Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ice, Ice Maybe

So the weatherpeople are predicting an ice storm this weekend. Like all weekend. All three days. Urp.

This is me...

like my pantry has to be FULLY stocked to the brim in bad weather. Mama don't play!!
And the cars have to be full. 
If I really have time to plan, I stock up on books from the library. Now that I work there I pretty much just request some in advance since it saves me a browsing trip. I love the library.
Oh, and all my candles and flashlights are out.

I get better prepared for bad weather more than I prepared for my wedding lol.

And I have already told everyone "I am going to wear my hamster". As in wear it in a pouch around my neck. I will so do that if we lose power and the house gets cold. 

Sometimes I wonder why I live in state with crazy, flip-floppin' weather. I think I like the drama. :)

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