Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pintervention Intervention

I see stuff like this and I want to make it. Help! Seriously I need a Pintervention Intervention of some kind. I know I don't have wood like that or lettering rub-ons. Oh, and I really do not have wall space! My walls have so much hanging on them that there is not much free space.

I love to decorate with things I make, photos and crosses. I love sparkly things. I never say no to a knick knack or wall decor at a garage sale. 

As a part of my Pintervention Intervention process, I went to Hobby Lobby and took photos of things I like. I told myself if I took pictures of what I liked instead of throwing it in the cart, and I got home and still drooled over the stuff then I could justify buying one or two of the items later on. Or at least I had something to post about on my blog!

So even though I need this Pintervention Intervention, that does not mean I still cannot "window shop" or ogle cool stuff and share it with you.

Here's some of the coolest finds I have seen lately!

A Christmas tree made of crates and decor. *love*

Get some inexpensive plates (Hi, Dollar Tree!) and let your kiddos use a Sharpie marker
 to decorate. Bake for 30 minutes at 300. Make sure people know these are decorative, you won't
want to eat off them. You can also put a clear sealer over them to keep them longer. 
(Saw this idea on Simply Kinder group on Facebook)

Photo ornaments! Love this diy idea!

Details HERE!

I've been baking a ton lately...made some sugar cookies.

And Loaded Oreo Cream Cheese Brownies!

Photo and details HERE.

Other than that, I have been a busy hamster grandma. 

 photo 65c64534-b188-4b35-b4a4-84d589cacc78_zpsvcboyrn8.jpg

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