Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Anchors aweigh!

Hey all! We have one month before our local schools start classes. I believe they will be in-person but they may end up going back to virtual at some point depending on pandemic numbers. Let's hope they stay low and everyone stays safe!

I love, love anchor charts. I have always used them for teaching, no matter which grade you work with. I did not really use them for children's library programming, but you absolutely could do a story re-tell or something interactive using chart paper!
So I wanted to share some anchor charts I have seen recently. You can also see more on this blog by going to this web page: Anchor Charts!

This one helps kids to understand the difference between letters, words and sentences. From Kindergarten Chaos. 

This is a great math one for early learners. It is a way to reinforce different ways of finding solutions to addition/subtraction math problems.
From Smore.

I really love this one for cause/effect. From Kids Konnect.

This is a good one to introduce parts of a book and beginning reading. From Mrs. Jones Class. 

From Create Abilities. This would be good to make with kids after reading The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. It is a great way to talk about feelings, tattling and bullying. 

Here is one for punctuation from We Are Teachers.

From The Kinder Hearted Classroom, is a chart about transportation.

Remember, anchor charts are best used when you actively make them with the class involved. I did this and we would hang the chart up, so they could refer to it during other activities like literacy centers. 
Have a great day! I hope you are enjoying summer!


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