Thursday, May 31, 2007


Bead Love! I love to buy vintage beads. Crazy for them!!!! The best place to find them is at church garage sales. I also buy them from thrift stores but I don't go to those very often...I just can't look with Harrison wanting to run off to the toy section, but I did thrift a lot in my younger days. Its just fun to find a bargain. And baby, bleach kills everything! They are cheapest at garage sales anyway. I keep my favorite beads on my rustic iron rosary beads draping on the cross. Its hard for me to find a good outfit to go with my beads without looking like Wilma Flinstone, but I do have some fancy pants mommy outfits I wear to birthday parties and such and they go perfectly with my beads. I also have a very Elsie Flannigan-like red summer dress with white polka dots...and its bead accessory ready. LOVE beads!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Audrey Hepburn is such a classic beauty. If you have never seen Funny Face, go rent it today!!! Classic.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I wish I was this pulled together looking instead of resembling Cathy the comic strip character!!!!


We went to the zoo so I survived that. Ben is officially home for the summer! Whee! You know having your husband home for almost three months has its pros and cons.
Let me make a list~
I can sleep in and he can take care of Harrison.
I had someone to talk to today that was an adult.
He helps with chores.
And chauffeurs me around town.
We actually had a very meaningful discussion about changing churches today and our thoughts on our walk with God.
He cooks so he is always cooking and makes me eat more regularly which =s weight gain!!
If I stop walking, he bumps into me...I love him but he's a little on the clingy side.
He watches ALL my spending.
Sometimes its like having two boys at home (ex. I was working in the front flower beds, went out back to see what they were doing...Harrison had mud covering his whole body {new shirt!!!} and the Ben said, "I'll clean him up!" and put him in the swimming pool...hello, I had a shower in mind! LOL)
I have a tendency to be lazier when he is around.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Well, I guess it kinda evens out, huh? You know I love my family.
Today we got to visit my mom at work and she was on a break so Harrison got to play with her on the playground there. His latest obsessions the moon, sky, stars, sun and plane. We are making plans to go to the planetarium (cost a nice penny here!) on payday.
I have been scrapbooking like crazy. I have so much I want to get done. See...I get obsessed when I get pictures developed. I go through and select ones I really like...make a pile on my desk and get obsessed about scrapping that pile. Just call me...
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Monday, May 28, 2007

I have stayed up all night

I suffer from chronic insomnia! I do not take medication for it because it allows me to clean house, scrapbook, watch junk and surf the net (does anyone say that anymore???). I am thinking of taking Unisom or something gentle just because I know its not healthy for me to be like this. I have been like this for about 3 years now!!!

In like one hour, Ben and Harrison will be up so we can go to the zoo. I feel like going to bed!

Well, its Memorial Weekend. We planned on swimming, watching movies and grilling. Its rained ALL weekend. We have not even made it through one movie yet...too much going on. You know I think sometimes its too easy to push pause/stop when you are watching something at home and say to yourself, "I will watch this later..." and then never do it.

I was so disappointed that Michaels had no ad/coupon this week. And Hobby Lobby had nothing I needed on sale. I need some more inks, and I want the new Basic Grey scalloped shapes, ALL the heidi swapp acrylic stamps, and some white Sharpies. Awww...the list never ends. I think I am turning into a scrapbook hoarder! I like to shop and instead of buying clothes/shoes like I did in my younger days- I buy paper now!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Le Artiste

I have been trying like mad to keep up with my inspiration notebook for scrapbooking. I keep it near the comp so that when I am online I can sketch scraplifts, write down new product names,etc. I am going to go through my stash of scrap magazines, cut 'em up and add to my inspiration notebook. I post it them now, but always forget to refer back to them. MY new goal-organization. Oh and btw, I was kidding about the title. I don't take myself so seriously that I think I am an artist...this is just my outlet, my obssession. Now Ben--he is an artist! He get his sketches stolen all the time at the school he teaches at because the kids think he's so cool!
If anyone uses Winkflash to order pics from they are running a 6 cents special! The coupon code is DE78CR27.


5/23/07Cat Fight on the View, Rosie vs Elizabeth

WOW. For those that missed it...I cannot believe the show has gotten to this point. I wish it was off the air.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


eh-oh! Teletubbies still crack me up.They are so cheery and weird.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sniff sniff

RIP taz the cat

We had to put our cat Taz to sleep yesterday. I personally believe he was poisoned by the cat food because he has been sick for awhile...serious liver damage. We will miss him. Its been a crappy weekend!!!!!

SHREK 3-your looking a little green

According to

"Shrek the Third made a whopping $39 million on Friday and is expected to pull in between $125-130 million for the weekend in America, making it the biggest cartoon opening ever and the third biggest opening weekend ever."

We saw it today. It was good--better than most of the recent animated junk they pass off as kid's entertainment BUT we like the other two better.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I know

I know some pics are missing from my old posts...I am going to go fix all that this weekend! Loves ya!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

walking on sunshine

for your enjoyment LOL our favorite hangout

swimming with sharks

We put our pool up and have been swimming like mad most of the week (but it did rain here once). We had to fence off half the yard and we put the pool and all Harrison's toys and Little Tikes stuff on one side. Well, Keely (our poodle mix) decided he now wants to swim and every chance he gets he tries to jump in the pool. Thank God we lock him out with the fence but he still cries and whines. He is the weirdest dog. He also runs into the bathroom and watches us as we each shower. I wonder if he really a perv stuck in a poodle body!

Oprah is an alien?

I don’t usually count peoples toes, because I’m pretty sure I know what the result is gonna be, but Splash Online apparently does. And Oprah is apparently some kind of demon. Polydactylyism (animals with six toes) according to wiki:Historically and in the contemporary world, polydactylyism has been associated with witchcraft, psychic power, the extraterrestrial, and sporting prowess.A-ha! I knew it! She's not an athlete so that rules out sporting prowess and everything else on that list is bad. I think a good test would be to throw her in well with rocks tied to her legs and if she's able to climb out, then ... um, wait, what are we testing her for again? I can't remember, but I still stand by throwing her down a well.

Cool kid clothes

I love their patriotic collection and the eton stuff. So going to order some!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

get your fix Speaking of cute...
I need to come up with something cute for Harrison's teacher, Marilyn to have as a "getting out of school" gift! I am thinking of altering a jar and writing "Thanks for Making Me A Smartie!" on the lid and filling it with smarties for her desk (saw in a magazine) but I don't know! I have to share what Harrison did Friday night. I had some flashcards on the bed. He had never seen them, they had no pictures on them, etc. I was putting up clothes. He kept saying "EYE!" And I just said, "Uh-hum" (not really listening) because I thought it had the letter I in one of the cards (he has been identifying letters for a while). Then when I went to pick up the cards these are what they read:
NO letter I!!! So I grabbed my hubby, Ben and had him hold up the cards. The kid read EYE,MOUTH, NOSE and THUMB!!! OMG. AGAIN-he had never seen these cards before. They were leftover from my teaching days. What do I do? I am a little lost. If I did not have Ben and my family and sometimes his teacher witness stuff then people would probably think I am full of it. Its a bit of a dilemma, because I don't think we are better or smarter than anyone. I don't drill his head with this stuff. He just knows how to count to 7, his alphabet (in and out of order), letter sounds, shapes, colors and now knows how to read. He isn't 2 1/2 yet!!! I could really use advice if someone has it.

losing weight inspiration

Blind items

love this site

Monday, May 14, 2007

I have to worship my husband

He spent Saturday:
mowing lawns (his 2nd job)
then he went to the Village Fest with us for a couple of hours
then to Home Depot
then put up a fence
then put up swimming pool and filled it
AND he spent all day Sunday letting me be a bum while he did all the chores.
I got flowers, card and a heart shaped cake for Mother's Day. I love my two men!


26 Apr, 2007 Cancer-causing Chemical Found in Children's Bath Products
Contacts: Kevin Donegan or Marisa Walker, Breast Cancer Fund, (415) 346-8223; Stacy Malkan, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, (202) 321-6963; David Steinman, author, “Safe Trip to Eden,” (310) 403-6995; Sheila Huettl, Freedom Press, (800) 959-9797.
Cancer-causing Chemical Found in Children's Bath Products
Women’s Shampoos and Body Wash also Contaminated

WASHINGTON — A hidden cancer-causing petrochemical has been found in dozens of children’s bath products and adults’ personal care products, in some cases at levels that are more than twice the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s lenient recommended maximum.
Laboratory tests released today revealed the presence of 1,4-Dioxane in products such as Hello Kitty Bubble Bath, Huggies Baby Wash, Johnson’s Baby Wash, Scooby-Doo Bubble Bath and Sesame Street Bubble Bath. The tests also found the carcinogen in Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo, Olay Complete Body Wash and many other personal care products.
1,4-Dioxane is a petroleum-derived contaminant considered a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a clear-cut animal carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program. It is also on California’s Proposition 65 list of chemicals known or suspected by the state to cause cancer or birth defects. Because it is a contaminant produced during manufacturing, the FDA does not require it to be listed as an ingredient on product labels.
The problem of 1,4-Dioxane contamination in personal care products is highlighted in a new book, “Safe Trip to Eden: Ten Steps to Save the Planet Earth from the Global Warming Meltdown,” by David Steinman. The laboratory results were released jointly today at the National Press Club by Steinman and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a coalition of U.S.-based health and environmental groups working to protect cosmetics consumers from toxic chemicals and hold companies accountable for the safety of their products.
“Regrettably, 1,4-Dioxane contamination is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Jeanne Rizzo, R.N., executive director of the Breast Cancer Fund, a founding member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. “Because the FDA does not require cosmetics products to be approved as safe before they are sold, companies can put unlimited amounts of toxic chemicals in cosmetics.”
Steinman said parents should be outraged that companies are willing to spend a significant amount of money on entertainment licensing agreements that entice children but won’t spend pennies to remove contaminants such as 1,4-Dioxane.
“Consumers who have young children, as I do, have the right to expect the highest purity in children’s products,” Steinman said. “I call on American consumers to say no to dangerous petrochemicals in their children’s cosmetic and personal care products.”
Contrary to what many consumers may believe, the FDA does not review or regulate cosmetics products or ingredients for safety before they are sold to the public and has no legal authority to require safety assessments of cosmetics.
Devra Lee Davis, professor of epidemiology and director of the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, said that the usual regulatory approach of assessing risk one chemical at a time does not account for the combined effects of very low levels of hidden contaminants in personal care products and from other sources. “We must lower exposures to controllable agents that we know or suspect cause cancer,” she said.
The FDA has been measuring 1,4-Dioxane levels since 1979, but because the agency has little authority or enforcement capacity over the cosmetics industry, it has worked with manufacturers to reduce levels on a voluntary basis only. In 2000, the FDA recommended that cosmetic products should not contain 1,4-Dioxane at concentrations greater than 10 ppm (parts per million); yet some 15 percent of products tested exceeded even these lenient guidelines. This limit, however, also does not take into account that babies exposed to 1,4-Dioxane from baby shampoo may be exposed at the same time to 1,4-Dioxane from bubble bath, body wash and many other products.
More than two dozen products were tested at Steinman’s request by West Coast Analytical Service, an independent testing laboratory specializing in trace chemical analysis. Among the products tested:
ProductBaby & Children’s Consumer Products
Disney Clean as Can Bee Hair & Body Wash (Water Jel Technologies)
8.8 ppm
Disney Pixar Cars Piston Cup Bubble Bath (MZB Personal Care)
2.2 ppm
Gerber Grins & Giggles Gentle & Mild Aloe Vera Baby Shampoo
8.4 ppm
Hello Kitty Bubble Bath (Kid Care)
12 ppm*
Huggies Baby Wash Shea Butter
4.0 ppm
Huggies Natural Care Baby Wash Extra Gentle and Tear Free
4.2 ppm
Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash (Johnson & Johnson)
5.3 ppm to 6.1 ppm
Johnson’s Kids Tigger Bath Bubbles (Johnson & Johnson)
5.6 ppm to 7.9 ppm
Johnson’s Kids Shampoo Watermelon Explosion (Johnson & Johnson)
10 ppm*
Lil’ Bratz Mild Bubble Bath (Kid Care)
3.7 ppm
L’Oreal Kids Orange Mango Smoothie Shampoo
2.0 ppm
Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath Gentle Formula with Aloe
1.5 ppm
Rite-Aid Tearless Baby Shampoo
4.3 ppm
Scooby-Doo Mild Bubble Bath (Kid Care)
3.0 ppm
Sesame Street Wet Wild Watermelon Bubble Bath (The Village Company)
7.4 ppm

Adult Consumer Products

Clairol Herbal Essences Rainforest Flowers Shampoo
23 ppm*
Olay Complete Body Wash with Vitamins (normal skin)
23 ppm*
Suave Naturals Passion Flower
2.0 ppm
*Product was at or above FDA maximum

Steinman’s book explains what Americans can do today to be “green patriots” and curb the nation’s dependency on foreign oil. The new laboratory results reveal the health risks posed by the same petrochemicals that are part of what he calls the nation’s growing oil addiction.
Women and girls use an average of 12 personal care products daily, according to a 2004 survey conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. The Environmental Working Group's interactive product safety guide, Skin Deep, allows consumers to find products free of common carcinogenic impurities like 1,4-Dioxane.
Founding members of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics include Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow, Breast Cancer Fund, Commonweal, Friends of the Earth, Women's Voices for the Earth, Environmental Working Group, National Black Environmental Justice Network and the National Environmental Trust. For more information and background on the campaign, and a link to the Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” database of cosmetics product safety, visit To learn more about “Safe Trip to Eden: Ten Steps to Save the Planet Earth from the Global Warming Meltdown” by David Steinman, call Sheila Huettl at (323) 208-2629.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day...i'm taking the day off LOL.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

i'm up on an all night bender

okay only doing something boring like scrapbooking. yah know, so exciting. Movie update!
I saw the funniest movie ever (I am sure everyone on the planet has already seen it)...Talledega Nights...see it! I saw Blades of Glory...okay, not as funny at TN. I saw Hoodwinked...not really a kiddie movie and some lame animation but interesting storyline. I saw Barnyard...okay. I am waiting for Shrek 3! Harrison and I were laughing so hard at his McDonald's Happy Meal toy...a burping Shrek.
There are 10 figures in all. Gotta get them!!!
My dad had surgery on Monday and is doing well. We went to visit him tonight. They were watching Daddy Daycare!
We've had tornado sirens/watches all week. The joy of living in the midwest.
I am trying to get Feb-March scrapbook pages done for Harrison's scrapbook so ta-ta for now!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

yeah I've been lousy

about posting. It was a busy week. I am still arguing with my mom. My dad had surgery and it was successful so he is just home healing. We've done our usual trips to the zoo and park. OMG today we went to the park and there were two sets of boy/girl, highschoolers (2 cars each), and one set was making out on the bench and another laying down on top of each other on the big toy slide. They stared at us like waiting for us to leave. When I got in the car, I wanted to call the police but Ben said no. I mean the couple on the slide had shoes/clothes on the ground!! Let me tell you about why I fear for our future.
#1 I would have never made out at a kid's park when I was a teenager
#2 If I had been gross enough to do that, I would have been embarassed when a family appeared and would have left right away!
I mean, go make out in your car at the lake or something but don't try to get it on on the big toy!!! I needed brain bleach after that. And of course we saw several policemen eating at the Subway down the street. Why don't they ever bother to patrol our local parks???

Watching Shalom in the Home

This family is so weird. The mom remarried after divorce and has a 10 and 7 year old girl. Both girls are trying to cause friction so the mom and stepdad get divorce. I just think they kinda seem like the mom and stepdad (only married a year) have their own problems and probably fight a lot behind the scenes, but when the camera is there it seems like it is only the daughter who has the hangup. I hate it when people play for the camera :(

Cool scrapbook blog

Sunday, May 6, 2007

naughty mommy-trying to escape and all

My husband is clingy so he does not go out (wish he would sometimes) at night, but sometimes I point out to him that 97% of our son's life I have always been there when he is at home with sometimes he does not understand how hard it can be staying at home alone because my husband has never really had to be alone with our son. Does that make sense? Anyone else ever feel like that? Every now and then I do go out to a scrapbooking crop, mom's night with friends or to shop/beauty salon, but its hard to enjoy peace and quiet when the cell phone rings every 5 mins. with "When are you coming home?" echoing in my ear. When I come home I promise you they are both anxiously waiting at the door, the cat is stuck in the toilet, paint and toilet paper litter the house, the smoke alarm is going off,and all my son has had to eat is candy. Just had to vent.

awww was my first thought, then UGH

Love this site!!!

I'm thinking of subscribing

to the scrapbooking kit from Jenni Bowlin. It sure beats taking a toddler to the store. And we don't have a LSS (local scrapbooking store)here anyway...just Michaels and Hobby Lobby. See her stuff here~

from love to hate

I have a dysfunctional relationship with my mother. So there. Nannynannybooboo.No, I am admitting this because we have our struggles. We have always argued like most mothers/daughters do. But ever since becoming a mommy, we butt heads a little more because we have different parenting styles--I wish they would be more involved in Harrison and mine's life---and since my mom has gotten older she just seems to not want to go anywhere/do anything. She used to be the "fun mom". Now I am so sad because she has let her anxiety/panic attacks, depression and hormone problems dictate her life. She was medicated earlier this year for her mood swings but stopped taking it after 2 weeks. I miss medicated mommy!!!! Anyway, we have not talked in two days. I went to visit her and she was in a bad mood and basically criticized EVERYTHING I said even when I basically gave up and said nothing...she would then ask why I was not talking and yell about that. It has become really hostile everytime I go to visit her. She always greets us at the door with "Ugh. You?? Why are you here? I told you to call before coming over." But then I can't win because when I do call she says, "No, not today...visit tomorrow." And tomorrow never comes.
So I was organizing college stuff...and came across cards and letters she wrote me in college. I found pictures of her *GASP* smiling. I miss that mom.
I don't know what to do. I thought about contacting her doctor but obviously I can't FORCE her to get help.
There is no way I can talk to her heart-to-heart because she always gets really defensive and yells, "WHY ARE CRITICIZING ME????"
For now, I am just giving her space!!

Toddler Activities...keep them busy!

Things to do with Toddlers
Finger painting
Playing with play dough
Biscuit baking
Icing biscuits
Cooking of any kind
Colour sorting with Lego
Dancing and Singing to music
Colouring and drawing of any kind
Blowing bubbles
Hide and Seek
Playing in the Sand box
Cutting and Tearing
Bag in a Basket
Playing Ball
Instrument playing
Playing "Somebody's coming" and hiding
Feeding the birds
Playing house
Collecting things
Building blocks
Dressing up
Peek a Boo
Tea Parties
Playing with water
Sleeping animal
Row your boat
Throwing up in the air
Chasing around the house
Playing dolls
Hungry frogs
Making cities
Playing animals
Picking flowers
Playing babies
Tearing, scrunching, cutting paper
Playing in the garden
Playing with pots and pans
Playing shops
Pretending to talk on the telephone
Talk about the day before going to bed, try get thing in sequence, talk about tomorrow and what you plan to do.
Talk about things while you do them, explain what you are doing and why. i.e. "lets put on your shoes, left foot first, now the other leg. This foot is your right foot, Which hand is your right hand?" and on and on.
Play "What If" - What if the sky was green and the grass and trees were blue? What if we all walked backwards? ...
Feeling - put some things in a box with tissue paper or crepe paper and try and feel what they are.
have a picnic in the lounge, or in the garden.
collect and listen to well constructed Christian music for toddlers.
give name to all the cuddly toys (write the names down somewhere so you don't forget years later)
Throw bean bags with different hands crossing mid line of their bodies.
Picking up objects with a clothes peg.

Things to do with slightly older children.
Just be with your kids, talk to them, relate to them. Remember you can't make quality time it just happens if you spend long enough with them.
Play board games together as a family.
Build up a collection of jokes and tell them to one another.
Make up stories and tell them to one another, (I wish I had tapes some of the ones we told each other)
Making pizzas
Picking fruit and making jam.
Ceramic painting - nice for the whole family
Making a go-cart
Build a tree house
Teaching the children to lay the table - "chores"
Teach Cross-stitch to young girls.
Invest in a swing ball and play together in the garden.
Volley ball
Get old toys and things and wrap them up in newspaper and play pass the parcel to the sound of music, kids love getting there old things back.
Talk about money and how it works. Why is it important?
See a show, first buy the video (eg. Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat), then see the live show, then by the music CD. The value of your investment is repeated many times.
Play computer games with your kids, ask them to show you how.
Let them make up a story and you write it down for them, make your own simple book.
Play marbles.
Write your own newspapers.
Who, when, where homemade cards (eg. who - the postman, when - on Friday, where - on the corner and then make up a sentence). As different cards are put together some funny stories emerge.
The shopping game - eg. first person starts, I went to the shop and bought an apple, seconds person repeats first and adds their item, continue adding and see how many you can get to without faulting.
Art & Craft - draw on tissue paper with ear bud dipped in bleach; draw with candle or wax crayon, then wash over with diluted food colouring to make picture; hold crayon under burning flame and then dot melted wax around paper to make a picture; colour all over white sheet of paper with different coloured wax crayons then go over with black crayon, then make picture drawing with a toothpick; make small pieces of coloured paper and make a picture from it eg. blue pieces for sky; paint picture on one side and fold over to mirror image eg. butterflies; plastic cold drink bottle, cut out shapes from that and dip earbuds into glass paint and decorate plastic shapes and make fridge magnets; ink drawing with straws; put paint, water and dishwashing liquid into a round yogurt tub and then blow the paint with straws and make bubble pictures.
Chargoal drawing.
Teach life skills eg. make a circle of friends by cutting strips of paper and finding good qualities about others to write on strips, link the strips together and make a chain; make rectangles out of cardboard, write affirmations on each brick and build together to make a friendship wall; talk about the "b's" eg. be helpful, be kind, be loving, be caring etc.
Things to do with your Teens
Find some activity that will allow you to have at least 30 minutes each week to spend with each of your teens, to talk and chat, go for a walk.
My neighbour goes surfing a couple of times a week with his teenage son at about 5 am. That give him a 30 minute car journey each way to the beach and probably an hour or more surf time.


Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hey all you loonies reading this

Happy National Scrapbooking Day and Cinco de Mayo babies!!!!

ewww.watery eggs

We went to the zoo's annual Ostrich Egg Breakfast. Not to complain but the eggs were watery and the pancakes burned! But the sausage was good. And we took some very very cute pics. Harrison danced and talked to the clowns. He got a kiss sticker on his face from a clown. He did not eat. What's up with toddlers never wanting to eat?
Okay, was watching TV and you know how they interrupt here in Okahoma anyway, for tornadoes and stuff? I saw BREAKING NEWS come across the screen and it was about Paris Hilton going to jail for 45 days. WTF? Society (and me) are so wrong for all the celebrity worship.
Britney has been looking really scary on her "comeback tour". I saw she wrote her name on her denim skirt and added the words EVIL and VOODOO. Okay.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Sprinkler time baby~

We are going to go outside and run in the sprinklers now!!!! Its like 150 degrees...well, feels like it to this big momma.

Burdens? Is Angelina Jolie crazy??

She needs to stop giving interviews and go on a vacation like on a deserted island or something with her kids and Brad. Or hire Lindsay Lohan's PR person.
Finding love with BRAD PITT completed ANGELINA JOLIE's life, the actress claims.Jolie insists she was happy as a single mother - but has only really appreciated the joys of family life since she has had the actor to share them with.The 31-year-old says, "Before I met Brad, there were many times I'd be up exhausted with my son MADDOX in the middle of the night and there was nobody there who appreciated my efforts.When he said his first word, there was nobody that I could look at and explode in excitement with. It made me very close to Mad, but now there's the joy of waking up and sharing the burden."I think, as a woman, having a partner who appreciates you as a mom and who is going to remember those things about you and your history with the children is very special."

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I was on two peas in a bucket message board yesterday. 2 peas is a scrapbooking site (of course, all I do online is check email, read some scrapbooking and gossip LOL-oh yeah and post about my boring life). One of the message threads was about people from other countries stealing pictures of children off of layouts in the gallery and using these pics on Orkut. They make a profile for the pic, and use the pic of a baby/toddler/child as their identity. I did not know they were also taking these pictures off the Flickr site also. So I ended up deleting all my galleries, and contemplated deleting my blog no one reads, but I like to journal on it anyway. That's why all my personal pics are off this site for now anyway. I searched on Orkut and did not see any of my personal pics but it is so hard to really search it all since it is like Myspace and very popular with Brazilian teens and pre-teens. I was a little disgusted because some of the pics would be appealing to kids with makeup or eating a lollypop or something. SCARY! So if you have had any pics on the web (especially of scrapbooking layout) for more than 48 hours at a time I suggest you do a search. You have to join google first btw.