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Friday, January 19, 2018

BEAR-y cool!

Sharing photos from our Bear Art Time!!!

Here's my table area. I had lots of water for myself because talking and singing, and dancing so much makes a girl dehydrated!!! Oh, and the bear die cuts on the table became "stickers" I put on the kids when they left with double-sided tape. The front said "I had so much fun at SO Library Art Time!"

This is the parent table with information about future programs, sign-in sheet,
take home sheets for little ones to color, bookmarks, early literacy info, and books to check out related to our theme.
I really love our Eric Carle rug!!!

Here is the bear cave I made. I kept it open because I did not want kids to be scared. The bears are extra ones I had for kids who may have forgotten to bring their own bear or stuffed animal. We played music, and they would walk in a circle around the bear cave, and when I would stop the music, the kids would freeze with their bears. They loved this!

Making polar bear handprints!

This little one year old was a hard worker!!!

Our bear mask art. FUN!!!!

tina winkle stay magical

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cultural Diversity at the Library

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I'm up late working hard on maintaining my 4.0 while finishing my second Master Degree (in Library and Information Science). One of my courses is on Multicultural Librarianship. I found a wonderful newsletter that details Tulsa County Library System’s Annual Asian American Festival. They celebrate people from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.

 There are:
Chinese dragon, lion and folk dances
Classical Indian music
Manga exchanges
A traditional tea ceremony
Japanese bamboo flute ceremony
Martial arts presentation
Arts and Crafts
Educational opportunities
Asian cuisine

Diversity is a beautiful thing and our job as library employees is to reach out to our communities and to celebrate and honor their history, present and future. I would love to see more opportunities for cultural awareness at the library!
Many years ago, I remember my own local library celebrating the Cherry Tree Blossom Festival with dancers performing while a traditional band played music. I remember the graceful dancing, and the boom of the large drums. After the event, we were given green tea ice cream to sample. It was great!

 I started thinkingwhat could libraries do to celebrate diversity?

1.    Get the community involved! Ask your community what they want. Give them a platform to celebrate differences. Ask them to speak during a program. Maybe they can share stories from their own history, or traditional tales and beliefs from their own culture.

2.   Books are your buddies! Make a cultural display and highlight books about or by authors of that culture. Don’t just do it the month ofhighlight diversity all year round.

3.   Check out your collection. The best way to integrate diversity is to make sure your material includes contemporary literature about diverse groups. This means children’s and young adult materials, as well. Do you only have one dusty copy of a book about Jennifer Lopez? Time to upgrade!

Not sure where to begin? I suggest you go to this helpful School Library Journal web site.

It is important to showcase biographies of famous culturally diverse Americans. Also, it can be helpful for other children to appreciate a multicultural viewpoint and grow up reading material from a variety of cultures.

4.   Diverse programming. We need more of it. Make sure even if it is a short, children’s program, that we don’t just make it about being a cultural tourist. We want to introduce children to cultural heritage, history, traditions, and to characters that represent them. The biggest tip I can think of is DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS about a culture or country. An example of this is Mexico does not equal=Mexican Americans. And also, many cultures are Spanish-speakingMexican, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Salvadorans, Dominicans, Guatemalans, Colombians, Hondurans, Ecuadorians and Peruvians. Individuals from New Mexico, California, Texas, etc. can also be Spanish speakers.

5.   Increase your own cultural knowledge! Read! Attend a webinar or professional development session about various cultures, countries or multicultural awareness.

 These are just a few minor tips from the top of my head. I think these are wonderful first steps toward integrating cultural diversity into your library.

tina winkle stay magical

Thursday, February 23, 2017

I Got This or How to Move a Library...

I printed a copy of this inspirational quote and a few others to put on my locker at work. I like to look at pretty things and I felt my locker needed some d├ęcor, but most importantly, this has been attitude this week. I got this!

We are moving out of our fifty-year old library building into a new and temporary location while they demolish the old one, and construct our beautiful future library. Ever since Monday we have been movin’ and groovin’. I have been coming home sore every night, and each night is in a different area of my body. Last night, I for sure felt the four hours I went up and down the step stool to shelve handfuls of books. Today, I had bruised and reddened knees from shelving and shifting books on the bottom rows.

Bruised/reddened knees or warrior markings?!?

But you know what? I got this. I feel energized being more active physically, and I am really wanting to pick up my fitness routine again. And guess what? The air was not working at our new location so I stayed super-hydrated with water only, and I realized that lately I have been drinking soda—diet soda—but soda nonetheless and not as much water as I should. Sometimes I do so good—eating right, drinking water or tea only, and moving my bottom—and then after a few months I go back to bad habits. So this moving a library thing? It is teaching me to be thankful for the sore muscles because now I do not have get sore starting exercise again, I can just slide back into a routine with more ease.

It is also teaching me that I am strong. I have been able to move things physically BUT also I have been having to use my problem-solving skills more often! So instead of hating the move, I am embracing the move. I am showing this moving thing who is boss lol.

On a very personal note, I was a bit saddened to say goodbye to my library home. You see, I have been a patron of that library since I was eight years old. The tv show Reading Rainbow and my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Manes both told me about this wonderful place called a library. I bothered my mom until she took me there. My parents were so good about always taking us there after that. This is where I developed my love of reading but this is also were I developed myself as person. This affected my whole life! And now I am full circle, working for the place that made me who I am!

So here are photos of my old friend, our old library building. These are from day 1 and 2 of our move.

And here is a sneak peek at our new location. Don’t mind the mess, we are making great things happen!

 photo 65c64534-b188-4b35-b4a4-84d589cacc78_zpsvcboyrn8.jpg