Saturday, March 6, 2021

Things I Collect!

Hello Kitty
I remember being about 4 years old. I had a Hello Kitty colored pencil set like this:

  I was at the mall one day with my mom and I took my little pencil pouch with me because it reminded me of a little purse. I also had a tiny red Hello Kitty comb. Welp, while on the escalator, there was a gap on the sides of the steps. I dropped my pouch and comb and sure enough, the escalator ate them! 
I remember feeling so sad.
Thus, began my fear of escalators (and elevators). This lasted for a few years. Just enough to traumatize little Tina. 
That was long story to tell you that I currently collect Hello Kitty stuff. I even had a Hello Kitty cake for my 40th birthday!

Rainbow Brite

 I also had a Rainbow Brite doll as a kid. I believe I had just Rainbow, but I could have had some additional ones. Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I LOVE COLOR!!! And rainbows and unicorns. I try not to be a "too girly" girl, but I am and I love that about myself.
(Yes, my favorite color is PINK!)
I have four colorful shelves with my Rainbow Brite collection on it.

Mexican/Hispanic Barbies

 When I was young, I had a Hispanic Barbie. I took her swimming with me one day, left her floating in the pool, and my german shepard dog, King, retrieved her at some point and chewed on her limbs. I probably cried. But adult me has looked back and see that I probably should have took better care of my toys!!
She was the only Hispanic Barbie at the time. Representation is so important. I was amazed to see a Barbie that looked like me. She had tan skin and beautiful black hair. 
As an adult, I collected her and some others...

This is the latest one I received as a gift.

I also have one that represents my Native American heritage.

Thankfully, now there are many Hispanic and Native American Barbies to collect now.
These are on my wishlist!!

This is the Navajo one that represents my tribe.

You can read more about the history of Hispanic Barbies at Latinitas Magazine.

Old Photos

I have not done this in a while because I have not been antiquing or thrifting since Covid came along. I do buy stuff from Etsy from time to time.
I collect old photos of people who are not related to me. I guess I "adopt" them.
I feel bad that they have been left somewhere, are not lovingly placed in a photo album and often have no names written on the back. I keep
their photos with my own family photos. Now they have a family!

Sailor Moon

In the 90s, my little brother Aaron and I got into watching the Sailor Moon cartoon. I believe it came out on our local Fox channel once a week. At the time, I was in high school and I was working at Target as a cashier. I always looked at the clearance aisles on my break and often found stuff to buy. I saw her and got her.

At the time, she was not well-know. I think I paid $5-7 for her. I still have her!
 I also have some vintage Sailor Moon jewelry. My collection is not big by any means, but I always love that she represents strength and that girls really could do anything. Plus, that show was hilarious.


Someone suggested I put this here lol.
Through the years I have had pets that were spoiled and lived long lives. It is always hard when they go. Like losing a family member. I love my pets!

This was my first dog I got when I bought my home twenty years ago.

This is Chinche with his mini-me, his toy cat.

This is my dog, Chinche.
His name means Bedbug in Spanish.
He is adorable but does not like anyone but us, his family. He is also very funny with his stuffed animal collection, and his quirks. He says "I wuv you, mama."

Sparkly Stuff

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love anything sparkly. I have been compared to a bird in the past! I like jewelry, glitter, and to go rock-hounding. Shiny shoes? Yes. Coat that resembles a garbage bag? Also, yes. I even have a pink glitter wall in my bedroom. And I love it so much!

Before I go for today, I found a FREE resource that has decodable books! Decodable books are great for kids learning to read or for those that need help strengthening their reading skills. You can get them HERE. 

I also wanted to share a cool idea. It is from Kindergarten Smorgasboard/Mr. Greg. Take your student or child on a letter hunt! Write the letter on a piece of paper. Have them use magazines or anything else like cereal boxes, recyclables, etc. And have them cut the letters out, match them and glue them onto the paper.
If you want to use a large paper and you don't have any, you can always use the backside of wrapping paper.

Have fun!


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Valentine's is Over.

I just realized today that I still had our Valentine wreath on our front door! Ten days That pretty much represents my 2021. So crazy.

I love color so these babies were perfect.

I did get a beautiful bouquet and some sugar cookies for Vday. It was hard because here in Oklahoma (and Texas!!) we were hit hard by a long-lasting winter storm. It was blizzard-like conditions. I did not even go outside to try to make a snowman because the snow was powdery and it was way too cold! Here in our state, the gas and the electric company both had to do rolling black outs. So we were dripping all the faucets and when they turned off the heat we ended up with like 4 or 5 days with no hot water! And all water pressure was low. Some water came out brown when people went to drink it, but we have a pipe filter that took that out. There were times when we had no electricity, too, but it was not as unbearable as the ice storm we had back in October. You know its bad 
when you wear a beanie hat to bed!!!

Look at the number of closings!!!

Now there is no trace of snow in our yard. But I wanted to share a recipe for snow ice cream in case you can use it next time it snows!

First, put an empty bowl out to catch snow (because you so don't want to scoop it from the ground!).

Now I need to go find a non-Valentine door wreath in our laundry room!


Monday, February 1, 2021

You Can Be a #MomBoss

Good News: Becoming A ‘Mompreneur’ is Within Your Reach


Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Staying at home with your children doesn’t mean you have to stay away from the workforce. In fact, if you’re a stay-at-home mom, you have the perfect opportunity to start and run your own business from home. It comes with challenges, sure, but it can be an amazing, fulfilling adventure to grow your own company and become a “mompreneur.”

Choose your own adventure.

Getting started with your own business can sound daunting, but let’s take it one step at a time. What do you want your business to offer? You can provide online accounting services, create and sell items, or any number of other things. Ask yourself: What are your passions? There are dozens of examples of moms doing this in myriad fields, from online tutors to event planners to babysitters.

The next thing you need to do is determine your audience and clearly state who your business is serving. This will help you when it comes to marketing and getting your name out there.

When starting a business — and especially when marketing it — it may be helpful to have some training or experience. One way to gain experience is to go back to school to pursue a business or information technology degree — both of which will serve you well as a small-business owner working from home. As a mom taking care of your kids, this can sound difficult, but online degrees (or even simply some coursework) can be achieved at your own pace and on your own schedule.

One thing you should look into when you start your business is forming a limited liability corporation (LLC). This is a type of business classification that offers small-business owners numerous tax advantages, less paperwork, flexibility, and of course, limited liability — meaning your personal assets are safe in worst-case scenarios. Before starting your Oklahoma LLC, though, check with regulations in your area, as the rules vary state by state.

Don’t get bogged down!

Another thing you will have to plan around is, of course, your child! Being a full-time mom and a full-time business owner is within your reach, and in order to make it happen, you need to make sure you’re taking care of all aspects of your life and responsibilities.

Working from home with kids can be a challenge, but with careful planning and generous flexibility, your business can flourish. And there are different challenges to be overcome, as well, depending on how many kids you have, how old they are, and what their specific needs look like. Be sure to create a strict schedule and manage your time wisely, create a mom-only room where you conduct your business, and communicate with your partner about your needs, as well.

One thing is for certain: Use naps to your advantage — in other words, when they’re sleeping, get some work done!

Treat yourself

Maintaining a work-life balance can be difficult, especially for stay-at-home moms who also happen to work out of their home office. But one of the main advantages of working from home with your kids is just that — you get to spend more time with them. Instead of worrying about a long commute or being away from them for long periods of time, they’re in the next room over, or within arm’s reach.

But you also need to make sure to designate some time for yourself, as well. Exercising, meditating, and simply doing things you want to do all serve a key purpose in helping you unwind. In turn, this will help you reset and be able to bring your best self to the activities of both “momming” and “mompreneuring.”

Get started now

There’s no time like the present! Getting started with your own business can be easy and fun — and ultimately lead to a fulfilling career in between all the diaper changes.

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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Love & Kindness!!!

Guest blog post by Redbubble Life

February is known as the month of love, so we created a calendar to help you show your 
love each day leading up to Valentine’s Day (while staying socially distanced). We’ve included 
everything from treat tags that accompany baked goods to bookmarks you can add to 
donated books to cute lunch notes to brighten someone's day.


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Organization Work Tips!!!

5 Best Tools that Make Organization at Work a Breeze


Organizing your workday can be very tricky. Whether you belong to a big or small enterprise, getting through the gamut of workday tasks will always have its challenges. With the popularity of remote work gaining a strong foothold in today’s “new normal,” managing your workload while making sure that everyone stays connected and on top of things has become twice as hard. 

It can be a bear trying to get everyone on the same page. Too many tasks, meetings and collaboration, new information coming in daily, new employees joining, old ones leaving, trying to preserve and update knowledge within the company — how do you not get lost in the chaos?

Luckily, there are tools out there geared towards organizing your work and helping you run your workday more efficiently. There are hundreds of them floating around the interwebs and you can get lost in the chaotic list of organizational tools, ironically enough. So how do you choose the right one for you?

Choosing the right tool

First, you will need to take stock of what you have and what you need. What kind of service are you looking for? Are the tools you found equipped with the features you need in your organization? Compile a list of possible apps that might be useful for you. 

Second, once you've compiled a list of possible organizational tools that you might use, consider their ability to address all the things that you need them to do for you. If you can find just one tool to do all the organizational tasks you need done, then why get two or three separate tools to do what one platform can do?

Third, read up on the reviews. You’ll need to hear what actual clients have to say about the tools you are considering. Feedback is a key component to an informed decision; and once you’ve picked the tool/s you need, return the favor and write an honest and constructive review. 

Fourth, test them out. You really won’t know if the tool will work the way you envisioned it if you don’t try it out. Go through your pick list and take the tools for a test drive. Put them through the tasks you need them to run and see how well they hold up or how fast and efficiently they can accomplish those tasks for you. 

So now that you have the initial steps in choosing the perfect organizational tool for you, let’s delve into our list of tools (our absolute top favorites!) that we think might just be what you need.

The Best Organizational Tools for Work


Let’s start our list with Trello. This is a project management and organizational tool that uses task cards and project boards. This tool allows you to write down your daily tasks into virtual cards, assign due dates, and add attachments. You can invite your team and assign tasks to them, as well. 

Their project boards allow you to put your visualizations into an organized platform where you can monitor your project’s progress. You can collaborate with your team regardless of where each of you are based. It is very easy to use, and best of all, Trello syncs across all your devices. 


As their headline says, Slab is a “knowledge base that democratizes knowledge.” Slab is a nifty tool that lets you create, store, and organize your data. It also integrates well with your existing tools, so there would be no need to replace your stack and relay new instructions to team members. Its Unified Search feature allows you to pull any needed data from any of your existing tools. Sweet, right? This shaves off time trying to remember which tool has what data. Another useful feature is Slab Topics, which not only organizes data into folders and tags, but also provides relevant context for easier browsing, learning, and transferring of knowledge within the company.

It also offers dozens of templates from industry leaders to get you inspired and give you ideas一so whether it’s onboarding new employees, documenting weekly team meetings, or creating user manuals, Slab has an extensive library of templates designed for your organizational needs.

And a bonus: it’s easy enough to use that creating and organizing can be done even by the least savvy members in your organization.

If you manage large and diverse teams, you might want to consider This award-winning tool has over a thousand integrations including Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Dropbox, Slack, and Google Apps. 

It has Gantt charts, kanban boards, and task lists. They have project management software, planning tools, and project dashboards among other things. You can collaborate and plan projects with your team quickly and easily. It works on both PC and Mac and doesn’t need any downloads or complex installations. 


Box is one of the most secure cloud storage services available today. You can choose with whom you want to share your files. You can store all your confidential business information into the Box Drive and rest easy that it will remain secure. 

It is also integrated into Mac Finder and Windows Explorer so you can use it in both Windows PC and Mac. You can edit any file, even CAD, in your browser and it will automatically be saved to Box. 

The app itself takes up little disk space. It allows sharing large files without having to download anything. You can just share the link to your files with your team. It doesn’t bog down your systems with large downloads, and it allows for easy and real time collaboration within your team. 

Microsoft OneNote 

If your company has a subscription to Office 365, you most likely have access to Microsoft OneNote, a great and secure collaboration tool that organizations can utilize in project management, process improvement, and daily operations. OneNote is ideal for managing projects with members in multiple locations as the tool allows real-time correspondence and feedback. 

A feature called SharePoint allows teams to create their own “wiki” and organize and store large amounts of information in one place, making streamlining ideas and resources easier for everyone. 


No matter how busy you get or how chaotic your work days seem to become, there is always a tool, or several, out there that can help you keep your tasks and schedules organized. These things are there to make your work a lot easier, your collaborations more fun, and your team engaged no matter where each of you are based. All you need to do is find the right tools that will work for you.

Guest blog post written by Mary Jo Johnson in collaboration with


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Baby Steps

Sometimes--well, a lot of times, life does not go as planned. What you think you want or will get does not happen. On top of that you could be living in history-making times with a pandemic and political instability everywhere. Among many other things. I know it is easy to get depressed or anxious. 

I experience it. Sometimes I feel like with my career that I am the unpicked doll on the clearance shelf. Sometimes I don't blog because I am too sad to put feelings into words. I know there will be more days like this. But let me tell you something. I believe in taking baby steps forward. Ever since I was a kid and watched "What About Bob?" the movie, I believed in the concept of baby steps. Today I was a little down but I made myself clean a new organizing system cart I had bought so that I could organize all my home office supplies. I took my time and just blanked my mind while doing it. Now I have organized pens and paper clips. Now I know where to find them, too. Baby steps! Try it. :)


Help a Student with Dyslexia

Decoding Dyslexia IA has tips for a dyslexia-friendly classroom. 

Download this information sheet here: