Friday, June 22, 2018

FRIyay FUNyay!

Hello and Happy Friday! Yay for the weekend! I hope it is great and I hope you find something funny or interesting in this post!

Privacy policy updates abound every time I turn on my computer!


I am jelly a library has these signs to encourage book checkout. I want to do this!

These flavors of Gatorade sound terrible!

Okay, I do shop like this:

Old school reference questions...

These are all my fears of visiting Australia in one photo.

This sounds like a funny training software.

Love it. Get it, girl!


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Libraries Rock!!! Summer Reading

The summer reading theme for libraries this year is Libraries Rock! We went all out at my library!!!

We have a collaborative coloring station out all summer.
And a fun songster scramble.

Plus, a community puzzle that is music-related.

The kids area sure is rockin' with a pop-up stage and
faux speakers made from cardboard boxes and foil covered paper plates/cds.

Finally, we have stars and decorations hanging around.

This is the front display case patrons see when they first walk in. Yes, those are real records, a teddy bear band and neon!

A separate case has the bears playing the piano!

This is the community area with the coloring and puzzles, right next to our music collection.

And finally--we have a real record player on display, too!!

I had surgery on my left eye last week. I wasn’t able to drive, be online, read or watch tv for a few daysand that hard!! It was difficult going 48 hours with no reading, no computer or tv...only listening to podcasts in the dark.

In July, it will be my right eye. And later this Fall/Winter, PRK!!! After that, goodbye glasses. I like glasses, but because my eye sight was progressively getting worse at a fast rate, and my corneas were thinning I have to say bye to glasses.

I also admit I am usually a HORRIBLE patient at home. I get whiny and needy! This time I was pretty good if I do say so myself.

I feel so loved. The other day I had assisted a female patron with a job application. She said thank you and left. Then she went to 7-11 and bought me an ice cold Dr.Pepper!! That was very thoughtful on a very hot day!

P.S. You're extra cool if you carry all your medicated eye drops in a Lisa Frank pencil case that you paid ten cents for at a garage sale. Not hipster cool, but close...