Friday, September 24, 2021

Thank teachers!!!

I found a wonderful article that has free printables to help your kids give the perfect gift to their teachers this year to say "thanks for all you do." You can use these anytime of the year like:

-at the beginning of the school year

-as a fun surprise

-on your teacher's birthday

-holiday gift

-end-of-the-year gift

The link (see below) also includes:

  • Teacher Gift Questionnaire to help you navigate finding the best gifts throughout the school year.
  • Sanitation Labels to attach to disinfecting wipes, tissue boxes, and hand sanitizer to make a simple, yet effective gift more special.
  • Gift Card Tags to attach a teacher's favorite gift card to.
  • Plant Tags to attach to a cute houseplant, succulent, or bouquet of flowers.

Go here to get your printables!!


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