Friday, August 23, 2019

So many little time!

I am recovering after my eye surgery #3 of 4. And I am just so tired. I have so many appointments this month. I wish I was a bear. A real bear that hibernated.

This has been me lately. 

But this will be later this week...

I have to do something to cheer myself up!

Anyway, I need to share some of the recent programs I have done because that cheers me up, too...sharing ideas! Teen turn out for them has been huge. I always find myself a little tired after them--like a rock star who put on a concert and is all relieved the performance is over but gave 110%. 

First, the end of summer teen volunteer party. We did a balloon drop to get them all out onto the dance floor. It was amazing!!!

27 teens escaped zombies in the zombie escape room. FYI. They rock! (Photo permissions are signed by the ones pictured).

 I had a blast at our first ever Teen Writing Club. We are planning on letting the teens name the club. It was an hour long program, but they stayed thirty to forty minutes after because they were so into their journals! I cannot wait for the next one. We did an interactive creative writing activity with them and shared a poem from Joy Harjo. Oh, and they left with a writing prompt assignment.And guess what?!?! Not one of them looked at their phone the whole time! Win!

My teens are the best! One of them made a new scavenger hunt for the library. All on her own. I totally love it!!!

A few photos from our Bad Art Night. They had three challenges. The final was to create their disasterpieces. We voted using our troll box and then winner got the statue. But everyone got lots of candy! Shout out to Chad Allen for sending some artists my way. I want to do it again next year but I would have created a cool background of messy recycled items for them to take pics. They did like that I created a video of Pinterest fails playing in the background.

Even Bigfoot came to the library!

With everything going on, I can't wait to go to my happy place. The cabin in the woods.
I get to go back soon. It is so nice to unplug
from technology and relax. I will retire here!

RIP my beautiful princess of 13 years--Mama Snow. I miss you every day.