Friday, December 3, 2021

All That Glitters is Snow

It really is! I am posting some Christmas ideas today.

I saw this idea and thought it was so easy to make. (I
can do it without burning anything!!)

This is a cool cone tree to make. You use pasta and styrofoam cones.
I would love to add glitter, personally. Source: Crafty Fun Facebook Group
I love, love science! So anything that gets those little brains thinking
and resembles snow is a win-win in my book! Directions HERE.
Help! I am trapped in a snow globe!
Really, this is a great keepsake to make and give!
I got this Facebook ad. And I absolutely think this would
be an easy project to make yourself. Just hot glue a big piece of felt
(you can buy it by the yard in fabric stores) in a cone shape.
Use more felt to make pieces!
I saw these cute construction paper elves
and immediately wanted to make one of my own!

You can make your own luminaries using an empty jar,
battery-operated tea light and stickers/rub ons or by gluing 
on embellishments. Shared by a fellow librarian.

Yarn and sticks make this a free craft project!

Mason jar lid ornaments! Source
Another cool ornament idea? Christmas trees made from clothespins!

And I really wish my town would do Christmas lights like these:


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