Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Turkeys, y'all!

Check out this beautiful Iranian tile piece:

So beautiful, so realistic. I would totally do this if I won the lottery! Something like this would be in my freakin' living room.

Then I would probably never leave my house!!

Oh, and meet my newest Venus Flytrap, Aphrodite!!! I love it.

So I have been feeling the need to bake lately. This week I am going to make one of my much-asked-for apple pies. I did make rainbow fun cupcakes with Harrison.

They were so yummy! I think they lasted a day in our house. :)

And I finally uploaded some pics of me in my Snow White costume...

I am so glad my mom helped me with the skirt. What a pain it ended up being!! Next year, I am either going to be Supergirl (with my blonde wig) or a Ninja Turtle. Definitely something easier since I already own both!

Here is my wig. I know I make a better brunette!!

So we are busy making Thanksgiving prep...

And yep, I have that child that only eats the rolls. 
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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