Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Glitz was the bestest.

Our 14 year old cat, Glitz passed away Monday morning. This week has been rough, but I know there is sunshine after the storm. Rest in peace, my baby.


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Edible Frosting Play Dough

One Little Project has a 2 ingredient recipe for edible frosting play dough!
So you can have little ones work on motor skills and you don't have to worry if they take a taste test. Genius!
Photo from One Little Project


Thursday, April 29, 2021

Shades of Meaning

I love this anchor chart because it teaches students that there are different "shades of meaning" to words but it would also be a great help to ELL students! I took this picture in a first grade classroom.


Monday, April 26, 2021

So excited for this! December needs to hurry.

WEST SIDE STORY Trailer (2021) Steven Spielberg, Musical Movie HD

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Rainy Day Activities

Photo by Sam Willis from Pexels

It is raining cats and dogs where I am at! I know it is hard to keep the kids busy and active on rainy days and they always seem to have so much extra ENERGY lol. So I found some things online to share that will keep them busy!

This is a great way to be creative and learn about butterflies!
You can open in new tab to zoom in or right click and save to print/view larger. 

This is from Frugal Fun 4 Boys. Make Lego rocks. Or paint rocks to be anything!

This is my own piece of art. I had a dinosaur story time. The kids colored a stegosaurus pattern. They used their handprints to make the spikes. You could have them trace their hands if you don't want to use paint.

This is one of the samples from the kiddos!

Here is the template I used. You can save it by right clicking.

Another time we had a heart story time and we made creatures out of hearts!
Here is a panda heart bear from SassyDealz.

Paper plate lion! You can use markers or crayons, too.

Krokotak always has really fun paper ideas. 

Glued to My Crafts Blog has a creative paper plate unicorn craft.

If you don't have bean bags, just have your kids match items they find around the
 house to the colors! What Moms Love actually has 87 indoor games and activities!

Cute beehive fingerprint craft!

Make a circle bear! From Crafty Morning Blog.


Thursday, April 22, 2021


Love is a beautiful thing. My husband shows me love every day in the way he speaks to me, the way he treats me and best of all, when he spoils me. I am so pumped because we are going to our favorite spot for summer vacation. He just surprised me by booking it all! I very much missed this place because last year due to Covid we could not travel anywhere. I feel in my heart that I absolutely have to be there at least once a year to recharge my soul. It is a beautiful, wild place. I get to see the stars and feel like I am surrounded by space on all sides. Wildlife will walk near you with no fear of humans because they are not accustomed to being threatened by human encroachment. I like to watch deer eat wild apples and racoons just being silly racoons. I just love it so much. My dream is to retire there someday but for now I will continue to cherish these memories we are making as a family. 


Friday, April 16, 2021

Printable Spring Cleaning Activities for Kids

Printable Spring Cleaning Activities for Kids

This spring cleaning season, you don’t have to create a squeaky clean space all on your own. It’s the perfect time of year to teach your littles the value (and fun) of organization and hard work.


You can  enlist your kids to lend a helping hand with these free chores and activities. Whether they’re checking off tasks on their weekly chore chart or mixing up kid-safe cleaning supplies, you’ll have little helpers by your side as you strive for a sparkling clean space.


The best part? You can turn these lessons into weekly routines, and your house can reap the benefits all year long. 

The random acts of kindness activity encourages kids to help others. Here are some tasks on the 7-day kindness challenge:

  1. Help a neighbor in need with yard work
  2. Wash the family car
  3. Do the dishes after family dinner
  4. Pick up trash at your favorite park or playground
  5. Give away gently used books
  6. Buy and donate a brand new toy
  7. Mix up a natural cleaning solution and clean with it


Since clutter and mess increase stress, teaching kids about cleaning young helps prepare them for a fruitful future. Make the activities fun by offering rewards and incentives such as allowance or ice cream .

All of these printables have been provided by The Zebra and you can download and print them free by clicking here.

This post was made in collaboration between Twinkle Teaches and The Zebra.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Put a Spring in Your Step!

Spring is in the air and that means it is time to de-clutter and organize. I have already made two trips to donation sites and I already see a third one coming soon. The messiest room in my house without a doubt is my home office. It is my dirty secret, my catch-all. I have struggled with it ever since I bought my house 20 years ago. 

So my main focus in there for now is to get rid of ALL paper clutter, donate the books I don't read that are collecting dust, and organize my huge craft and office supply collections. The main reason for me to de-clutter in there is because I just purchased a table to be my writing desk. It is a beautiful, yellow table. There were 4 for sale and I bought one. Here is the table top:

I love it so much! So now I need to make room so I can put the legs on it and have a writing space. But I know I have to be vigilant about maintaining this space, and my whole household really.

The Zebra has weekly cleaning schedules that are so helpful! I printed it off , laminated it (you can also just use a plastic sleeve protector) and am going to use a dry erase marker to help me check off cleaning zones.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Spring Fun!!!

I cannot believe we are almost half-way through April! I feel like 2021 is going faster than 2020. But I cannot wait until the virus is diminished. I cannot wait to return to a sense of normalcy instead of doom and gloom. I remind myself right now "April showers bring May flowers!" And I truly do love flowers.

I came across some fun Spring activities and art ideas for the kids and of course, I have to share!

A nice chant that gets them movin' and groovin'!

Handprint parrots! (No original source found)

Make a spring ornament from craft/popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners,
paper, glue and string/yarn!

Enjoy exploring and creating!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Backyard Camping Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Backyard Camping Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy

With summer right around the corner, kids are eager for warm weather, barbeque dinners and camping trips. If you don’t have the time or opportunity to escape the city for a family camping trip, why not plan one in your own backyard?

Backyard camping lets you get into the camping spirit without leaving the comforts of home. It also can serve as an affordable vacation alternative that is safe and gets the social-distancing seal of approval.

How to Prepare Your Backyard Campsite

To capture the true essence of camping in your backyard, prepare as if you were going on an outdoor adventure. Make camping ground rules like no technology or going into the house and prepare meals that can be made and enjoyed outside. 

When it comes to packing and setting up camp, opt for a tent, camping friendly attire and sleeping bags. For inspiration, use the following printable backyard camping checklist to get you started.

Don’t forget to incorporate a few kid-friendly camping activities that will entertain the whole family. 

Backyard Camping Ideas for Kids

Once you set up camp, it's time to have some family fun as well as learn about the nature around you. This list of fun activities to do outside will keep your kids entertained throughout the trip, giving you a chance to kick back, relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Nature Scavenger Hunt 

Help your kids see the backyard from a whole new light by sending them on a neighborhood nature scavenger hunt. Rather than collecting the items on the list, have kids snap a photo of them on a disposable camera or jot them down in a camping journal. This will teach your kids how to discover without disrupting living creatures and things in their natural environment. Plus, you can print the photos later as a memorable keepsake.

Camping Critters Coloring Sheet

Camping is all about quiet reflection and being one with nature. Mindful activities such as coloring keep kids engaged in the present moment while also providing you with some relaxation and relief. Encourage quiet time with this camping-themed coloring sheet. All you need to do is print it, pack some crayons or markers and set it up at your eating area.

Connect-The-Dot Constellation Worksheet

When you’re camping, there’s nature all around — including up above. While camping, look up at the night sky to spot constellations and planets. This connect-the-dot craft will highlight other visible constellations to be on the lookout for, such as Hercules and Lyra.

Campfire Storyboard

End the night with a memorable and sweet activity by gathering around the fire for story time and smores. This storyboard activity turns storytelling into a game. To play, all you’ll need is a die, printed copies of the worksheet and a crayon or marker.

Don’t forget to heat everyone's favorite gooey marshmallow and chocolate treat as you swap tales fireside.

We hope these backyard camping activities have inspired you to plan your own outdoor adventure soon. For more inspiration, explore Zolo’s guide to backyard camping for all the ideas on packing and preparation. You can find the FREE camping printables

This guest post was made and posted in collaboration with Zolo and Twinkle Teaches.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

How Egg-citing!!

Photo Source

Easter will be here before we know it. I have a horror Easter story to share with my readers! I made a mistake and ordered a glitter Easter egg. I thought it would be cool to put some cash in and hide on Easter and make my teen find. Or put in his basket. Yes, he is 16 but so help me he is getting a basket until he is 18.

 Well, I did not KNOW it was a giant egg like a dinosaur egg. I never pay attention to dimensions. I opened the box and pretty much glitter-bombed myself! All the other candy and stuff was covered in glitter. Glitter was leaking out of the sealed egg bag. I even know how it did that. And it kept doing that when I was trying to clean it with disinfectant wipes.

The "Monster"

 Y'all, the glitter egg from another dimension is now in time out in a corner in my bedroom. It is sitting in the box still until I get a large Ziploc to stick it in, and I have been finding glitter EVERYWHERE 4 days later. Now, this is coming from a lady who has an actual glitter wall in her house. I feel like this is some kind of karma because when I was younger I would put metallic confetti in all my mail correspondence. I no longer know what to do with this egg. Just don't order a glitter egg if you are thinking about it. Especially a giant one.

With eggs on the mind...let's get to sharing some fun Easter ideas (as spotted on the web)!

This is a genius idea that is not only fun but really helps your child practice fine motor skills by scooping. If you are a librarian or teacher, this would be a fun center activity or activity during sensory play time programs. Children "rescue" the eggs by scooping and trying to avoid the tape barriers. You can read all about it at Happy Toddler Playtime!

Sprouting Wild Ones blog has this cool idea of using found nature objects to make egg art. They are so pretty!

Photo Source~Sprouting Wild Ones

Photo Source~Teaching Mama

Want to do some egg science? There are over 15 egg science activities at Teaching Mama!

Ooooh! A magnetic easter egg hunt sounds like so much fun! Now because it involves magnets the mom in me would like to add make sure this is done with adult supervision and that the eggs are taped or glued together firmly shut. Then have fun! Details can be found at Happy Toddler Playtime!

 I love this. When I was in 5th grade our teacher showed us how to take our pencil erasers to use tissue paper squares to mold them to make tree leaves. I have had an odd affinity for tissue paper crafts ever since! This one is too cute. Little chicks in a basket! This idea can be found on Crafty Morning!

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay safe from glitter eggs!

Tina@ TwinkleTeaches