Monday, April 1, 2019

April is for Fools!

I'm totally in!

I cannot believe that it is already April. Why is this year going by so fast? Someone told me the other day that they read research that when we are young time goes by slow because we process slower, but it goes fast because as adults our brain is more developed and processes time faster. Probably true!

So here in Oklahoma these Bradford Pear Trees are totally kickin' my bottom. My nostrils actually swelled up! And my eyes are always burning. I have to use Restasis and that still feels like it is not helping much at the moment. I probably live in a bad state for allergies. And of course, severe weather is headed our way this week. Thankfully, the spiders have been cleared out of the tornado shelter!

I am so excited because in April I start my new position at the same library, as the Teen Services Librarian!!! I am a little nervous but absolutely ready to give it my all. I have some great encouragers where I work, too, so that helps. I never thought I would be starting a new career near mid-life, but here I am.

Hey, thinking of severe weather reminds me that my nickname growing up was Tornado!
Here's some throwback pics of the Tornado!


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