Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Let It Snow...Earrings!

I enjoyed spending time with my mom this week. We shopped until we dropped.
And I realized it is very hard to find Christmas earrings in shoppes!
I went to Target, Ross, Five Below, Dollar Tree
and Claire's. No luck locally.
I am taking part in a 25 Days of Christmas Earring Challenge!

And so I only own like 4 pairs lol. 
I ordered some online but most of the shipping estimates are on Dec. 20th.
C'est la vie!

I am so blessed. My mom bought me the most beautiful blue sequin dress to 
wear to a friend's wedding in a few weeks. I adore it.
I cannot wait to decide what jewelry to wear with it.
I want to curl my hair but we will see.
Anyway, I appreciate and love you mom and dad and brothers!
I have been busy road trippin' lately. Harrison and I hung out in Hinton.
I took a pic of an angel statue there but did not like the awning overhead so I cut the 
photo out digitally and extended the clouds. I love how it turned out!!!

Oh! Look at this fun and inexpensive Christmas craft!

Photo and instructions HERE.
I always use paper towel tubes cut in half. I am not a TP roll craft lady because...germs!
Also, if you don't want to paint the trees you can glue scrapbook or wrapping paper. 
Even gluing pom poms would be adorable.


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