Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloweenie!!!

Happy Halloween, my dears!!

I saw so many adorable costumes online and in-person so I have to share!!!

I think this would be a cute couples costume and since I am married to an artist...maybe next year!

Adorbs. Great costume for besties, too.

This one is super simple but so this year...

I'm a little partial to this one because I really do love the Harley character. I remember coming
home after school as a kid and watching the Batman cartoon series. It was the best!

This is her when she was a psychiatrist before the Joker transformed her. 

A real piece of living art!

And I got to meet a real ghostbuster!!!

We had trivia night at work and it was just so
much fun! I loved that there were toys filled
with glowsticks in our goodie bags!

 Other trivia night pics...we had giant dice!!

I did not dress up for that night, but I do plan on wearing my home made Snow White
costume tonight. Hopefully, I will get a pic before the skirt gets too crumpled. Shout out to my momma for helping me figure out the skirt! 

My mom is so crafty and cool. She painted orange flowers and leaves on her mirrors. Then she 
did a bleach technique and it came out so cool!! (The other colors are reflections).

At the library, we had a very busy Saturday. I don't think we got to sit down once. 
But it was great!
We had a Day of the Dead program and the local band Mariachi Orgullo de America (Pride of America) performed. So freaking amazing!!!!
I was able to time my lunch break so I could watch some of the performance.

They sang a beautiful song Pelea de Gallos! about Aguescalientes,  which is the state in Mexico my father's side descends from. It is about two men fighting over the love of a woman. Le sigh. I love romantic ballads. My favorite line roughly translated is "with tequila and song they are pure heart."

Then the kids decorated sugar skulls (real ones!) to take home. 

My little deer and I are going to enjoy today!

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