Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stamp Contest!!!!

Here's a fun, new contest I just heard about...
There are pictures of several craft products and you have to guess the seven companies they come from. Guess all seven and you may win a whole box of craftyness!!!!


Okay so Thursday we went to the library when Ben got home. We had fun until Harrison started screaming MOMMA!!! because I wanted to go to the magazine section while he played puzzles with daddy. Heaven forbid, momma goes anywhere! LOL
So we came home. It was raining and all---but Ben and I both agreed it was too cold for a tornado.
Walk in the house--put on Baby Einstein dvd from library. The lights start flahing and sure enough, the sirens start blaring. There was a tornado but it was a little north of us.
Next day, we are out getting Chinese take out (yum! diet cheat meal I've been looking forward to ALL WEEK!!!!). Rain starts pouring down in sheets. Sure enough, our area floods so fast that the water goes to the top of an SUVs doors and the local fire truck had to be rescued from the flood waters. On top of that, all this lightning has started fires.
So basically these past two days have been mini-Armageddon here in OKC!!!!
We canceled our egg hunt. Dang, that is why I've been trying to lose all this weight!!! so I can look good. I hate to think that people say "She had the baby two years ago, why does she still have the baby weight??"
So I hope to reschedule.
Tomorrow we are going to the Medieval Fair at OU. Lots of dorky pics are sure to being the main dork!!! TTYL

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Chariots of the Gods??

That's the book I am currently reading. By Erich Von Daniken. Just started it today. Yeah, its old school but still interesting.
Today Harrison said "Go to Chuck's!!" So we ended up going to Chuck E Cheese. After being on this blah diet for 3 weeks I was ready for a cheat meal!
I saw the movie RV and loved it! I must have lost my royal mind, but I really did like it...predictable plots and all. Its hard to find a lighthearted comedy nowadays that does not have lots of nudity,and cussing. Its nice to watch something as a family!
Off my soapbox now.
Hmmm...stayed up late last night watching the Laguna Beach season 1. I saw all of 2 on MTV, and some of 3 and I watch The Hills now and then. I'm not THAT old...only 29 but I guess I like to remember what it was like being in high school/college. I sometimes (sometimes!) miss those days! Waaahhh.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Vote or die! okay, maybe not die but get a stomache

If you watch "I LOVE NEW YORK", then you may be surprised to hear that Mr. Boston may be offered his own spin-off show.

It is between him and Chance (which I guess the SPOILER is that Tango wins). You can sign the petition here so Mr. Boston gets the edge over Chance!!!

Yes, I tape the show sometimes and watch it when Harrison sleeps. Guilty mommy pleasure!!!

New baby alert!

My cousin Alex and his wife Mindy had a baby girl on Thursday. They named her Alexia Jay. Yes, her. I may be snarky but as a teacher my mind instantly goes to...what name kids in elementary school may end up calling her...Anorexia Gay anyone? I don't mean to sound mean but I do wish them congrats and I am happy they have a healthy baby girl.
Hmmm... I guess i have nothing else mean to say...for today!

More What the Heck news!!!

GIANT JACKSON TO DWARF VEGAS A 50 foot (15 metre) robotic replica of MICHAEL JACKSON will be reportedly erected in the desert surrounding Las Vegas, according to reports.The self-proclaimed king of pop is currently in talks to sign a long-term concert deal in Nevada's Sin City and local businessmen claim the huge Jackson likeness is among the proposals.Consultant MIKE LUCKMAN of Luckman Van Pier, tells the New York Daily News, "It would be in the desert sands. Laser beams would shoot out of it so it would be the first thing people flying would see. Neon is wonderful, but it's old school." Luckman's partner, designer ANDRE VAN PIER, adds, "Michael's looked at the sketches and likes them." However, Jackson's spokeswoman RAYMONE BAIN explains, "He hasn't made up his mind about whether a Vegas show is in the cards for him. He's been in the studio since November (06) working on his music. He's been presented with various proposals. A Vegas show isn't a priority."He's in Las Vegas now. He's pretty grounded in Vegas. It's very convenient for producers and songwriters to get to him. He's worked there before. He's been recording with producers RODNEY JERKINS, WILL.I.AM and NEFFU."
NEWS GIANT JACKSON TO DWARF VEGAS Music, movie & Entertainment News

Tony Parker - Clip Balance Toi

What the heck? What is up with the day-glo shirts? Why does Tony Parker want to rap? And why does Eve Longoria encourage it????

Sunday, March 25, 2007

ERIC CARLE rocks!!!!!!!

We painted Harrison's room like three Eric Carle books! Here are the pics! If you have not ready any Eric Carle books you need to!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wow...Friday already

Well I guess its Saturday since it is 2:36am!!! I know I slacked this week but Ben was home for Spring Break and we spent the majority of it fixing the house up. My room was FINALLY painted hot pink! So it! We wanted to do Harrison's room in 1950s retro space theme. We had cleared all his toys out today and then he said "NO! I don't want it color blue." We asked him why he liked his vintage Winnie the Pooh garden theme and he said, "It's like outside." Can't argue with that. We decided to compromise and cover all the Pooh stuff with Eric Carle...the grouchy ladybug, hungry caterpillar,etc. I will post a pic when we are done. We are starting tomorrow.
We had rented Stranger than Fiction (loved it), but the disc skipped on the ending so I ended up watching the end online. Here are some places I suggest for your viewing of movies/tv shows~

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Amy Winehouse Back to Black

I love her voice!


Ha! I'm not sure if that is even how you spell it. LOL
But we are really groggy. Here it is-Spring Break-and everyday here in Oklahoma we have a chance of rain. No rain so far, just dreary weather. Ben took Kipper to the groomer this morning and it was the wrong appt. day! He is supposed to be there tomorrow. She took Kipper in anyway.(Who could resist his cute li'l face??).
Speaking of pets, remember about a month ago when I posted about the problems we had with and recall of Purina? Now it has expanded! If you have a pet--read this:
Feds tests of suspect pet food kills 7
WASHINGTON -- As many as one in six animals died in tests of suspect dog and cat food by the manufacturer after complaints the products were poisoning pets around the country, the government said Monday.
A federal investigation is focusing on wheat gluten as the likely source of contamination that sparked a recall last Friday of 60 million cans and pouches of the suspect food, said Stephen F. Sundlof, the Food and Drug Administration's top veterinarian.
The ingredient, a protein source, is commonly used as filler.
Agency investigators are looking at other ingredients as well. The wet-style pet food was made by Menu Foods, an Ontario, Canada-based company.
Menu Foods told the FDA it received the first complaints of kidney failure and deaths among cats and dogs from pet owners on Feb. 20. It began new tests on Feb. 27.
During those tests, the company fed its product to 40 to 50 dogs and cats and some seven animals - the mix of species was not immediately known - died, Sundlof said. The contamination appeared more deadly to cats than to dogs, he said.
The recall now covers dog food sold throughout North America under 51 brands and cat food sold under 40 brands, including Iams, Nutro and Eukanuba. The food was sold under both store and major brand labels at Wal-Mart, Kroger, Safeway and other large retailers.
The FDA has yet to tally how many reports it has received of cats and dogs suffering kidney failure or death. The company has reported just 10 deaths, of nine cats and a single dog.
"We are still trying to find out what the true picture is out there of animals. We're talking about 1 percent of the pet food (supply) and it's really just impossible to extrapolate at this point," Sundlof said.
Menu Foods spokeswoman Sarah Tuite told Associated Press Radio the company was "still trying to figure out the cause."
"We're testing and testing, but we can't identify the problem in the product," Tuite said.
Other companies - Nestle Purina PetCare Co., Procter & Gamble and Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc. - said that as a precaution they were voluntarily recalling some products made by Menu Foods.
A complete list of the recalled products along with product codes, descriptions and production dates was available from the Menu Foods Web site, . The company also designated two phone numbers that pet owners could call for information - (866) 463-6738 and (866) 895-2708. The lines have been swamped by callers.
Tuite said the company has added more people and lines to cope with the calls. Callers who get a recording saying the line is out of order should try again, she added.
The company became aware of a potential problem after it received an undisclosed number of owner complaints that dogs and cats were vomiting and suffering kidney failure after eating its products.
Tuite told AP earlier the recalled products were made using wheat gluten purchased from a new supplier, which has since been dropped.
The FDA hasn't confirmed the identity of that company, but its Web site suggests it supplies only animal feed manufacturers, Sundlof said.
Wheat gluten itself wouldn't cause kidney failure, leading FDA investigators to suspect contamination by other substances, including heavy metals like cadmium and lead or fungal toxins. Aflatoxin, a corn fungus, sparked a 2005 dog food recall.
The new recall covers the company's "cuts and gravy" style food, which consists of chunks of meat in gravy, sold in cans and small foil pouches from Dec. 3 to March 6.
The company said it makes pet food for 17 of the top 20 North American retailers. It is also a contract manufacturer for the top branded pet food companies.
FDA pet food recall information:

I knew it!!!

Anna Nicole Judge Cited For Pot in Park
HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - A judge who had a secondary role in the recent Anna Nicole Smith
proceedings was charged with smoking marijuana in a city park, police said Monday.
Lawrence Korda was smoking marijuana while sitting under a tree Sunday, police said. Three officers who were training there saw Korda and field-tested the cigarette, said Capt. Tony Rode, a police spokesman.
The judge was not arrested. He was given a misdemeanor citation to appear in court.
"Judge Korda was not given special treatment because of his status as a circuit court judge," Rode said. "He was provided with a notice to appear. That's exactly what 99 percent of other offenders would have been given for this type of offense."
A message left by The Associated Press at the judge's chambers after hours Monday was not immediately returned.
The fight over control of the former Playboy Playmate and reality TV star's body began in Korda's courtroom. It ended up being heard by Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin, who carved his own slice of celebrity from the televised hearings with his relentless one-liners and blubbering announcement of his decision.
Seidlin allowed a court-appointed advocate for Smith's infant daughter decide where Smith should be buried, and the lawyer decided it would be in the Bahamas.
Korda later heard brief arguments in a related case, seeking to determine the biological father of the baby. He ruled that a Bahamian court had jurisdiction over the child's custody.
(From Yahoo! News)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Woman goes on hunger strike until Sanjaya Malakar is voted off American Idol!??!!

What the???? Click on the Youtube link to see the crazy woman. There must be something in the air...there seem to be a lot of crazy hormonal women/Youtube videos going around!!!!!

Okay I am addicted...

I am very much addicted to Posh Points (the online bartering site I told you about the other day). If you have not checked it out...go there...NOW!
I also got an email from Joe sharing another good bartering site:
And there's also always Freecycle!
Happy Hunting!!!!

I forgot...

Happy St. Patrick's Day (belated)!!!!!
May you get lots of pinches in all the right places (wink). I forgot to wear green yesterday so I grabbed a green sharpie and drew a smiley on my hand to keep a 9 year old at bay LOL.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Poshy baby

OMG I just learned about Posh Points! Its like ebay but you barter.
Here's the link~

PoshPoints Online Trading Community
It is so much fun. I am addicted!

happy birthday baby

Today was Ben's 39th birthday. Harrison and I spent much of it running around. We bought flowers, balloons and a diet drink to take to his work. Then we bought a Cookie Monster head cake with Oreos in his mouth...too cute. Ben's gift is still sitting in the closet...we were so busy today that I forgot to give it to him!!! Its a Polo shirt and a card and a Dr. Pepper LOL.
My family was supposed to come over but my mom got sick. I really worry about her since she is getting older...she seems to have a new medical problem every month lately. Not that I am one to talk.
Harrison just now fell 3:30am. He is going through a bad teething spell. Here's a baby's tooth chart so you can see when they grow in~

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I could go to sleep at the wheel right now

but I am not driving LOL. Too tired.
I did not do much today other than bake all day. I made a sugar free, low fat cheesecake. It was scrumptious. Yes, we are still on the diet. Yes, I could kill right now.
I organized the clutter on my scrapbook desk and spent the rest of the night organizing my folders in my favorites (never been done before).
Hmmm... I think I will do a mommy review of recently seen movies~
Bridge to Teribithia (spelling...?whatevs)~I liked the book a lot. The movie was an updated but true to the book version. I hated the computer graphics. Tacky. I did cry when she died even though I knew it was coming. (2 out of 4 pacifiers up)
The Illusionist~Rented it but fell asleep during opening credits when I saw Jessica Biehl...nothing against her just she kinda bores me. (0? pacifiers out of 4)
Employee of the Month~ This was okay for a comedy. It was predictable, light and thankfully did not have much of Jessica Simpson. She cannot act--even surprised. Seriously, her face is frozen!!!! (2 out of 4 pacifiers up)
300~Did not see it but hubby did. He really liked it but thought it had a George Dubya slant to it. I still want to see it! (4 out of 4 pacifiers up)
Pan's Labyrinth~I like Spanish movies. This one intrigued me. It was a very dark fairy tale. The ending had a big twist though. I liked it because of the ending. Good acting. Good visuals.
(4 pacifiers!!!)
Open Season~Hated all the hunting stuff. Debra Messing...meh. Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher could have at least talked in falsetto voice or something. Why do they crank all these junky computer animated movies out??? I miss stuff like Shrek or Toy Story. And I DON'T want to see another bug movie!!! (1 out of 4 pacifiers for sure)
That's my mommy review for you! I have a blockbuster voucher for Stranger Than Fiction so look for my review on that coming soon.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

mud slinging

Harrison has really taken to mud lately. Especially slinging it everywhere!! He keeps putting it in his water table, on his slide, etc. BOYS! At least when I am outside with him I have been able to work on my tan. Its coming along.
Well, I finally heard from someone about the egg hunt and it was from our say they already had plans (3 weeks in advance???). I don't care if its just me and Harrison egg huntin'. I will make it fun!!!
So we've been on the Atkins diet for 4 whole days now!! Well, we kinda combined that and South Beach. I feel really good because I have been making sure to drink lots of water and this is probably the most veggies I have had in awhile. I have lost a little so far (don't own a scale...just know clothes are looser). I hope we can keep it up!!!
Today I took Harrison to McD's to play while I sipped Diet Coke. We met a nice elderly couple from New Mexico. It was nice talking to them. Then we went to Walgreens where my son screamed and cried throughout the entire store...I think he was mad that we had left McD's. Then we came home and played outside for about 2 hours. He threw mud. Then Ben arrived and we went to the zoo AGAIN...loves it!!! We came home--Ben cleaned the carpets and Harrison and I went to my parent's house and watched Shrek 2 on their movie projector. FUN!!! I know it always seems like we do a lot but I get bored really easily!

Crazy acid throwing woman

Okay she reminds me of some people in my neighborhood!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007


Today we went to Chuck E Cheese AND the zoo! And our son woke up at 7:30am and did not go to bed until 10pm! I don't want him to stop napping!!!!
Chuck E was crowded and we witnessed some ingenious 4 year olds cheating LOL.
The zoo was a blast! They opened the new OK Trails exhibit We were so up close to the deer and Mexican wolves. There were grizzly bears, roadrunners, a giant cougar, baby wolves, foxes, skunks, and the coolest aquarium with OK catfish and bass. We loved watching the otter exhibit. The nocturnal house scared the be jeepers outta me! It was completely dark with just an odd blacklight here and there. They had BATS eating fruit, bobtail ring cats, owls, etc. We loved seeing the bald eagle, too. And elk!!! I have never seen elk before. They made these magnificant waterfalls. SO FUN. Stupidly, we forgot our camera, but we plan on going back this week to get some pics. I loved how they sprinkled old, rusty rustic farm equipment everywhere, but all the water/rivers made me very nervous with a toddler!
Ben and I are on day 2 of the Atkins diet. Its hard!!!! I miss sweets. Wish us luck!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

yeah Salma!

me (pregnant in 2004) and
Salma (looks cute 2007)
Congrats to Salma! Pregnant and a bazillionaire at that! When I saw this pic it reminded me of when I was pregnant...maybe all hispanic women get the swollen-ness all over, too. I looked like this when I was about only 3 months,too!! Frizzy hair, huge boobies, and swollen big time. I looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

ugh...friendless and other things

^^^Mrs. X is that you???

Hey it's Britney's new wig

I like it better than the June Cleaver one. What do you think?
(photo from Yahoo pictures)

Friday, March 9, 2007


we hit some consignment sales!!! i love shopping!!!


I've mainly been busy keeping house and being a busy mom lately. Harrison and I went to Playzone today. He decided today to suddenly develop a fear of heights (must take after me!) so we spent $5 for only 5 minutes or so. He cried when I tried to encourage him to climb stuff. Then he kept jumping in their (dirty) ball pit (he has his own at home) and when he grabbed a yellow ball and licked it...that was the final push for us to leave. When we got home I changed his clothes so we could play outside. His back had scratches on it from their BALL PIT!!!! Talk about scaring the blank outta me. I was so mad I wanted to call them and complain but Ben stopped me. Instead we just cleaned the cuts.
Other than all that drama, my 3M ATG 700 Gun arrived today so now I have an awesome adhesive gun for my scrapbooking! I've opened the box but probably won't use it until tomorrow. I'm excited!!!

Get rid of her

already! I don't like her because she is very vain and she's not even famous yet!

I wanna see this movie!!!

Mainly because Ben wants to see it but also because it looks very visually stimulating.

This scares the crud out of me!!!
This glass bridge is being constructed over the Grand Canyon and people walking it will be suspended over 4000 feet!! (compared to the Empire State Building's 1200 or so feet!!!) I saw the pics on the news and it scared me to death! I am deathly afraid of heights so NO WAY would I walk on this!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I am going to try this new deoderant by Secret-Clinical Strength formula. Summer is coming up and I KNOW I sweat a lot. I will let you know how it works out! Its on sale for 7.99 at walgreens and I have a $2 off coupon! Sweet!(or Sweat!)


I could listen to this all day! I LOVE IT! I actually miss the commercial being on NICK.

Achy ache

Every muscle in my body aches! Harrison and I woke up early (early for us...8am). By 9am, we were outside. I sanded--to distress--an old wooden bench I had painted turquoise the day before. Then I sealed it and sealed all the outdoor wood furniture. I went through all my old teaching boxes (FIDDLEBACKS!) and even sorted through more baby/maternity clothes. Those little socks are precious!
That had to be the hardest part for me...parting with the baby stuff. SIGH. Le sigh. I kept 2 smallish boxes of stuff. AND I filled 5 boxes with stuff to consign. Ben came home and took lots to Goodwill. We put an ad in the paper for the crib and stroller. Like the commercial says, LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Ufos Angels and God(s) (Part 1 of 3)

Scary stuff! Interesting theories! I am going to go study my Bible with Apocrypha right now!


We spent the majority of the day working our buttoms off cleaning the garage. Meh is right! We found out some squirrels set up a nest in there and basically partied all the time (Eddie Murphy song running through my head now). I was really eeked out by the poop they left for us. Ben grabbed the Lysol and went to town in there. We threw anything touching it away (its all junk anyway). Harrison kept getting his non-pooped on pool gear out and saying "I want to SWIM!". Its too windy for that though. There is still so much to finish going through. And we have Goodwill piles, consignment piles, ebay piles, etc. Ben is taking tomorrow off so he can finish. He knows if he goes to work I will go crazy thinking about all there is to do!!!! I am such a control freak.
For lunch we ate Jalapeno burgers. My lips are chapped so I could only eat half.
Harrison has been actually eating lately. Normally toddlers are so picky you think they will starve to death, but I guess he is getting out of that phase or going through a growth spurt. He's still too skinny IMO but he sure does have muscular legs/arms so I'm not complaining. I wish being skinny was my problem!!!
I did not get to watch much of Talk Soup or Best Week Ever (haha my news shows)...just kept catching the ends. MEH.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

We are planning an egg hunt with friends and family. I went and bought some stuff today. Then I came home, and while looking in one of Harrison's closets, discovered a whole 2 boxes of more plastic eggs, favors, Easter grass,etc so we are good to go! All I have left to buy is plasticware, and the food and drinks. I am superexcited!!! And its only the beginning of March!

Miracle Baby Comes Back from the Dead!!!

You have to read this article~

albert einstein, move over!!!

My son has been reciting his ABCs...he can identify the alphabet in and out of order, count to three, name colors...and he just turned 2!!! But the most exciting thing happened yesterday afternoon. We were outside and I was writing words on the stone patio with chalk. I wrote "we (heart) you". Harrison was digging in the garden so I did not think he was noticing any of this. I never read that phrase to him. I go sit down in a lawn chair. He comes to the phrase and reads it!!! He says "WE LOVE YOU." Then he picks up a different colored piece of chalk and starts TRACING the letters. When he traces the letter U he says U. TOTALLY WEIRD....
I will post a pic.

Friday, March 2, 2007

are you a slacker mom?

I just took the quiz here:

we had a fight

not me and Ben! but us against our 2 year old. The issue~TV. TV is evil. My son is limited in watching an hour a day at the most...sometimes 2 hours if we are watching a movie as a family together. Well, yesterday he went TV crazy. He kept yelling, "TV,DVD,tapes!!" He tried to do the same today and we had a power struggle. He continually threw stuff and tried to kick things. He had time out about 3 times. Finally, exasperated, my husband took the tv out of our bedroom and locked it in the office. We still have the big screen but that ain't moving! And he really does not watch that. He watches the one in our bedroom--while sitting in his stuffed lion chair. The lion is going in the closet. I guess this is the first time Harrison is being "grounded". We hope to bring the TV out again but not for a week and again no more than 2 hours max!!
Lately, Harrison has become a huge Blues Clues fan. I made him a notebook just like Steve's (don't like Joe's), some paw clues and a foam mailbox. I stuck a "letter" in the mailbox...a coloring page letter that is. Here's a pic~

Free Image Hosting at

So I watched my all-time favorite show~LOST this week. Last week I was soooo disappointed. Boo Juliet! This week was okay. I still can't give it up even though I may be the only fan left.
Free Image Hosting at
This week we saw how Hurley got fat ~"My dad gave me a candy bar...oh yeah and he is Cheech from Cheech and a wig".

Free Image Hosting at Not kidding.
What is up with LOST and really bad actors? They ruined the show with Michelle Rodriquez (rolling her eye acting made my head hurt), Libby (I wanted a shark to eat her), Henry Gale aka Ben (meh.), Juliet (BOO!!), ridiculous Carl (he needs to meet the giant polar bear), and NOW with Cheech Marin. (pictures from