Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sugar Rush

Today we went to Johnnie's Bakery and bought some sugar cookies. YUM! We honestly have NO bakeries near us...we have to drive at least 45 minutes North or South.
This morning I took Harrison to Chuck E Cheese. There are 2 big games there that he has mastered--one where you shoot spiders before they get ladybugs (he played it like 7 times), and another where you hit a button and it pushes balls into a dog's mouth. Cool. We got 105 tickets!!! We are saving up for a big prize LOL.
Then we went to feed the ducks. Some of the domesticated geese were taking the bread right out of our hands!
I have been busy offline putting together plans for a big Easter egg hunt with family and friends. I hope I can pull it all together!! We did one last year but it was with my mom's group, and I did not really know the women who came too well. It was awkward and VERY windy. I hope this year its way better!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Drama Queen

I slept the majority of the afternoon away. We played outside a little. We ran some errands. Blah. I wanted to go buy some new black capris for summer. I don't care if they are in or out...they are comfortable and after having leg surgery you don't want to see me in shorts!
I saw some of the Oscars but got bored and started watching HGTVs Dream House (even though I am MAD that they took away my Scrapbooking and Crafts shows!). Here is a run down of the Oscar winners in case you have been living under a rock!~
Best Picture: "The Departed"
Best Director: Martin Scorsese, "The Departed"
Best Actor: Forest Whitaker, "Last King of Scotland"
Best Actress: Helen Mirren, "The Queen"
Best Film Editing: Thelma Schoonmaker, "The Departed"
Best Song: "I Need to Wake Up," "An Inconvenient Truth"
Best Original Screenplay: "Little Miss Sunshine"
Best Original Score: "Babel"
Best Documentary: "An Inconvenient Truth"
Best Documentary Short: "The Blood of Yingzhou District"
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson, "Dreamgirls"
Best Foreign-Language Film: "The Lives of Others"
Best Visuals Effects: "Pirates of the Caribbean 2"
Best Cinematography: "Pan's Labyrinth"
Best Costume Design: "Marie Antoinette"
Best Adapted Screenplay: "The Departed"
Best Animated Feature: "Happy Feet"
Best Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin, "Little Miss Sunshine"
Best Sound Mixing: "Dreamgirls"
Best Sound Editing: "Letters from Iwo Jima"
Best Live Action Short: "West Bank Story"
Best Animated Short: "The Danish Poet"
Best Makeup: "Pan's Labyrinth"
Best Art Direction: "Pan's Labyrinth"
(list from PerezHilton)
I have seen Little Miss Sunshine (it was okay to me...I kept waiting for something big to happen), Marie Antoinette (rented it last week...again kept waiting for something big to happen and also could not believe how short Jason is), and An Inconvenient Truth (honestly, fell asleep halfway through). I am glad Alan Arkin won for LMS and I know it is also Martin Scorsese's first! Good for them! I am also happy for JHud although I have heard recently some of the newly showbiz attention may have made her a bit of a diva now. Yay for Forest! Hmm...Best Actress...not surprised anybody British always seems to win. Gywenth Paltrow scared me when she was up on the podium...she just seems to give the audience this withering look and I hate all the anti-American and anti-British talk she always does...what a snob she needs to go live on Mars.
I got 3 scrapbook pages done. I have so much to do!!! I am also going to make Harrison a Blue's Clues mailbox and notebook. I better get busy!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Zoo fun

We went to the zoo last Wednesday. We got some awesome pics of the gorillas and orangutan. They were totally showing off for us. Cute!
Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com
Thinking about eating....
Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com
Eating the lettuce...
Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com
He had on one of the zookeeper's coats!
Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com
Cool treehouse!
Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com

Okay update on the date!

The girl was not a monkey. Aaron had fun and they will see each other again. Her name is Whitney (but not Houston).

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm officially a nerd...

Hey, I wear the label loud and proud! Here are some of our book finds! I bought about 25 novels...all on various subjects. I love to read!
We also bought hmmm...about 20 books for Harrison and 30 videos. Some of his great finds were Blues Clues book, some Sesame Street books, Brown Bear/Brown Bear in spanish, a learning values series, and some old volumes of storybooks I had as a kid. His videos were mainly Brainy Baby, Blues Clues, Bob the Builder, Thomas, Baby Einstein and Sesame Street. I got a set of Jenny Craig workout videos...new! and 3 for a dollar. Joy.
We went last night. There was a ten dollar fee for 4 tickets. Ben went in to pay and some man handed him 2 tickets!!! Isn't that cool? What a blessing. Then we waited in line for an hour and a half to go in. We tag-teamed taking turns walking outside with Harrison. He was in his big red wagon. When I started putting videos in the cart, he kept throwing them out at first! Some people had really weird ways to carry books...empty trash cans, a coffin on wheels, stolen shopping cart, dollys, one woman had a cart with about 20 scholastic boxes to put books in! Nerds are the craziest. We returned again this afternoon. There was not as much to go through and we only got books. Maybe we will go tomorrow (the last day)???
On the scrapping front, I finally got my scrapbook area re-organized and I was so happy Ben bought me a $40 3M adhesive gun. I got a big ziploc and showed him all the money I have wasted on broken adhesive runners...at least $100 worth. SO he got online and ordered me one that the PROFESSIONALS use. YAY! Its like Christmas around here.

Friday, February 23, 2007

signs everywhere

I went to www.signsgenerator.org yesterday and had fun creating siggies! You should try it. The one above I put in my siggie hoping it gives my husband a hint (wink,wink,cough) about what I want for my birthday. Hey, its not until October so he has plenty of time to save up!!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

post secret

If you have not been to the Post Secret web site, you should go!! The postcards are very fascinating. http://postsecret.blogspot.com/

okay enough rants

about celebrities. We searched for the Dr.Pepper coin and narrowed it down to a small perimeter. So close, but so far away!! Lots of other people were also there searching. It would have been fun to find a million, or even $10,000!
I am so tired right now...too much ranting. Tomorrow we have playgroup so I have to get up early. Boo.

Pink is the new (old) blog

I removed Trent from my faves. It was a hard decision but I am tired of him always making excuses for Britney Spears, constantly posting pics of her, and making her out to be Mother of the Year. He never shows the wrong stuff she really does like taking her son Sean to Trashy Lingerie store to pick out sex toys/lingerie instead of going to the zoo (without inviting the photogs) or something. And I get sick of people who say "She hasn't partied in 2 years. She just had 2 babies back to back! Good for her, let her party! Kfed does!" (wrong Debbie Matenapoulous or whatevs your name is...the lady on E) Okay, just because the man you married and chose to have babies with (they were planned because she even got impatient and went to a fertility specialist after trying for 3 months! And don't forget she kept buying puppies and baby clothes way before expecting)...did not choose to show maturity and grow up SOMETIMES you have to! To Britney~Yes,Kfed would go clubbing and promote his joke of a rap career. Yes, you were at home. But you should have spent that time bonding with your kids instead of feeling sorry for yourself!!! I am not saying once you are a mom your life is over. You can go out if you want, but did you really have to hang out with Paris, flash your crotch repeatedly, do drugs allegedly, vomit everywhere and on everyone EVERY night? Have some class! I am sorry I am not going to feel sorry for Britney right now. She has left rehab twice in less than 24 hour periods. If she really cared about her kids, addict or not, she should try to get help for them! (And no, I don't think the kids are better off with Kevin or Lynn...I think they should go to Brangelina). So that is why Trent is no longer on my clicking schedule. Bad Britney! Let's not enable and applaud her now. An example is April 12, 2006. In the blog entry it makes it out that Sean P's fractured skull is not a big deal, sorry, wrong!! I am not into Britney excuses/watching a trainwreck explode!I would also like to state that recent pics of her out of rehab with her cheap wig show her carrying yet another puppy...don't you think Sean or Jayden wishes mommy would be carrying them instead? He should just make it a Britney blog for goodness sakes. I also don't agree with a lot of his opinions oncelebrities (like all his Howard bashing without watching any of the court coverage,...the judge really is biased and Dannielynn also needs to go to Brangelina). I know I don't have to agree with everything I read but I would like to see a celebrity blog that doesn't make excuses for Britney's horrendous parenting (see list below) and bad behavior.
Britney and Kfed's Horrendous Parenting List (or why CPS needs to get involved!!!)
~Britney drove with Sean P on lap while trying to escape one friendly papparazzi photog whom she gave permission to photograph her. Later, she lied and said she was being chased by hordes of paps.
~Britney driving with Sean P's unsupported/slumped head in a front-facing car seat before he is one years of age
~There were pictures of Sean around 3-4 months of age. Britney had a FULL bottle of what appeared to be apple juice. Babies don't get juice at that age, much less a full bottle. There are also Sean P. pictures (on the blog) of his mom with another juice-filled bottle from April 5, 2006. Found another pic of him with full bottle of juice on May 9, 2006. Reportedly, people who have seen Sean P. recently have said all his teeth are rotted. Bottle rot is when your baby consistently falls asleep with a bottle in his/her mouth (lazy parenting) and also, you are supposed to brush babies teeth and gums daily even before they have teeth. Now, Britney does not brush her hair, does she seem interested in brushing her babies teeth?
~Sean P. falls from high chair while on nanny's watch. This could lead to seizures. Read article here on his many falls:
~Reportedly, he also falls off the bed TWICE while taking a nap with Britney.
~And almost falls again!! while she is walking in pants that are too long and with shoes that are untied. A bodyguard catches little Sean P. A web site http://saveseanpreston.blogspot.com/ is created after all the head injuries.

~Took Sean P to zoo but called papparazzi to photograph it. Did the same at the park. Who wears huge high heels, long wig, and tiny skirt to awkwardly play with their kid at the park, and then lets the nanny do most of the playing? Only other noticeable playdate was at Trashy lingerie store with Sean P. Told photogs "I am going to buy something to wear on Valentine's for Isaac." AGAIN. Taking your baby to a sex store...not a playdate!!
~In Star magazine, Britney and Kfed are at the beach. The pics depict Sean P. without a hat/sunscreen looking red, and in a saggy ocean-soaked diaper (hey, they make swim diapers you know so diaper granules don't get stuck in baby's nether regions).
~Kfed allegedly smoking pot in house. Britney allegedly recently seen doing cocaine, meth and/or ecstasy in public restrooms/clubs. This is all hearsay about the drug use.
~Kfed partying since babies were born, especially in Las Vegas. Britney joins the party bandwagon and loses her panties/any sense of decency by taking up with Lindsay and Paris after the split. She flashes her crotch every chance and then hooks up with at least 10 men publicly. She has been out EVERY night. Neglecting her kids, allegedly sleeping in with hangovers, leaving the kids to the nannies. I bet Sean and Jayden wish mommy was there to tuck them into bed at night. Who do they see first thing in the morning???This is neglect!

~Currently, Britney has had a breakdown, shaving her head, saying it was due to lice (imaginary meth bugs???) and yet her fans first instinct was to try to say she was sexually assaulted or the extensions were too tight. Neither of those theories ended up being true.
All this adds up to super bad parenting. IF my neigbors were doing all this then CPS would have already claimed the kids. Anyway, what do you think? Should we keep covering her butt and thinking her antics are cute? Should we continue to post pics of her and say "I can't wait for her comeback!!" or "I want her to hook back up with Justin!"...forgetting that she has 2babies/resposibilities!!! and 2 divorces under her belt before the age of 26? Or should we pray the boys run away as soon as they learn to walk?
I will miss you Trent!!! but I can no longer support your fascination with Britney. You need a Britney intervention. Jump off the train before it wrecks (some more)!!!

So sick of the circus!!!

I have been watching the trial for Anna Nicole's body and had to turn the tv off because I get upset. I am very opinionated and you don't have to agree with me. There are plenty of Howard haters out there and no, I don't think he is a saint at all but I really question the motives of the others!! The mom, Vergie, admitted Splash TV paid for her round trip to the Bahamas and she had the Splash TV helicopter follow over her after she viewed Anna Nicole's body. What a freak!!! The judge is very BIASED and should be taken off the case. He always makes positive comments toward Larry/Vergie...and lets them elaborate when they speak (ex. Vergie deflected a question today by stating Howard killed Anna). The clown judge only lets Howard answer YES or NO and cuts him off repeatedly. HKS still seemed choked up over Anna's death but it was interesting that Larry was laughing and smiling...probably thinking about the money. He is such a poser. AND please don't base your thoughts on Dannielynn's paternity on whether she resembles Larry...Larry has had major plastic surgery...If we are going to base it on looks, he had a toucan nose before, Dannielynn's is a button nose. He also has squinty, narrow eyes like Anna's...but Dannielynn's are round. Vergie DOES not care about her daughter! You can tell the mother is VERY manipulative. It is not true that Anna could not have family visit her. She had a falling out with her family, but her cousin (after a reconciliation) was in several episodes of the AN Show. I also remember seeing on True Hollywood Story years ago that all her tacky Texas relatives were complaining she wanted nothing to do with them...after Anna had bought them cars, houses, clothes,etc. Anna probably got sick of them demanding more money/material items. I wish I could personally stick the judge (with the Garfield cat voice and tacky Judge Judy zingers),Vergie (whom Anna claims on the entertainment video that her mother physically abused her and let her be sexually abused by family members...what kind of mother is that???), and Larry in a rocket and blast them into the sun. Oh wait, they are going to burn in hell when they die anyway.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

Today my son told me his first lie. It broke my heart a little! We are in the process of potty training him so he is wearing Pull Ups...he thinks they mean Pull Downs and I saw him pee (eeekkk!) on the floor. I went to get the carpet cleaner and
he said "Keely {our puppy} pee pee!!"
I said, "Who did this?"
Again I heard, "Keely! Bad Dog". Now I am proud of his ingenuity and I am not that naive that I don't think children lie...but so young? I want my baby to stay innocent. There is plenty of time to grow up! It broke my heart a little.
Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com Keely, our innocent puppy (BTW,eyes were not enhanced in Photoshop...they are just naturally creepy!)

Dr.Pepper Rush

Dr.Pepper is bad for you...mkay! My silly husband bought 12 of those 20 oz. bottle because of a silly contest! Men!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Merry Christmas, little Susie.

Eek! And you thought your gifts were bad...Bratz doll that swears! I knew those things were evil.
"According to the father of the six-year-old girl, Luis, Arce, the talking doll was uttering expletives that start with ‘f’ and ‘b’.
CBS (source)
link and video here:

Cadbury egg, I love you

Here's another reason to love this time of year! Cadbury egg goodness.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Thank you God!!!!!

Today is glorious! Harrison and I spent 2 and a half hours outside. We busted out all the Little Tikes stuff from the storage and played with water, chalk, sand,etc. We went through a whole roll of film taking pictures. We ate strawberries and pineapple outside! Ben showed up with Sonic drinks. Mmm. What a perfect day. Ben said after dinner we can go get ice cream.
Good news! We got a new digital camera so posting my pics should be easier. Now I have no more excuses to be lazy. Look for more pics soon!!!!

Sesame Street Pinball Cartoon

I was so happy I found this video!! This was my all-time favorite Sesame Street clip. I don't why they no longer show this one...

Spring...er Winter Cleaning 2007

The majority of my weekend I focused on organization here at my house. I was not online once (a first!). Friday we took Harrison to Chuck E Cheese. He kept saying "Bye Cheese!" when we were leaving. Then we did some shopping. Saturday we started on the office/scrapbook room. I need to post pics soon but I really want to wait until we paint it. Ben adamantly refuses to pick up a paintbrush until Spring Break. We will see who will win this battle! Prolly him because he is let me pick HOT PINK for our bedroom. So my scrap area is super organized, super cute. I found stuff I never knew I had (shh...don't tell Ben...had some duplicates!). Then I attacked our coat closet. My goal was to get rid of some of the hats/jackets my son has outgrown. Too sad...I parted with a lot but I could not part with like 5 hats and I am fighting the urge to go get his jean Baby Gap jacket (0-3mths!) out of the box. Late last night I finally made it to my closet. I thought I would sweep out so many clothes but suprisingly I found many that still fit/hardly worn, so I only have one Goodwill box. Only 2 and a half more closets to go. Ugh and the outside storage.

bald britney!

I was shocked over the weekend when I saw the pics documenting Britney Spears (or Shears as people have labeled her) having her meltdown. Quite a bit of the people on tv/online alluded to a possible drug problem. I don't feel sorry for her. Lots of people have sought help and kicked addiction FOR THEIR KIDS. I think maybe she is not really thinking about her kids. Who knows? All I know is I feel sorry for her children because it looks like they have a mom/dad who just want to party all the time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wishes do come true!

My Valentine's wish did come true! Ben did those chores for me. LOVES it!!!
Harrison's teacher was here this morning. He did a puzzle where foam pieces had shapes cut out of the middle of it and he had to place them on wooden shapes that matched. Then he did a cookie jar shaper sorter three times. That was super-easy because we already own that toy! Then he had to do a Piagetian puzzle where he matches objects with velcro to their outline on posterboard. He read some books,too. When you ask him what his name is he proudly says, "Boss!"
I just found out they are recalling jars of Peter Pan peanut butter and the WalMart Great Value brand because of salmonella. I did one quick check of our cabinet. WHEW! My husband is a cheapie so we had Garden Club brand. Then I called my mom to tell her and she was like, "Uh-Oh. Your brother just ate a whole jar of Peter Pan." YIKES!!! I told her to save it in case she has to sue later.
We recently had a problem with Beneful Purina dog food from WalMart. I was reading on snopes. com the other day that it (*allegedly*) makes dogs lethargic, vomit, not want to eat/drink, and 2 dogs have died!!! That explains why our dogs have been vomiting and our older dog has not really wanted to leave his bag. We took one to the vet a month ago and he did not know for sure what was wrong with him. Anyway, the Beneful brand has been found to have toxic mold in it. I am sure this does not apply to all bags or all brands of Purina. But it is worth doing some research about it if your doggies/cat eat any Purina brands. Makes you want to grow your own food in the backyard, huh?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Special delivery

Today I will be delivering flowers,balloons and a gift basket to Ben's work (he is a teacher). Wish me luck! We always go all out for Valentine's Day. I know its cheesy, but it works for us. I also am taking a gift basket with balloons to my little brother's school--he's 9--and a rose and frame to my mommy. I told Ben if he really wants to get me a gift he should scrub the bath tub tile for me and finish staining the cabinets. Now that would be a valentine!

Hey everyone

Happy Valentine's Day! swak

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cursed Martha Stewart...

The cursed Martha Stewart glitter letters!!!!

I did not realize I had been offline so much. There has been so much to do around here. I have lain down the law...and spring cleaning has now begun in our house. We are going to start by going through all our closets and cabinets. We bought new paint for all the bedrooms!!For our bedroom, I picked "Hibiscus", which is as close to hot pink as I could find (currently is is almost-white pink). Harrison's room will be true blue, and then we are going to do a mural over the whole room...think 1950s retro outer space. We found some planets at Dollar Tree to glue on the wall! Fun.His room still has classic Winnie the Pooh mural all over the walls...its nice to have a husband who is an artist. The office/scrapbook room (which is now very pale green) is going to be turquoise with maybe some chocolate brown diamonds or dots or something.I have lived in this house for 6 years (time went by too fast...I bought it when I was single!) and the paint has always been neutral colors so I am ready for a change.

I got the coolest package in the mail. Someone sent me a whole package of scrapbook stickers, letters, embellishments, etc. The card said~"You have been RAK (random act of kindness), Use what you can and pass on the rest". Mysterious, but cool.

I am sooo mad at Martha Stewart. Okay, everytime I try to make something off her show it flops.It started with her chocolate frosting recipe that never made it on my cupcakes. Then there was the pumpkin cheesecake I tried to feed my family at Thanksgiving (Ben really does love me because he was the only one to eat it and declare it "good").I think there is a Martha Stewart curse!!! I tried to make these pink glitter letters as Valentine gifts (seen above) and it just about made me want to murder my craft area (if that is even possible).First, I had to paint them. Then I realized that the back should be painted too because it was super-ugly. I am not paitient so dry time was excruciating! Then I used a beautiful silver and white glitter called Diamond Dust. Since the paint was still dry (I told you I am not patient) the glitter turned gold. I then ran out of glitter. After hitting 2 craft stores and WalMart, I could not find the glitter. I got one I thought would make a good replacement (silver and pink) at WM. Came home, proceeded to glitter letters. Horror!! The glitter looked like freakin' dandruff!! Tossed letters into trash, while yelling "I HATE MARTHA STEWART!!!" Can you accidentally breathe in too much glitter? What if my brain is covered with dandruff-like glitter? I think I have some serious issues because today I went in the rain to Hobby Lobby, carrying a sleeping toddler, to get a diamond dust glitter look-a-like. Um,yeah I know Valentine's is tomorrow, and no, I have not started a new set.

Don't judge...

I was shocked at the death of Anna Nicole Smith. I read some of the comments on gossiprocks.com (a fun gossip site!) and I was a little taken aback by the fact that so many people are quick to label Howard K. Stern a murderer. IMO I really, really think he was deeply in love with Anna. I may be naive, but I don't think it was for the money. Some people on that site were mad because he talked to ET...its a week-long story and I saw the first part today. I think his grief was genuine, I think he feels protective of Dannielyn, and I think just as many people would be mad at him for not speaking out...its one of those situations where he can't win. Anyway, I hope people stop being so quick to judge him...the truth will come out in time, if he is guilty of any wrongdoing, it will come out. The sad thing is that poor baby has no mother or brother anymore!

Harry Potter, put your clothes on!!!

I know he is doing a play, but the boy needs to put some clothes on!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Ian Bernardo my new manny

I really think he would be fun to have around.

Lost is back!

I may be showing my inner trekkie, but I was really happy LOST was new this week (with 16 consecutive new episodes...yay!) I forgot all about AI so I missed the tryouts, but Lost was worth it. I kept reading on the spoiler sites that this episode would make you like Juliet more, but sorry, it didn't do it for me. I want Kate and Jack get together!!! Okay, enough nerding out.

We had the BEST dinner. Ben made BBQ sandwiches, and we bought extra hot sauce at Banta's BBQ restaurant, then we got onion rings/tater tots from Sonic. LOL. No, we don't usually eat like this and we surely don't go to several restaurants for one meal but its fun to junk out every now and then. BTW, no Harrison did not eat any of this LOL--he had a pb and j sandwich, strawberries, goldfish (the crackers), and juice.

Cutest thing Harrison did today--he got something out of his hiding place (he has several places...under the bed, in the couch cushions or his train table drawers) and it was a cotton ball that he pretended was a cloud. He said "This is from the sky. The sky is blue." Then he would hide the cotton ball and say "Where is it? I don't see it." He also thoroughly entertained me by saying excitedly, "TWO!" when I would ask "How old are you?" Being a mom is so much fun. Its worth the saggy boobs.

Speaking of moms, when is Britney Spears going to act like one?

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Pennies from heaven...or from my husband's pockets

I’ve decided to start saving all the change (okay, mainly pennies) that I collect at the bottom of the washing machine. My husband is so forgetful! I wish I could find bills instead of change.
Today Harrison and I went on a playdate to Playzone. It is one of those places that is attached to a gymnastics center. They have a moonwalk, balance beam, slides, tunnels,etc. We had been there 2 other times but never on a playdate with another mom/child. I hate the ball pit there!! Ball pits are filthy, germ-ridden, vomit-filled pools…so I was glad Harrison did not really go in there. The only problem is that this friend’s son was a HUGE bully. I can’t believe she did not really notice it! He pushed Harrison and other kids several times or tried to sit on my son. I intervened a few times, but I also tried to watch to see how Harrison would handle it because I know when he starts school I cannot be there to protect him/fight his battles (as much as I want to!) and I want him to know how to deal with bullies. For the most part, he pushed him off of him, walked away and came and told me. The mom only reacted to two events. One, her son pulled Harrison’s shirt and would not let go. She said “Oh,he is doing that because he wants Harrison to stay in that area.” Event #2, she only got mad and reacted when her son pushed a little girl down some foam steps. I think the only reason this mom did react that time is because it was someone else’s (not mine) child and she was embarrassed.

This mom is someone I have know on and off over two years…but she is always trying to one-up me or act like her child is more intelligent or special than mine (I know all parent’s think that about their child but keep it to yourself and the grandparents!!!) I got complaints from some of my guests at Harrison's birthday party afterward about how she kept trying to "steal the spotlight." For the most part, the mom seemed oblivious to it all. I don’t know how to be polite about turning down any future playdates, but I think I should turn them down. I mean, I know my son will deal with bullies at some point because we all do, but at the same time I don’t want to throw him to the lions!!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Ian Bernado, be my manny!!!

I bet if Ian Bernado (google him if you don't already remember him from American Idol) was my manny, my son would eat his vegetables. That guy cracks me up.

What's up with Tyra???

Okay the majority of us know Tyra has gained weight. We know this because she is all over tv talking about it. I saw the Star magazine cover with her in her one-piece and I thought "good for her, she ate a sandwich." Then I saw her on Larry King, ET, Best Week Ever, Access Hollywood, eonline, Talk Soup, and even on her own show. She said she is secure with the weight but she only gained 10 lbs. and the papparazzi made her look fat. So I feel IMO that if she is so secure with her weight why is she making such a big deal out of it? I felt she was very vain about the whole issue...her statements, typing in "Tyra" and "fat" on google, going on the defense SO much but then saying big women should be secure, etc. I mean there is a war going on...we have a little more to care about than Tyra's weight. And you know what? Not to be snarky, but she had a girdle/corset on under the bathing suit (you could see the ribbing underneath it) when she put it back on during her show to prove that she had not gained that much.

Lazy me, crazy me!

I have not posted in 4 days...long time away from the computer. 90%of it was laziness on my part and 10% was just being a busy mom. Well, being busy trying to wean my son off evil fruit roll ups!!! EVIL.
Friday and Saturday (yes, both days) we celebrated my little brother's 9th birthday...there is a 20 year difference between us and yes, we have the same parents, and yes, he was planned (everyone asks anyway). Ben and I rented Snakes on a Plane but only got through half of it before we both dozed off. I think it was supposed to be funny but I guess I am too old (29--haha in case you did not figure that out above) for it ?or too serious? hmmm...whatever happened to my sense of humor??

Baby van Gogh

Because I'm a proud mommy...here's some of Harrison's latest art work:
Loves It!!!! BTW-the first one is my artwork but HE drew the branches!!!
Cool Slideshows

Thursday, February 1, 2007


This guy makes me pee in my pants. Okay, first of all I have to say the whole Boston/Aqua Teen Hunger Force incident was blown way out of proportion. I mean, don't any of these people watch the show? A. Its been on for years and B.its one of the funniest thirty minutes on tv.What's up with that? In other news I find odd, one of our local newcasters Lance West, from News channel 4 KFOR decided to do something really smart...hey, I am going to teach kids about the dangers of going on a frozen pond by going on a frozen pond and falling in. I see local college students lining up to do it now and put it on Youtube. Thanks, Lance. The video is here: