Friday, September 17, 2021

Freaky Friday!

Happy happy Friday! I had another busy week. A long field trip to Poteau, which was an all-day drive. Lots of organizing and deep cleaning going on in my household, too. Now I want to paint every room a different color. I want a happy color for my living room so I think I am going with this:

This has been me lately:
I need some good sleep!
I tend to be a worrier so that probably does not help me out.

So I belong to a really awesome Halloween group. I am always amazed at some of the creative DIYs they share. I thought today I would share some of these finds with you because I am in a spooky decorating mood.

This is adorable. Plus, cookies!

Someone took a thrift store find and painted it a la spooky!

Paint your pumpkins to be candy corn.

I am a sucker for funny puns. Here are some for tombstones.

They made a coffin from discarded pallets. I love upcycling ideas!

If I get motivated enough, I might make this "finger food."

This DIYer used Mod Podge to stiffen old book pages and then added
computer printed pages. Aged them with tea bags or coffee.

Very easy ghosts.

This is from The Gathered Home.
Get you some plastic bugs from Dollar Tree. Spray paint and hot glue onto wood.
I did make one of these for a Halloween party a few years back!

I really want to make this! I had been given a huge dollhouse and was going to re-do it, but
it sat in my office and I donated it instead. I can handle a small one though.

Made with Dollar Tree nerf-like footballs, and 
cut-up milk jugs for teeth.

This is clever. I have also seen eyeballs made with this technique.

Gold makes everything better.

I love this. I have no trees but if I did...

I have a LOT of balloons so I can totally make this!


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Fall in near...

I can feel it in me bones. Arrrggh. I am a Fall Pirate.


Saturday, September 4, 2021

I have too many chairs.

So I am a little "extra." I try really hard not to be but I can be. You should have seen my son's birthday parties when he was little! I decided I wanted a nice sitting chair for the living room. I really do not like our couch (looking for a new one) because it is made with this brocade-like fabric and just not the most comfy. I am all about comfort. So I ended up with three chairs. I bought one, then saw another later that looked better...and so on. Now my living room is filled with too many chairs. I have 3 now. Sigh.

Definitely, not the worst problem in the world at all especially during a pandemic.

I feel like I am ready to just renovate the whole house. Maybe you notice things more when you have to be home more I guess.

I saw a good idea for classroom management when there is a sub. I always had a sub basket made up with extra activities and worksheets and books in it. I also included the very important class list, class schedule, a typed up summary of our day with our song lyrics, names of helpful students, etc.
I called it the "sub tub." The best sub teacher I ever had was when I was teaching Kindergarten in Texas. 

This idea is a great way to reward students for behaving and to get feedback on how the day went. Some subs usually leave you a note, but they don't always do that. So here is this cool idea!!