Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Classroom Haunts!

Today I am sharing some classroom ideas for Halloween. :)
Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups
These are delicious! And such an easy snack for little ones to make.

Yarn Pumpkins
I never had good luck making these but I am also not a patient person.

Glue Ghosts
I made these with PreK and they were fun!
I put wax paper on the table. The kids used Elmer's glue to make their ghost within a bobby pin boundary, and added googly eyes. They dried overnight, we added the yarn with a hole punch,
 and then they had a cool necklace!

Trash Bag Cats
Very easy. Stuff the head with newspaper. Tie a string or twisty tie to tie 
off the head part. Add construction paper features!

Pattern Witches
A math activity! Make an AB color pattern
from construction paper to make witch legs.

Paper Towel Roll Bats
You can cut a paper towel roll in half (I never used
toilet paper rolls...kinda gross). Have students cover with construction paper or use markers/paint. Add construction paper features.
Very cool!!!
I hope you found some ideas you can use! :)


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