Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year!!!

Enjoying an Oklahoma sunset.
We are supposed to have the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises here.

Tonight it turns over to 2022!!
I want to wish all my blog readers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I don't have high expectations for know, based on the previous two, but a girl can certainly dream! 
And that is what I am going to do. 

Don't mind my lipstick got smeared by my mask.

Put my cowgirl boots on with my sequin dress and dream.
I hope this year brings more happiness, more time with my family and more love.
My son. My everything.

I think about how fast my son has grown. How many years (19!) my husband and I have been a couple. I appreciate them both. They both put up with my dramatics, silly ideas and shenanigans. 

Ben gives me strength and support like no other. He is always there for me. 
I just want this year to be good.
I hope I find an amazing job. I hope I work more and (finish!) my book. I hope I learn to step back and enjoy the life I have. That's my 2022 wish!


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