Monday, April 30, 2007

Best place to order digital pics
I have been very impressed with the coupons, fast delivery and correctness (so far) in prints. I have placed orders of 300 at a time! And everything came out correctly.

my house is falling apart...

I bought this house 7 years ago this November. I was single. I was 21, almost 22 when we closed!
Now I am married with four pets, a messy husband and even messier toddler!!!
This house is way too small. Messy (I am a germophobe but okay with the lived-in look...hey at least there aren't piles of clothes on the floor or cobwebs everywhere!). And now its falling apart.
There are many projects my dh has yet to get to or finish. I try to lovingly nag him into it but sometimes he deflects it. Or ignores it.
The list so far of uncompleted projects is-
1. hole in laundry room drywall
2. tile in kitchen not completed under appliances
3. paint baseboards
4. finish staining bathroom cabinets (on the inside)
5. paint inside of bookshelves
6. wall paper bathroom
7. so many others I forgot
Okay but yesterday we discovered our back patio has a roof leak, and our kitchen fan was practically hanging by a thread. I guess they will go on the list? LOL
I wish I was handy. I am so NOT.

Troll alert lol

I love to read the Two Peas in a Bucket message board sometimes (lurker, not a poster). This weekend it was so annoying because there was a huge TROLL on there. A troll for anyone who may not know is someone who makes up fake aliases and posts annyoing messages or tries to rile up members. I can't wait for the troll to be gone so I can happily go about lurking (reading) their board!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Garage salein'

That's what we say here in Oklahoma when we go to garage sales..."I went garage sale-in today." And so I did. I went looking for crafty junk. This is what I ended up getting:
~Fisher Price tball toy with sounds/lights, ball and bat
~a bag of toddler clothes -all Baby Gap and Old Navy
~2 Old Navy toddler hats
~1 pair of Vans toddler shoes with flames!
~1 pair Baby Gap tennis shoes
~a toy keyboard with stand and bench
~a Matchbox car wash
~2 sesame street videos
~1 Bob the Builder Christmas dvd
~Weebles (4) with musical boat
~vintage (from 60s) Fisher Price Little People castle
~vintage Fisher Price Little People western town
~vintage Fisher Price Little People fire department with silver bell that rings when you crank it
~Playskool dump truck
~vintage Fisher Price Little People hospital
~vintage Fisher Price Little People boat
~Little Tikes dump truck
~Blue's Clues thinking chair (FREE!!!)
~Blue's Clues potty seat
~wood shelf for my Wizard of Oz toy dolls!
Mommy~1 Daddy~0 Harrison~21
I spent $35 total. Under my limit...yay for me! But boo~ I had to come home and clean everything with Lysol wipes and Clorox spray. ya know because I am a germophobe and all!!!!

You are getting sleepy

White Trash Hobby??? What???

First, an article declaring scrapbooking "dowdy" and "not sexy." When are any crafts "sexy?"
Dowdy Craft Business GetsMartha Stewart Makeover
As Media Outlook Cools,She Tries Scrapbooks;Wooing 'Elite' Dealers
By BROOKS BARNESApril 25, 2007; Page A1
On a recent episode of her daytime television show, Martha Stewart set out to make a decorative songbird out of wool and felt. It didn't go smoothly. She struggled to wind the wool into a head and strained to insert wire legs. "This is a tough little bird," she told viewers, frowning.
Now Ms. Stewart hopes a high-stakes crafts project for her company will be less exasperating. On May 1, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. will roll out a line of more than 650 products aimed at the legions of hobbyists who assemble elaborate scrapbooks. It's the company's biggest merchandising initiative since it teamed up with Kmart stores in 1997, and it represents a strategic shift toward licensing its brand and selling via the Internet.
What does the domestic-arts maven see in a dowdy industry where merchandise is sold in cluttered stores stacked floor to ceiling with pipe cleaners, Styrofoam balls, glue sticks, beads and fake flowers?
"Paper crafts may sound like a quaint pursuit," says Chief Executive Officer Susan Lyne. "But it's actually a rapidly growing business." Preserving photographs and memorabilia in decorated albums -- enthusiasts call it scrapbooking -- has grown into a nearly $3 billion industry, according to the Craft & Hobby Association. Martha Stewart Living hopes to ring up enough sales of $1.69 colored markers, $4.99 bottles of glitter and other merchandise to generate $100 million of annual sales within three years.
The rollout of Martha Stewart Crafts is part one of a planned merchandising blitz that the company hopes will return it to profitability and deliver long-term growth. Although Martha Stewart Living posted revenue of $288 million in 2006, up 36% from a year earlier, it had a loss of $17 million. It hasn't turned a profit since 2002, the year Ms. Stewart became entangled in a securities-fraud investigation that resulted in her five-month imprisonment on an obstruction-of-justice charge.
• What's New: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is rolling out a line of products aimed at scrapbook hobbyists. • The Background: The outlook for the company's TV and magazine operations is cooling. • What's Next: The new products will be offered on Martha Stewart's Web site, as well as through one retail chain.
Ms. Stewart's high-profile media businesses have traditionally been the company's engine. But both magazines and television face serious long-term challenges, including the migration of advertisers to the Internet and a declining audience for daytime television.
Ms. Lyne's strategy: steer Martha Stewart Living into low-cost, high-margin licensing deals. Ms. Lyne hired Robin Marino, former president of Kate Spade Inc. and a veteran of Burberry Group PLC and Federated Department Stores Inc., as the company's first president of merchandising. Ms. Marino already has lined up deals to sell Martha Stewart dinnerware and furniture at Macy's, premium Martha Stewart house paint at Lowe's and even Martha Stewart-branded homes.
But it's Ms. Stewart's bet on crafts that investors and competitors are watching most closely. The company sees the sector as a promising new revenue stream, one perfectly suited for the Internet. Its entire scrapbooking line will be offered for sale on the newly redesigned, the company's first major retailing attempt via its own Web site.
To succeed, Ms. Stewart will have to connect with a far-flung world of customers, including legions of Middle Americans who may never have used her tips on home decor or holiday cooking. She put her designers to work coming up with new twists on such mundane products as scrapbooks, ribbon, and cardboard boxes. Her executives went looking for a retail partner whose stores didn't look like a mess. And Ms. Stewart herself hit the road to try to woo some hard-core crafters.
Martha Stewart Living has always stood out as a rare business built around a single person's taste and sensibility. The partnership that put its products into Kmart stores has been rocky, with sales lower than expected. That convinced the company of the importance of tightly controlling product design, marketing and even store layouts. Otherwise, the brand will suffer, it concluded.
Eccentric Business
The crafts business, in some ways, is eccentric. Even outlets operated by big craft chains often resemble Main Street hardware stores from a bygone era, with oddball items stacked inefficiently in a dusty jumble. Suppliers are a hodgepodge, ranging from the office supply giant 3M Co. to a two-person company that sells a single item, Baby Tooth Album Inc.
Scrapbooking draws a diverse crowd, crossing age groups and ethnicity, and is particularly popular in smaller communities. It's possible that crafts and scrapbooking enthusiasts will view Ms. Stewart's glitzy Manhattan media company, along with her exacting recommendations for doing things, with a measure of suspicion.
"I'm not sure people want to bring a brand into their scrapbook," says Shelly Izen, the owner of Scrapbook Fever, a crafts store in Salem, Ore. "Martha's stuff looks pretty, but crafters are strong-willed and don't want to be told what to do. Martha's stuff seems very 'do it this way or no way.' "
The U.S. craft and hobby industry recorded $29.5 billion dollars in sales in 2006.
Ms. Stewart, in an interview, predicted crafters will ultimately embrace the line. "We have some high-quality, wonderful products that I'm sure people are going to love," she said.
Scrapbooking dates back to the 1800s. Mark Twain helped popularize the practice by patenting, in 1872, a "self-pasting" book that had thin strips of glue on each page. It wasn't until the late 1970s, when interest in genealogy spiked following Alex Haley's "Roots" book and TV miniseries, that a cottage industry sprouted to cater to scrapbook fans, who often fill their books with pieces of family history.
Between 1998 and 2006, scrapbooking grew from a $350 million hobby fueled by mom-and-pop stores to a $2.6 billion business, according to the Craft & Hobby Association. Big retailers began stocking items for enthusiasts, such as specialty scissors, stickers and sparkling paper. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in February said it would stop selling fabric by the yard in certain stores and begin offering crafts supplies.
"It's not a very sexy business," says David Abelman, senior vice president of marketing for Michael's Stores Inc., a big operator of arts-and-crafts outlets in the U.S. and Canada. "But a lot of people have realized it's a good one."
Ms. Lyne hopes he's right. Worries about the future of Martha Stewart Living's media holdings have contributed to a 21% drop in the company's stock since Dec. 20. The CEO is eager for licensing deals to kick in. "The year ahead is an important one for us," she told investors in a conference call in February.
Martha Stewart Living's stable of magazines -- Living, Everyday Food, Body & Soul, and the newly launched Blueprint -- are growing, Ms. Lyne notes. Ad pages for its flagship magazine, Martha Stewart Living, totaled 1,287 in 2006, according to the Publishers Information Bureau, up 95% from 2004, when advertisers fled following Ms. Stewart's conviction.
Slow Gains
But the magazine has yet to regain its 2002 peak of 1,887 pages, and the gains are slowing. That troubles some investors and analysts. In this year's first quarter, ad pages in Living increased 11%, compared with an 80% increase in the same period last year. By comparison, Time Warner Inc.'s Real Simple magazine, which gobbled up market share during Ms. Stewart's legal troubles, saw ad pages rise by 32% in the first quarter.
Ms. Stewart's chief financial officer, Howard Hochhauser, says the company expects advertising revenue to grow by about 25% in 2007, due largely to a recent price increase. He says the company views publishing as a "vibrant" business.
Ms. Stewart's syndicated television program, "Martha: The Martha Stewart Show," has won awards and attracted strong advertiser interest, but hasn't met ratings expectations. The program attracts about 1.5 million viewers each day, according to Nielsen Media Research, about 40% fewer than stations anticipated when it launched at the beginning of the 2005-06 season.
Shows with similar ratings typically face cancellation. But General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal, which distributes the program, has agreed to give "Martha" another year before deciding its fate. Ms. Stewart recently fired the show's executive producer as part of an overhaul effort. "We are bringing back more of what Martha is known for, teaching and how-to inspiration," says Ms. Lyne, who notes that much of daytime television has been struggling. The company cautioned investors in February that it expects TV revenue to drop in 2007 because of a failed DVD effort.
The merchandising relationship with Kmart, a unit of Sears Holdings Co., has also been disappointing. In recent years, sales have been lower than anticipated, partly because higher-end consumers interested in Martha Stewart products were unenthusiastic about her Kmart line, retail analysts say. To make matters worse, Kmart has shuttered dozens of stores. A Kmart spokesman declined to comment. Ms. Lyne says the company plans to "refresh" its Kmart product assortment later this year. The current agreement between Ms. Stewart and Kmart is set to expire in 2010.
Despite the Kmart problems, the company believes that merchandising and licensing deals can deliver growth opportunities and high profit margins, while requiring little upfront investment.
Ms. Lyne says the crafts push will lend itself to Internet promotion and merchandising. Scrapbooks are often assembled communally, with aficionados hosting "cropping parties." aims to both sell scrapbook supplies and serve as an online forum for crafters. Users will be able to post videos and photos of their projects, view craft-related video clips from Ms. Stewart's show, and download instructions. The company says crafts is already the second most visited section of the site, after food and cooking.
Exclusive Partnership
To protect its brand, Ms. Marino sought an exclusive partnership with a specialty retailer. The company decided that two national chains -- Jo-Ann Stores Inc. and Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. -- were too downscale, according to two executives involved in the matter. Representatives of those companies didn't return calls seeking comment.
Martha Stewart Living executives opened negotiations with Michael's Stores, which has 920 stores in the U.S. and Canada. The typical Michael's store stocks 44,000 different items, says Harvey Kanter, the chain's executive vice president and chief merchant. In exchange for a commitment from Michael's to reduce clutter by reorganizing its shelves, Martha Stewart Living named the retailer the exclusive bricks-and-mortar outlet for its merchandise, at least until the fall.
Mr. Kanter say the changes were helpful but not extensive. "We just needed to think a little bit harder about our customer's needs," he says.
For their product line, Ms. Stewart and Hannah Milman, editorial director of crafts for Martha Stewart Living, tried to come up with new twists on old products. Ms. Milman says innovations include adhesive-backed ribbon and "collector boxes" in which crafters, instead of pasting keepsakes into scrapbooks, can create displays for wall-mounted dioramas.
Senior licensing manager Alex Perruzzi says the design flourishes will allow the company to market and price the merchandise, which also includes some paper products unrelated to scrapbooks, as premium and "aspirational." A white cardboard box for holding cupcakes -- think school bake sales or housewarming presents -- is based on one from Ms. Stewart's favorite bakery in Paris. Sheets of colored paper aren't described as brown, but as "Norwegian chocolate."
In January, the company dispatched Ms. Stewart and a dozen executives to Anaheim, Calif., to give a group of "elite" private craft dealers a sneak preview of the line.
As the invited dealers sipped wine and munched on gourmet Asian appetizers, Ms. Stewart and her team talked up products ranging from stickers of daisies ($4.99 a sheet) to an ergonomically designed paper punch ($9.99). When Ms. Stewart held up one of the blank scrapbooks from the line, the crowd responded with a chorus of oohs and aahs.
The dealers, who had started lining up for Ms. Stewart's demonstration two hours in advance, reacted positively to most of the products. But some references to Ms. Stewart's deluxe lifestyle didn't play as well. When Ms. Stewart described how she converted an entire floor of her "winter house," located on her Bedford, N.Y., compound, into a craft-making studio, several dealers rolled their eyes.
"This is just a little preview, but we are devoted crafters, as I hope you can tell, and this is just the beginning," Ms. Stewart said.
Write to Brooks Barnes at

Then Gawker has to call it a white trash hobby.
Martha Stewart To Take Another White Trash Hobby Upscale 4,526 Views
It's sort of a top-secret fact about America that between the coasts, pasting family mementos into books and then surrounding them with decorative ribbon borders is a huge deal—ergo, books like Motif for Murder: A Scrapbooking Mystery. But the "problem" with the $2.6 billion/year scrapbooking industry is, as the SVP of marketing for Michael's craft stores tells the Wall Street Journal today, "It's not a very sexy business." Enter sexy, sexy Martha Stewart!
The domestic guru has a plan to make American's time-frittering ladies more productive, or at least to get them to spend more money. She's rolling out a line of scrapbooking products that make those cutesy little Mrs. Grossman's stickers look like such lame cheese! But not everyone is buying her upscale-crafting schtick.
In January, the company dispatched Ms. Stewart and a dozen executives to Anaheim, Calif., to give a group of "elite" private craft dealers a sneak preview of the line ...The dealers, who had started lining up for Ms. Stewart's demonstration two hours in advance, reacted positively to most of the products. But some references to Ms. Stewart's deluxe lifestyle didn't play as well. When Ms. Stewart described how she converted an entire floor of her "winter house," located on her Bedford, N.Y., compound, into a craft-making studio, several dealers rolled their eyes.If only she'd played it safe and stuck to just mentioning the decoupage shed! —Emily
Not cool!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This just in from Perezzers...

Rosie O'Donnell leaving The View and those crazy kids at TMZ are reporting that O'Donnell will announce her departure on Wednesday's show.
"TMZ has spoken with multiple industry people who say the word is spreading and the info emanated from inside the show itself."
This shouldn't come as a surprise to readers of
We first reported - back in January - the news that Ro would likely go at the end of this season.
More likely than not, she's already got her own show lined up!
Now I have to watch The View tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Harrison's Halloween costume

He will be the's the pic!!!

What the heck is today?

Being a stay at home mommy makes it easy to forget what day it is.
oh yeah, Monday. Ugh. I hate Mondays!!!
Really it is 4:18am Tuesday morning. I am just an early bird...well, really a never sleeper.
I am soooo excited. I entered the Martha Stewart scrapbooking contest with my Christmas Wishes layout (see slideshow above). They will name 5 winners on tv starting May 7. Say a prayer for me because honey, I really want that $250 gift card to Michael's!!!!
Harrison's teacher was here this morning. I guess I should say tutor but I prefer to say teacher. He behaved for like 5 minutes. Well, he is 2. But the piece de resistance came when he jumped off the couch to imitate a frog and he barreled into me to tickle me. BOYS. Anyway, he did a vegetable puzzle, sorted pegs that had shapes by sizes, sorted shapes (some very hard!) on a wood barn (he correctly name HEXAGON and OVAL!!!), and put clothes on little felt bears. She had some books in the basket and I was a little miffed that she like NEVER reads to him. Of course, Ben and I do plenty of that because as a family we are big bookworms.
I watched Family of 8 on tlc. I am so jealous!!! Remember when I told you about a week ago, how the mom got a FREE tummy tuck??? She has lost even more weight. Let's see. She has 8,I have one. I STILL haven't lost the baby weight after 2 years!! Grrrrrr. So tlc is going to give them a weekly show now so you know they will be bajillionaires. I guess I would rather be poor and happily married than rich and wanting to kill my spouse (Catty for me to say, but watch the show!).

scrap tease

I want one of these scrap tshirts from! They take paypal so its all good for me. I like that they come in large also LOL.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Puppy Luv

Enjoy. This made my day!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


We bought Harrison this green dragon puppet from ebay since he is soooo crazy for Baby Einstein! He carries it with him everywhere and does its " A Bleah!" catchphrase. LOL
I want to buy some more of the Baby E puppets. They are good quality for the price! We were excited to see they are going to start airing at Baby E toddler program Spring 2008 on Disney!!!!

Bras, anyone?

The scrapbook company Prima has some odd new packaging. They look like cat-eye glasses but are bras. Prima is well known for their fake flower embellies. The new packages are in panties, bra, or purse holders...and cost more. Hmmm...I am cheap because I just get cute fake flowers from the dollar store and use those on my pages! Anyway, everyone on the Two Peas In a Bucket messageboard is going off on how fugly it is. I am not prude so it does not bother me, but I am cheap!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Making friends

We went to the park today where we scared off some potential mommy and baby friends LOL. I'm too shy sometimes, but we met a really nice mom and her 2 daughters. Then Harrison kept wanting to grab their kite so we left because I did not want him tearing it up...its not his fault...he's just a boy and they can be tough on things.
Then we went to Big Lots to look for a kite. NO LUCK! But we spent $50 trying! I bought lots of good scrapbook goodies and after Easter clearance. Harrison found a Thomas Train--Arthur with track! I love that store. Then when we got home I realized the Pottery Barn looking basket I bought was $1.50 so I plan to buy more tomorrow! They are also selling Pier 1 furniture and knick knacks but I did not look because I did not see them until I was leaving the store. This requires more investigation...


SANJAYA Nooooooooo!
I was sad to see him go...good luck my friend.

This will make you pee...
Hilarious Will Ferrell video about his 3 year old landlord. The cussing is a little questionable (hey, I'm a mommy), but overall very FUNNY.

Bad Hair Day!

What’s in David Arquette’s Hair? Thu, 19 April 2007 David Arquette, Courteney Cox’s hubby, is a walking advertisement for his upcoming horror flick, The Tripper. With an old school fade and close buzz, he etched the spelling of his movie’s title and some crazy designs into the sides and back of his head.David, 35, was traveling through LAX airport on Wednesday with Tripper co-star and brother-in-law Thomas Jane (he’s married to David’s sister Patricia). The Tripper is David’s directorial debut and opens in limited release tomorrow, April 20. What do you think of David’s wacky hair? TOO MUCH or TOO COOL?What’s in David Arquette’s Hair? David Arquette, Thomas Jane : Just Jared

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I feel drained...

I feel very drained right now...emotionally and physically! I have been very involved in watching the VT footage. I need to learn to turn the tv OFF more often. And also found out today my dad needs surgery...not major...on his knee but he has NEVER had any surgery--and is in his 60s-- so I worry about him going under. I had surgery in November to remove a tumor from my left leg muscle and I STILL have difficulty walking, cannot run, not as active as I once was. Its one of those rainy days, too, where it is flooding outside. A good day to stay in bed with some chocolate!!!!

Reading Rainbow:

An oldie but a favie! I miss RR!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Gouging. I call shenanigans!!!!

Where does the U.S. get their oil from? By: Ethan K.Where does the U.S. get their oil from? This is a good question. I amsure that almost every person reading this has gotten an email sayingthat we should all boycott one gas station or another, and that willautomatically topple Saudi Arabia's oil export industry. I can't tellyou how many of these chain emails I have gotten in the past couple ofmonths. Americans are SO concerned about oil imports, yet they still goout and buy their Hummers and large gas guzzling SUV's. Hmmm...makessense to me. Okay, so I finally had it with these emails and decided todo some research on where the U.S. gets its oil from.I am here to set the record straight on where the U.S. gets its oilfrom. I jumped over to the Department of Energy's website to take a lookat what they have to say about this matter, and it turns out that theyhave some great information about the matter. I guess that I should havethought of this before, but I guess I have been too preoccupied figuringout which gas station I should boycott. They thinking that "most" of ouroil comes from the middle east is wrong. Sorry people...keep boycottingCitgo if you must, but I am here to tell you that THESE are the top tencountries that the U.S. imports from:1. Canada2. Mexico3. Saudi Arabia4. Venezuela5. Nigeria6. Angola7. Iraq8. Algeria9. United Kingdom10. BrazilI don't know about you, but I only see three middle eastern countriesin there (if you consider Algeria to be in the middle east). Okay, soSaudi Arabia is number three on the list, but look at where the majorityof our oil is coming from! Dang!!! I have been boycotting Citgo, andCitgo Petroleum Corporation, which is owned by the Venezuelan state oilcompany, is importing almost all of its oil from Venezuela. Oops! Sorry,South America! According to the Dept. of Energy, a company like Motiva,which is partly owned by Saudi Refining Inc., would be expected toimport a large percentage from the Persian Gulf. Hmm! Maybe I shouldboycott them. Will the crown prince of Saudi Arabia miss a payment onhis royal yacht? Most likely, no...not even close. According to DOE, "In2004, United States refineries produced over 90 percent of the gasolineused in the United States. Although the United States is the world’sthird largest crude oil producer, less than 40 percent of the crude oilused by U.S. refineries was produced in the United States. Net petroleumimports (imports minus exports) account for 58 percent of our totalpetroleum consumption. About 50 percent of our petroleum imports arefrom countries in the Western Hemisphere, with 19 percent from thePersian Gulf, and 18 percent from Africa and 13 percent from otherregions". Okay, can we close this case now? We can boycott all we want, but oilcompanies can barely keep up with the demand for oil from China andIndia- countries that are starting to get more automobiles and havebudding economies that demand it. They will always have a buyer! Whydon't we start to show our government that we want our tax dollars goingto new alternative fuel sources. I don't know about you, but renewableenergy is the path to independence from any country's oil exports. Check out the Department of Energy's list of crude oil imports from thePersian Gulf in 2006.

I love the mommy info cards here~

addicted to cnn

I've been watching coverage on/off all day about the shooting at VT. So sad. So senseless. :(
I talked to Ben about it and he started saying," Let's homeschool Harrison." He is way overprotective. But again we are both qualified since I am certified to teach early childhood and elementary, and middle school, and my hubby the same. LOL. I think that would be suffocating to my son though. He needs to know there is more to this world than mommy and daddy, right?
I finished 4 scrapbook pages yesterday. I do about 4 a week...once I did 25 in one day! I am jealous of people who do like 10 a day or something. I don't have that much free time.
Caught my show today~ Little People, Big World on tlc. I am glad Matt's dad survived the car accident.
I also watched Surviving Sextuplets and Twins and Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later. I am so jealous the mom got a FREE tummy tuck! Also, you know tlc paid for lots of stuff. JEALOUS.
I've been collecting the WIZARD OF OZ Happy Meal toys from McDonalds. There are 8. Now my collection is complete...mahhahawahah...after buying the Tin Man and Glinda from ebay. Paid $14 more than I would have buying them from McDs but I drove to all of them in Oklahoma just about and NO LUCK. Ebay needs to thank my OCD. And I have a really sweet hubby who indulges my OCD.

The internet may be scrapped...what???

The Internet May Eventually Be ScrappedBy Anick Jesdanun - AP Internet WriterNEW YORK - Although it has already taken nearly four decades to get this far in building the Internet, some university researchers with the federal government's blessing want to scrap all that and start over.The idea may seem unthinkable, even absurd, but many believe a "clean slate" approach is the only way to truly address security, mobility and other challenges that have cropped up since UCLA professor Leonard Kleinrock helped supervise the first exchange of meaningless test data between two machines on Sept. 2, 1969.The Internet "works well in many situations but was designed for completely different assumptions," said Dipankar Raychaudhuri, a Rutgers University professor overseeing three clean-slate projects. "It's sort of a miracle that it continues to work well today."No longer constrained by slow connections and computer processors and high costs for storage, researchers say the time has come to rethink the Internet's underlying architecture, a move that could mean replacing networking equipment and rewriting software on computers to better channel future traffic over the existing pipes.Even Vinton Cerf, one of the Internet's founding fathers as co-developer of the key communications techniques, said the exercise was "generally healthy" because the current technology "does not satisfy all needs."One challenge in any reconstruction, though, will be balancing the interests of various constituencies. The first time around, researchers were able to toil away in their labs quietly. Industry is playing a bigger role this time, and law enforcement is bound to make its needs for wiretapping known.There's no evidence they are meddling yet, but once any research looks promising, "a number of people (will) want to be in the drawing room," said Jonathan Zittrain, a law professor affiliated with Oxford and Harvard universities. "They'll be wearing coats and ties and spilling out of the venue."The National Science Foundation wants to build an experimental research network known as the Global Environment for Network Innovations, or GENI, and is funding several projects at universities and elsewhere through Future Internet Network Design, or FIND.Rutgers, Stanford, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are among the universities pursuing individual projects. Other government agencies, including the Defense Department, have also been exploring the concept.A new network could run parallel with the current Internet and eventually replace it, or perhaps aspects of the research could go into a major overhaul of the existing architecture.These clean-slate efforts are still in their early stages, though, and aren't expected to bear fruit for another 10 or 15 years — assuming Congress comes through with funding.Guru Parulkar, who will become executive director of Stanford's initiative after heading NSF's clean-slate programs, estimated that GENI alone could cost $350 million, while government, university and industry spending on the individual projects could collectively reach $300 million. Spending so far has been in the tens of millions of dollars.And it could take billions of dollars to replace all the software and hardware deep in the legacy systems.Of course, a key question is how to make any transition — and researchers are largely punting for now. "Let's try to define where we think we should end up, what we think the Internet should look like in 15 years' time, and only then would we decide the path," McKeown said. "We acknowledge it's going to be really hard but I think it will be a mistake to be deterred by that." (© 2007 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. ) - The Internet May Eventually Be Scrapped

Sunday, April 15, 2007


on TLC. If you have not watched the show, you should. The Roloffs are the most loving family and I aspire to live like they do! I was almost crying tonight when their youngest son Jacob and a friend Mike, had head injuries from a pumpkin chunker catapult. I have watched all the eps so I was really involved with watching this family. And then on the next episode that airs Monday, the dad (Matt)'s father is in a serious car accident!! It breaks my heart because in today's episode when Jacob was hurt, the grandfather was bawling. Argh. Reality tv has really sucked me in!!

Create fun colors flashcards for your Pre-K-er

Homemade Flashcards
by Michelle Fulton (Apr 12, 2007)
As a room parent for my twin sons' class, I've felt it my responsibility to contribute to class activities and I've found that my love of photography and scrapbooking naturally evolved into a way in which I could teach my own (and other) children.
I always feel that a picture is worth a thousand words and to a child of three years, the picture of a real horse, a real cow, a yellow school bus or a white cloud is more worthwhile than anything a coloring page could try to convey. Since colors are something their curriculum focuses on, I decided that I would make a set of flashcards that would help to teach them colors.
To make my flashcards, I gathered a few simple supplies - cardstock for ten basic colors, pictures to represent those colors, double-sided tape, a corner rounder punch and a set of laminating pouches.
Of all these supplies, the hardest thing to get your hands on may be the pictures. (The rest of the items you can find at your local Target store.) I, like most photographers, take pictures of just about anything. When my boys started school, I made a conscious decision to start taking pictures of basic objects - leaves, flowers, school buses, etc. - so I could use pictures as a way to teach them not only what a flower is, but what color each of these objects are.
Don't worry too much if you don't have a lot of "object" pictures. It's really not that difficult to get a group of pictures for your flashcards and the process can be fun. Just keep in mind that the best way to take a picture for a flashcard is to get up close. You're not going to need to get "really close" to a car, but you should with a flower or a bug or some eggs. Don't be afraid to use the macro setting on your camera; that's why it's there.
I chose to keep my flashcards simple, as I do most of my layouts, but these are obviously very simple. I want my sons to focus on the image and the word, not any embellishments or patterned paper.
To create my flashcards, I used the following steps:
Since my laminating pouches are sized to hold a 4" x 6" picture, I made my flashcard base (photo mat) that size and rounded each of the corners.
I cropped each of my pictures so there would be approximately a quarter-inch margin around each picture when mounted on the flashcard base, and rounded the corners. As you can see below, I used the same color cardstock as the color of the object in the picture, to reinforce the color concept of the flashcard.
On the back of each card, I spelled out the color name in the actual color and in upper and lowercase letters, so they will get used to seeing it both ways. You'd be surprised how many books focus on only the capital letters for small children.
I attached each side (picture and color-name block) onto the cardstock base using double-sided tape and then placed the card in the laminating pouch.
If you've never used a laminating pouch, they are great for preserving pictures, so you can display them at work or at home without worrying about them getting damaged. In this case, they were perfect for my flashcards because they provide a protective layer for the picture as well as some stiffness against the great gripping (and bending) power of toddlers.
If you want an even sturdier flashcard, you may want to consider inserting a layer of chipboard. The laminating pouches that I used are acid-free, photo-safe, and repositionable, with rounded corners, so I know my flashcard will be safe. I purchased the self-seal kind of pouches, so I didn't need to have an expensive laminating machine.
For my color flashcards, I used the following objects:
red berries
pink flower
orange pumpkins
yellow fire hydrant
green clovers
purple rose
black cat
white eggs
brown cow
These were all objects that were close to my house or the boys' school (with the exception of the cow), so you'll see that it shouldn't be too difficult to find some good color candidates.
There are obviously some things that could come in just about any color such as crayons, cars, flowers, or balloons, so if you're having trouble coming up with a picture for a particular color (purple may be tricky), you can always go with one of these stand-bys.
You don't have to stop with colors; you can make flashcards on just about anything that you want your kids to learn. You can make learning addition and subtraction fun by using die-cut numbers. Since my boys are into anything with two or more wheels, I also made them cards with pictures of buses, cars, trucks and motorcycles.
Creating flashcards for your children is a great way to help them learn and a great way for you to use up some of your scraps or practice taking pictures from a different perspective.



I'm sitting here eating some of these darn Sour Patch Kids candies. This is what happens when I run out of pickles!!
I had the WORST nightmare last night. I was paralyzed in my sleep/in real life and trying to yell for HELP but could only moan a little. Finally when I started screaming, Ben woke me up. It was SOOOO scary. I have had sleep paralysis on/off my whole life. It is the most terrifying experience. Basically, I am having a nightmare about ghosts/aliens/etc and I suddenly get so frightened that I become paralyzed, can only make soft moans while trying to yell, and I feel as if I am suffocating. Here is where it gets freaky. My dream was about aliens this time and in my dream I tried to turn on the bathroom light switch and realize they turned the electricity off. Well, out of my dream in real life, when I woke up the lights were all out and we normally keep a lamp on in our room. Ben found the lamp knocked over and burned out and unplugged of all things. We do have a cat and three dogs so anything is possible as far as knocking the lamp down. So Ben and I stay up and watch some tv after my nightmare. Then about 30 mins. later Harrison wakes up screaming OW!!! and he also had a nightmare apparently. All of this is freaky, I know. I do believe there is intelligent life out there but I do not believe it is visiting me LOL. I have always had a very active imagination and the sleep paralysis does not help!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday is here

Ben may take today off...depending on if a sub takes the job or not. He is complaining his neck hurts and he is feeling overwhelmed with all his evil students and running his ebay business.
I think he has too much on his plate.
I am really ready to move someplace sick of this rain and snow. Its April and I want it look like summer outside. Seriously, Oklahoma is a hard place to live.
We took Harrison to the park. I watched the movie Lucas today for the first time ever (hey I was like in Kindergarten when it came out), and thought is was really sappy.
Our cat is driving me insane because I really think he has dementia and I don't know what to do. We have taken him to the vet and the suggestion was to put him down since he is old and CRAZY. Ben refuses. The cat wants to chew everything...newspaper, bills, plastic, human food, shoes,etc. He also vomits all day (I KNOW), and acts crazy. Tries to drink out of the toilet. Yes, he has fresh food/water...we've even put him on diabetic food to see if it would help. Nope. The vet said he does not know what is wrong with him. I really wish Ben would come around because it puts a strain on me since I am home all day to constantly be picking up after the cat while watching an active toddler and 3 (okay 4 if you count our frog) other pets!!!!
I am thinking I have OCD because yesterday it popped into my head that Ben's sister has my pricey silver snowflake tray from Christmas. I took cookies to his family get together on them. Never got the tray back. I have reminded Ben like a million times to call and GET ME MY TRAY back!!! No, I am not trying to be a hubby hater today. I truly love him but sometimes I don't understand him!!!

I so want to read this book!!!

It sounds tres juicy and is allegedly, possibly about someone with the initials KH whose actor husband's name rhymes with MOM and daughter's name rhymes with HURRY. Allegedly.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crafty Chica indeedy!

I am currently reading the Crafty Chica's book. LOVE it! Here is her website:
I want to make EVERYTHING in her book LOL. Hmm...but money and time are an issue as always. I so want to buy some of her glitter rings but the ones I want are sold out
Well, I wasted most of my time last night watching the movie Children on Their Birthdays. It was so boring but I could not turn it off because I kept waiting (morbidly)for some character to die or something. Tonight I watched 85% of Lost. I don't know why I continue to watch. I guess I like to torture myself.
I want Juliet off the show!!
I also saw about 20 mins. of AI. I like Sanjaya for some reason. God bless his no-talent self. There was one guy who could not sing...the one that got kicked off. I don't watch it enough to know anyone's names, except for the scandalmakers.
Ben let me go on a mini-shopping spree at Michaels. He loves me so. I spent $4 under my limit. I about had a mini-heart attack as we were leaving. This was this rich grande dame with her tiny terrier on a leash, 2 carts and her total was $506.20! And she was not buying a cricut! Whatevs.
Speaking of Cricut...shhh...I'm not super impressed with mine. I kinda prefer my Sizzix. I know I'm talking alien Star Trek code to all you non-scrappers out there, but basically my husband dropped a lot of money on a scrapbooking toy, when my old one works just as well. I guess I don't get the hype.
Well, file me under BAD MOMMY. I had very good intentions to get Harrison and I out of the house today. We've had crummy weather for like a week now so we have been under house arrest. I saw there was a playgroup at a local church at 2pm. I thought that was a good time...plenty of sleep in and eating time earlier in our day. No, we did not make it. About 1:30pm...I realized....lunch was burning on the stove, my son was in the bath, and I had yet to brush my teeth/take my own shower/look in a mirror!!! We were 3pm. So we head out to the car and Ben is just pulling in the driveway. We end up going to the park, but the wind is so bad my son runs to the car. We take him to McDonalds to play. Our newest tactic there is to ignore the germs, order only Diet Cokes. Well, 1 outta 2 ain't bad. We left because there was like a truckload of elementary school age kiddos running around with no shoes, no socks...bare,sweaty feet!! And rubbing them on our child!!! SuperMommy to the rescue!!! We swooped him up, ran to the car (no hissy fit! nice!), ran home, threw him in another bath. Somedays I really understand why I have trouble making other mommy friends and getting invited places. I need medication.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just found this blog!

She talks about her 40 pound weight loss. What an inspiration!!! She is also a sahm, scrapbooker, with a 2 1/2 year old. Small world.

pickle heaven

omg...I cannot get enough of these Claussen pickles! We usually go with what is on sale (stay-at-home mom budget here) which means Kosher or Vlasic or some such but Claussen were on sale this week and my hubby surprised me with a jar. Pickles are basically the only fun thing I can eat on this diet. Enough about DIEts....
I've been poring over scrapbook mags, sketches, etc just to see what I can do to take my "art" to a higher level and to make a wishlist. I have such a LONG wishlist! I mainly want some new chalks, inks, more chipboard, more papers, and some of the Once Upon a Time and stamps from Michaels.
March-April is our hardest month budget-wise. There are 8 extra days before the next payday. I mean it isn't like we are adding water to our diet Coke or anything but I always wish there was more FUN money.
Well, Friday Harrison dyed Easter eggs. I am so proud of the good job he did! He mixed the colors himself and dropped an egg in each cup. When he would check the egg and see a white spot he said, "No, not done yet!" I loved that his hands were stained green afterwards. Saturday I felt like I was coming down with a killer cold. I stayed up late Saturday so I could make the Easter ended up being 3 baskets!!! I overbought LOL. Sunday still had the cold so Ben took Harrison to the zoo. He did not do the egg hunt there because it was craziness, but he did pose with the Easter bunny.I love my men. Then later that afternoon we went to visit the in-laws. I will leave that sentence at that LOL.
Today is Monday and I feel better. I had taped A Haunting marathon (love to be scared!!) and never got done watching it (can only watch during my son's naptime) and now our STUPID vcr (okay I am at fault) had the timer set and is recording over it. I missed the Little People Big World premiere! C'est la vie, mon amie!!!

is it wrong?

that I find this kinda funny?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Oops, dog update

I did receive an email from a lady in Edmond who drove all the way here to the city and adopted one of the dogs. Her son named it Eve! I took food and water to the other two dogs that Wednesday night. Ben checked on them Thursday afternoon. That Thursday night I returned with more food and waterand the intention to call the animal shelter Friday. I kept posting ads on freecycle and stuff hoping more people would go pick up the remaining two dogs. Anyway, they were not there Thursday night or Friday at all. I guess they found a home somewhere (think happy thoughts), or the animal shelter picked them up (my aunt saw them patrolling the neighborhood Wednesday morning so our dog Kermit and his sibs must have been good hiders that Wednesday!!!!).



I am up at 4:24 am to make Harrison's basket. The boy stayed up all night! It must be like Christmas...he knows something is going to happen so he decides to have an all-night baby party. We only went to the one egg hunt in Norman. Unfortunately, here in Oklahoma it is 42 degrees and there have been snow flurries on and off. Today we plan on going to another egg hunt at 1pm, but if it is ugly out then I guess we will stay inside and watch movies or paint. Painting is my son's newest obsession...see for yourself above....

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Another freaky deaky day

The day started with Harrison and I waking up really, really late (even for us)--noon! So we spent most of the afternoon rushing around because Ben was going to be home at 3pm and we had to jump in the car to go to the egg hunt in Norman.

I got lots of praise for Harrison's cute sailor outfit (see pic). Its from Goodlad.
We make it to Norman. Its at the museum so we see all the exhibits, and visit some of the hands-on craft making booths. Harrison makes a paper bag bunny...on the drive home he tries to eat its tail proclaiming , "COTTON CANDY!" We leave 10 minutes before the egg hunt because we had already been there an hour, it was so supercrowded and our son was living up to this blog's name!
Then we decide to go to a new neighborhood park in OKC. We have some plastic eggs in the car and since our son already had his basket...why not? As we drive down the street, we see a big,black stray dog. Then there are 3 more!! And they are headed to the park!!! I am like "great we are going to get eaten by wild dogs!" Ben has me hide eggs. Harrison picks up a rock first and says "Egg!!!" LOL Then he picks up 3 real eggs and then gets bored says he wants to swing. The whole time the pack of dogs are watching us, and they keep trying to come up and have us pet them. They are a german shepard/lab mix and still puppies!!!--only 8-10 months old maybe. Eventually, we go to leave. End up doing a u-ey. We empty out all the contents of Harrison's snack bag (mainly Cheerios). Then one that looks like a black lab comes up to the door. We let him in the car and know his name is Kermit (Harrison picked) and he is ours LOL. As we were driving away, we stopped and asked someone who lived in the neighborhood if they were his dogs. He said no and that someone had left them there 3 days ago. They were living on the big toy (enter heartbreak!!). After we gave Kermit water, he vomited because he had been so thirsty. It was apparent he had been eating leaves (more heartbreak!!!!). We fed and bathed him and even donated my favorite fuzzy blanket/pillows for him to keep. I wish we could have all the other 3 but we already have Kipper,Keely and Taz, and would have to get a kennel license if we got more (BOO!!!). So I posted on all the local free cycle, free stuff web sites (4 of them) info and location on the dogs hoping someone else will pick some of them up. I am going to call the OKC animal shelter tomorrow. My reason for doing so is because maybe they have a better chance of being adopted or rescued by a rescue mission, they will have food/water/medical care. On their own they may starve, get hit by a car, anything!!!!! I returned at 10pm and filled 2 big bowls with water and emptied some dog food for them. I only saw the two that resembled German Shepards. I hope the other black one is safe??? Maybe he was hiding on the big toy (it was dark) or maybe tonight he is safe in a new home??? I pray so.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

100 POSTS!!!!

I made it to 100! YAY.
Ben was the first in line for the Cricut. There were 10! people behind him when Michaels opened. Harrison and I stayed in the car and clapped when he came out carrying the box. I have not opened it yet, but I have repeatedly hugged the box. I want to open it when I can fully savor the product. I am a nut-I know.
I took all the Easter candy from our cancelled egg hunt :( boo! and made treat bags for some of our friends. Tomorrow, like the Easter bunny, Harrison and I will deliver. Joy.
Yesterday after all the scrapbooking craziness at Michaels, we made our way to Medieval Fair. The joust was finishing as we got there :( boo again! but we saw some women sword fight (in really slow motion), a man in head to toe silver armor (I kicked myself later for being too shy to take his pic), some mermaids that freaked my son out by making pseudo-dolphin noises at him, a few men dressed like barbarians with butt cheeks hanging out, a bunch of hippies (no offense hippies) letting their children run all over the playground without a care in the world (I meanwhile was attached to my son), a codpiece that...hmm...really stood out, some really huge dogs, and lots of overpriced food and merchandise. I also heard some fake English accents. I wanted to buy Harrison a foam sword...$15! I ended up buying him a wood one for $5. It reminds me of Peter Pan's sword.
Here are some pics~ Click on any of the pics to enlarge!!

Here's one of the many souvenir booths.
Free Image Hosting at
Here's some performers. I feel bad that most people got up and left when he sang a song he wrote himself called "Sailing to Nantucket", but it was not that the song was bad, but we were getting sunburned and my butt hurt from sitting in those metal chairs.
Free Image Hosting at
There was a man there that sold really detailed statues. I snapped one of his gargoyle one. It kinda scared me.
Free Image Hosting at
Okay, this was an older gentleman who was walking in front of us. I know it was weird for me to take his pic but I was really inspired by his tshirt that said NEVER SAY DIE. I also liked that he seemed so young inside, so full of spirit. He had on a ball cap, Vans, and a tshirt over a long sleeve shirt and a satchel. I loved it!!!

Free Image Hosting at
This is the photo I regret because my fingers did not take it fast enough!!! As we were leaving this young man dressed like a Don Juan swashbuckler walked by. He was dressed to the nines--white open peasant blouse, check. Tight black leggings, check. Gold hoop earrings, ummmm yeah!! Black knee high pirate boots, you bet. And to top it off a black debounair hat with a HUGE white feather. I LOVE IT! He ended up looking like he was re-enacting the Bigfoot pic because I was a slow shutterbug!!!!!

Free Image Hosting at

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sesame Street - Clap, Clap, Clap

Clap because I got my cricut!!!!! YAY!!!!

Cheat meals

Ha ha I just realized almost every post said CHEAT MEAL this week. LOL. I am doing so good on this diet...LOL

Cricut here I come baby!!!

I am going to probably have to bowl over a few grannies to get it (just kidding...maybe) but the Cricut scrapbook cutting system is on sale for $139 at Michaels...lowest price ever!!!! I pouted at Christmas when Ben did not let me buy it at WalMart for $169 (previously the LOWEST price). Now I am doing the happy dance that he did not...hey $30 bucks is $30 bucks. I read about the price online. I anxiously stayed up ALL night to wait for the paper and pounce on it. After doing hourly checks...I gave up at 8am (its 8:06am now). So I went to the Michaels web site and sure enough, in all its glory (HALLELUJAH! playing in my head) was my Cricut for $139. Yes, I am a diehard scrapper.