students write about ways they pledge to take care of the Earth.
As seen on at First Grade Fever.

I'm all about science so I liked this experiment idea, "Can You Undo Water Pollution?".
Earth Day Experiment - Can You Undo Water Pollution?:

To wrap things up, you could have your students make an Earth Day Class Book!

Earth Day Class Book FREEBIE! This little Earth-shaped class book is a fun way to get your students writing about ways to take care of our precious Earth!:

I hope you find something from this list that helps you teach a lesson on Earth Day!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

Earth Day project

Earth Day is April 22 and I saw this beautiful project online. These look like little stained glass versions of the Earth, but students can make these using glue, paint, wax paper and circle templates. You can find the directions HERE.

You can extend the art project by having students write a list of ways to take care of the Earth.

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Fri-YAY Fun-YAY!! Time to laugh...

Happy Friday, friends!!

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