Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm sick :(

I've got an ear and throat infection. It is raining out. Perfect day to stay inside snuggled up! Harrison and Ben are making me homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They are the best "nurses." I love them. I think I am just going to take it easy today. :) Hopefully I will be my normal hyper self tomorrow.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Join us!

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We are still having our free online crop this weekend (ends midnight Sunday) at There are prizes for challenges and classes and you also get points to use towards the grand prize! Also it's fun. Check out our really cool gallery. We have so many wonderful scrappers! Come hang out with me (please...I need all the friends I can get LOL).

Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

Ask the Expert:Summer Survival Guide Part IV
14 Summer Boredom SolutionsTeaching your kids to learn how enjoy simple, old-fashioned fun. You won't get trapped on the "I need a new toy every week" spending treadmill and your kids will be able to entertain themselves any place, any time (which means less whining, less fighting with siblings, and fewer discipline problems for you). Here are some activity ideas:
1. Design your own board game. If you've got a kid who's a board game freak, toss him the ultimate challenge (along with a set of dice): ask him to design his own board game and to teach the rest of the family to play. He can borrow elements from existing board games or create his own game from scratch using materials you have around the house.

2. Organize a treasure hunt. Encourage your kids to plan an indoor or outdoor treasure hunt for their friends, complete with a treasure map.Host a neighborhood fun day. Play it straight by sticking to tried-and-true picnic games like the wheelbarrow race, the egg toss, x's and o's beanbag toss, and the three-legged race or go a little crazy by coming up with your own wacky events-like playing a game of road hockey using pool noodles and a beach ball. Let the games begin!

3.Start your own parent-child book club. Pick a book that both parents and kids would enjoy and send out book-shaped invitations to your book club guests. If you want to get really fancy, bake a book-shaped cake, too. It's a great way to keep the kids on track with reading during the summer months (and to get through some of the books on their summer reading lists, if they were assigned a long list of "must reads" at the end of the school year).

4.Schedule a neighborhood movie night. Rent a few kid-friendly flicks and make a smorgasbord of healthy snacks, keeping allergy and choking hazards in mind. Then get ready to enjoy some great movies together.

5.Make a fort-indoors or outdoors. It's a childhood rite-of-passage that every kid should experience.

6.Plan a progressive dinner with other families on your block. Have veggies and dip at one house, pizza at another house, and a fresh fruit buffet at a third house. (It's kind of like playing follow the leader, except you're playing follow the food!)

7.Decorate clay flowerpots. To keep the paint from rubbing off, finish the flowerpot by spraying on a layer of spray-on acrylic. Or leave it "au naturel," if you prefer.

8.Make a map of your house, your backyard, or your neighborhood. When you're finished making your map, laminate it and hang it on the wall.

9.Play architect. Turn an old shoe box into a miniature dream home. (The lid makes an ideal "roof.")

10.Make your own placemats. Draw colorful designs on a piece of construction paper and have your artwork laminated at your local office supply store.

11.Host a backyard craft party. That way, your kids can enjoy really hands-on art activities without anyone having to even think about the mess: painting with squirt bottles, finger-painting with their feet, and finding never-before-dreamed-of ways of using glue.

12.Make a flower power t-shirt. It's a great way to get additional mileage out of a t-shirt with a spot or stain. Simply paint flowers over the stained area using fabric paints. Suddenly, this castaway t-shirt will become a "brand new" favorite.

13.Whip up some "homemade fossils". Press an object (e.g. a shell with ridges) into a piece of clay and then spoon plaster of paris on top of the clay mould they've created. Once the plaster of paris is fully hardened, simply peel away the clay to reveal the fossil.

14.Try your hand a mirror writing. Show your kids how to write "backwards" messages by printing letters and words backwards so that the messages can be read when they're held up to a mirror.

Hint: Older kids will find the activity more challenging if they try using handwriting rather than printing.

Ann Douglas is the author of Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler: The Ultimate No-Worry Guide for Each Age and Stage. She is best known for authoring, The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, The Mother of All Baby Books, as well as numerous other pregnancy and parenting books. Ann is also an advisor to MothersClick. Visit her site to find out more about Ann and her work.'re it!

I was finally catching up on some blog reading and Gina, my fellow CropALatte DT member and really cool mom in general, tagged me! I don't have a comments section on this blog so it took me a while longer to find out LOL.
So here are the rules:
"These are the rules.... each player starts with 7 random fact about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of the blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment."
Here are my seven facts:
1. I lived in Mexico for a year and went to kindergarten there. That was the happiest time in my life actually believe it or not! The days were just so relaxing and stress-free where we lived.
2.I still have my old Barbie collection.
3. I never had an imaginary friend.
4. I currently have dragonfly stickers on my nails.
5. I have 3 dogs (Kipper,Kermit, Keely) and one frog (Hop) I like to put really um...colorful scarves on my dog Kipper/look at Hop while loading the dishwasher/polish Keely's nails pink/give Kermit ice cubes on a summer day.
6. I like to play bingo with my husband.
7. I hate driving myself.
Unfortunately, I don't know 7 blogs to tag (that have not already been) LOL! :)
Okay I will tag Katie B. from an OK Scrapbook
and here's a link to Gina's blog~

There's no Santa? ummm...Aquafina made me sad

I feel like someone just crushed me by telling me there is no Santa!

Speaking of "scrap celebrities" LOL

Well, everyone else is doing it...why not?
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(Just kidding! This is not even me, just a stock pic. I think its funny that everyone does these kissy faces on their scrapbook pages but I guess it is a young thing or something!)

so i finally saw

I hate my 30s on vh1 and it was okay. Just okay. Not really LOL funny or anything. I think there is a certain scrapbook celebrity (think doodles) who should sue them because they have a character just like her on the show!!! :) BTW, when I write "scrapbook celebrity" it is written loosely because I really don't like that term applied to the big people who have made a name for themselves in the scrapbooking world. I wish there was a name that did not put them on such a high pedestal but oh, well!
And the sci fi superhero show was cool. I want Hygena to win! She is a mom and her character is a lot like my angry housewife alter ego.
Today Harrison had a playdate with A.T. They threw water balloons at each other, went swimming and then ate Happy Meals. Hey, its Friday (well, Saturday by the time I write this). Harrison has decided he wants to play soccer (really...he keeps telling us!) so we are signing him up in the Spring. My boy is growing too fast...he keeps kicking the soccer ball and yelling GOAL! when it hits something. Ben started working out again with his weights. He's a big guy (in a muscular way not the other way) but I am really happy to see him doing two hobbies he loves again--drawing with pencils and working out. I have only participated in doing one challenge for CAL...been too busy! I started reading a really good book--Visual Chronicles and that has encouraged me to make an art journal so I got distracted with all that.

Do It Yourself: Scrabble Tiles!

I just did this mini-tutorial for the blog and wanted to add it here, too to share. This is really easy to do.
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Do It Yourself: Scrabble Tiles!
I love to find creative new ways to do lettering for my titles. Here is an easy (I promise!) way to make your own Scrabble letter tiles.
1. Open Microsoft Word.
2. Pick ARIAL font and size 20 for your letter. Type the capital letter and then change the font size to 8 for the numberal value.
Any letter not listed here is 1 point.
3. Leave enough space around each "tile" for you to cut the square shape out.
4. Print on light tan cardstock.
5. Use a small square punch or Xacto knife to cut the tiles into small squares.
6. Chalk the edges for dimension.
7. Adhere to your page! I like to use foam dots so the title stands out.
8. Pat yourself on the back!
Here are my letters!
I would love to see your Scrabble letter tiles! :) tina
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Clean Queens Unite!!!

Here is my hero I made in the hero creator (really)! (see link in previous post to make your own). You can also read my Angry Housewife profile there!

Are you a superhero?

I am so there! I loved last season. I am also going to watch or tape I Hate My 30s...which premieres on VH1 tonight (I turn 30 this year!). Create your own superhero here:
Today we had a water balloon fight, went swimming and bought duck food and then feed the local ducks. Busy day! I had finished a scrapbook layout last night for one of the CAL challenges and I had the hugest problems getting it scanned and panned together so finally I just said "EH," and submitted the version I hated the least. Then I decided to take a break from the computer the rest of the day (until now) because I was too obsessive over getting that layout to align properly. Grrrr...but Stan Lee will make it all better LOL.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

better mood!

i am in a better mood today (really)! we woke up at 7am to go to the zoo. then we went to hobby lobby. i wanted to buy some gifts and ben bought some pencil leads. then we made burritos for lunch and went swimming. now my two favorite guys are taking a nap. i might {maybe :o) } go join them!

Get your cyber crop on!

I am on the paper design team at (go to message boards) and starting today until Sunday midnight we are having an online crop! I urge you to go to the website and check it out! Everyone who participates get points to use toward a prize and most challenges offer a prize anyway...all of mine do!
I have three challenges and two classes posted. I am going to be on there on/off all week to get some scrapbooking done. We love newbies!
Here are some of my creations for my classes/challenges and some peeks at techniques:

Cool Slideshows!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This is the perfect place to VENT...

Well, today was a little on the cruddy side. I went to bed early (rare for me) because we planned a playdate with a new friend. I met her through an online mom group and had yet to meet her in person. We had just been emailing. I was excited because she had a 1 and 3 year old son (I think). So we go way south to meet for this playdate at an inflatable place. It was at 10am. We get there at 9:58 and Harrison was super excited to see the inflatables. I kept checking my celly since she had the #. I took some good pics and then I saw one other mom there so I approached and asked if she was that person. She said no and I felt like a weirdo because I explained I was meeting someone I had never met. A daycare run by two guys comes in with a bajillion kids. Some of them look like 5th graders. So I try to keep an eye on Harrison. Then he disappears! I was like looking everywhere for him and found him at the very top of an idea how he got there! And he is yelling HELP. So some girl comes up behind him and slides down with him. I thank her. Then we move to another inflatable and kids are just too pushy--"Hey kid, move outta my way!!" shoves follow. Funny, how they stop when I show up. So Harrison starts climbing up one inflatable and I am really proud of him but then he slides down and three girls slide after him and kinda start pulling on him. Next I hear cries and he is holding his nose and hand funky. Oh, great! So he was pretty banged looked like he also had a bruise near his head. And I had enough! He said, "Mom let's go home. I want to leave." And I am like, " I agree."Its now 10:35. No mysterious email lady. He starts leading me out the door! When we make our way to the car, about 5 people come in and one lady looks like she kinda fits the description of the email lady but at that point I have a who cares attitude. So we head home. He asks for ice cream and crazy me feels guilty and gives him some (and later a new Thomas train). Come home. Email mysterious lady. I was really nice about the whole thing...just said we never saw you basically.Hear nothing from her. Wonder if this is the first time she has done this to someone? And I wonder at this point if she is even a mom? Note to readers: DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE OVER THE INTERNET! and also don't be naive and trusting like me. It took me $7, out major car gasoline, wasted time, and banged up toddler to realize this. So this is it. I am through with internet people (well, the kind you make plans to meet up with IRL). Just had to vent!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

sneaky peekies (TM)

CHA sneak peeks here...CHA is this weekend! Click here to get a peek at all the newest scrapbook lines (if you are into that kinda thing...)

Just call me posh...of the scrapbook world LOL

This is the Foof-a-la Hall Pass kit Ben bought me!
More foof-a-la.

I got these funky papers at Michaels...Ben said "Oh that makes for a happy scrapbook page...skulls!"

More from Michaels. I thought these would make good boy pages.LOVES it!

These are from Hobby Lobby. My daisy d obsession. I think I have most of their recent papers.

KI memories, SEI and the last two are more daisy d's from Hobby Lobby.

Rub-ons, stamps, ribbon and embellies from Hobby Lobby!
...(because of all the shopping of course, not the not eating part)
Sharing some of my recent purchases. Some of them will be prizes given away at our online crop!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Picture Day!!!

Thursday night I was up into the wee hours posting my challenges on I would love to share pics of those projects but I can't put them up here until this Wed. so we have no sneak peekies! We planned to hit the road early for our family day trip, but everytime I tried to wake the grumpies they kept mumbling about more sleep. Finally, we hit the road around 11am. We had so much fun! (Pics below) We got back in the early evening. My friend Melisa had invited us to family fun night at Jump Zone to eat pizza and stuff, but we had to miss out because of our little trip. We are going there Tuesday with Emily for a playdate anyway. I spent all day today cleaning. I did get a little break and went shopping with my mommy at Hobby Lobby. She cracked me up because she bought sooooo much paper! Mainly daisy d's. That's my favorite paper brand so she has style I must say!
I have so many pics to share so let's get started!

Cool Slideshows!

I took this pic in March '07 when we we stopped by the convenience store for icees. I thought it was wacky! A poster for cocaine...the drink. Can you believe that title for a drink? What does that teach our kids?
{click to enlarge pic}
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R.I.P. Tammy Faye Messner died at the age of 65 today. :(

I grew up during the whole PTL scandal and I watched her on Surreal Life. A few days ago, while watching CNN/msnbc/or something similar, someone emailed in that she got everything she deserved (she was battling colon cancer and down to 65 lbs), and her whole family deserved cancer for stealing money from the emailee's hard-working grandma and many others. That is cruel! My cousin (my best friend) died of Leukemia when I was 5. I think about him everyday and miss him much. My grandpa died of lung cancer. My aunt had a very difficult battle with breast cancer. My MIL had ovarian cancer and my FIL mild skin cancer. Two of my dogs died of cancer. There is not one person who has not been touched by cancer (directly or indirectly). No one deserves it! I was surprised the news showed that did not deserve attention IMO.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

OMG just OMG

I am soooo sleepy. I stayed up all night getting some scrapbooking done for the CAL crop hop and doing some personal scrapbooking. I got six LOs done! Ben went to 7-11 and bought us both Dr.Pepper's at like midnight so I hauled most of my scrap stash into the living room (so much for making use of my nice scrapbook office) and plopped myself on the couch while we watched out taped version of Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters.
Ben and I saw Transformers earlier in the day. I LOVED IT! Ben gave me a hard time because I knew the names of the all the robots, even the Decepticons. We did take Harrison to Chuck E Cheese so we could have family time since he could not see Transformers. He got 210 tickets! He picked out a Spiderman magnet (he loves Spidey from the commercials), a foam plane and a tootsie roll. He still had 160 to save. And he got a small ice cream cone from Braum's on the way home. And then we did a little swimming in the backyard.Then my two younger brothers came by and they had bought Harrison a wooden train whistle and conductor's cap at the Target $1 spot. On days like this, I have no idea how we get so much done...but then we also have days of extreme summer laziness.Today I was so busy I did not even have time to call my mom! That's a rarity. I better go wake my two boys up...its 9:28am and I told them I would not let them sleep in--but you know sometimes it feels good to have the "me" time!!

Emmy Noms!!

Nominations for the 2007 Emmys
(from eonline)
The Office can repeat, 24 won't.
Last year's big winners at the Primetime Emmy Awards were Thursday's nominees—and not. Defending Comedy Series champ The Office was up again in its category, which was filled out this time around by HBO's hip Entourage, CBS' traditional Two and a Half Men and the freshmen series 30 Rock and Ugly Betty of NBC and ABC, respectively.
It wasn't a great morning, meanwhile, for Fox's 24, which claimed the 2006 Drama Series Emmy but didn't make the finals for the 2007 race. With Jack Bauer's gang on the sidelines, the nominee field looked this: ABC's Boston Legal, ABC's Grey's Anatomy, NBC's Heroes, Fox's House and HBO's late The Sopranos, which led all series with 15 overall nominations.
24 star Kiefer Sutherland had better luck as an individual in the Drama Series Actor category. There, he'll go up against The Sopranos' James Gandolfini, House's Hugh Laurie, Rescue Me's Denis Leary and Boston Legal's James Spader.
The nominee field for the Drama Series Actress race represented an almost complete redo from last year. The only holdovers were Law & Order: SVU's Mariska Hargitay and The Closer's Kyra Sedgwick. Familiar faces who were nonetheless fresh nominees were: Medium's Patricia Arquette, The Riches' Minnie Driver, The Sopranos' Edie Falco and Brothers & Sisters' Sally Field.
On the comedy series front, reluctant 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin will square off against Steve Carell (The Office), Tony Shalhoub (Monk), Charlie Sheen (Two and a Half Men), and Ricky Gervais (Extras) for the Lead Actor Emmy.
Felicity Huffman represented for Desperate Housewives in the Comedy Series Actress race. Other nominees included: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (The New Adventures of Old Christine), Mary Louise Parker (Weeds), America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) and Tina Fey (30 Rock).
The 59th annual Primetime Emmy Awards are scheduled to be presented Sept. 16 in a Fox telecast from Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Food Network Star

Vote for Amy (on the right)!!! She is a mom, and I like her style. Also, Rory (scary one on the left) got on my royal nerves when she was on the reality show Popularity Contest on CMT...she lied and backstabbed so it kinda bugs me that she has popped up on yet another reality show! GO Amy! Nooooo...Rory! (Ben does an awesome Rory impersonation!)

Book of Me

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Jumpstart your book of me!!!! So many great prompts...

now its back...

my banner is back but now its huge...argh (pirate talk for aw, shucks!). I kinda like it...well I guess we will see if I keep it big or not LOL.

We aren't?

Free Image Hosting at
We Are Not The First-Andrew Tomas (my copy has puppy bites from Keely)
This is the book I am currently trying to read. Yes, trying. I like history so I like all the historical facts. Some of its a little too sci-fi for me. I know it was published in 1972 but I LOVE LOVE old books. I am just having trouble finding the time to pick it up and get through it. I want to start the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone so I may just have to put this first one aside and just start HP. I have never read any of the HP books/seen the movies. The last time I looked I was not living under a rock but you never know!

Here is the MOM tattoo shirt

that Harrison has!

You can't see my banner :(

I was all excited because I put my new banner up over the weekend but you can't see it and I went to the hosting site and its down for maintenance so that may be why. I hope to have this fixed soon! Thanks for your patience. :)

Color me pink

GO PINK! My favorite color!!!
Today we were very busy. I stayed up late playing with our new Photoshop CS3 (yeah,baby!!) so I was really groggy this morning. We went to Target to get our shop on. Ben bought two shirts. Harrison cleaned up! He got two shirts (one black with a big MOM heart tattoo on it), three shorts, two pj sets (Spongebob of course), and sandals. He also got a Thomas set and two metal trains. I can say no to him about everything but Thomas stuff. He loves it so. I told Ben I wish I was excited about life's little nuances the way he gets excited about little things. I did not find any clothes. I felt like an older lady (29) trying to dress hip or something. I don't think any moms at playgroup want to see me in tween clothes. So then we went to Michael's Craft Store and I bought lots o' stuff. I got 10 sheets of paper, transparencies, another white pen (different brand), 7 ribbons, 2 acrylic paints, and three different sets of letters. Some of it I hope to use as RAK's for the CropALatte cyber Crop Hop. I hope to go to Hobby Lobby later this weekend and get some rub-ons and paper. Oh yes,and search for some mom clothes.
I actually already have my weekend plans set up (for once--usually we are too spontaneous to plan anything!):Friday we are going out of town for the day to a little town. Saturday we are going to host a star-gazing party LOL. We are going to order pizza, make smores/krispy treats and sit outside talking/looking at stars/listening to music with our families. If we can find it we will dust off the OLD,old telescope (I think its from the 70s). If it rains we will probably rent a movie. Maybe the kids will watch Baby Galileo? I have to stock up on some citronella candles.
And we might have a playdate with our new friend Emily and her kids (hi Emily if you are reading this!).
Well, I have to go scrap some pics now. I need to make use of my new stuff or at least pretend to so I feel better about spending $ LOL.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dove - Evolution Commercial

Bah!Retouching=bad. And I am totally jealous because I wish I had a makeup artist, good lighting/photographer and photoshop master at my disposal for pics.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

More wants

Scrapbook Celebrity (who coined that term anyhow?!?) Rhonna Farrer has a CafePress shop of stuff I totally love. I need to start saving some mad money for all my wishlists LOL. Check out her stuff here!!!

I {heart} etsy stuff!!!

I want this hat!!!!!

I am so crazy about Etsy. I stayed up all night one day last week perusing (word of the day LOL) the shops.
I have a wishlist of items I so want saved to my favorites! Go to to view some really cool handmade stuff.

Bad blogger!

I know I've been blog MIA lately. I have been so busy just being a mom. We took Harrison to the kiddie movies. Our local movie theater has a kid summer program where we can see last year's kid flicks for free and get popcorn, coke and a snack for $3. We saw Ice Age 2. I was really impressed he sat through more of the movie than last year, but we still left before the ending. Good thing its free! Ben and I saw 1408...scary. I am not a scary movie fan and that one is embedded in my brain because I cannot wrap my mind around the ending. As a matter of fact, we looked on the internet at the reviews to see if there was any insight into the ending, but critics seemed confuzzled, too!
We went to the library. I love reserving my materials online so I can just go and pick them having a screaming toddler to carry around while perusing LOL. So I got some new scrapbook books, Harrison got lots of Eric Carle stuff, and we got some dvds. He got I Love Toy Trains, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and a Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery. I got a documentary about two immigrants from Central America making their way North. I hope to stay up late and watch it tonight. I also have to do some work on my SB challenges for Crop-a-Latte and get some LOs done. I also want to change my blog banner above and do some work on Photoshop. Hmmm...ambitious to-do list, let's see what I can achieve!!! {Bet I crash after 10 cups of coffee!!!}

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


(A secret I can relate to above!)
You know I am a fan of the Post Secret site so imagine my delight when I found out about Scrap Secrets!!!

Weird News of the Day~Giant Squid Washed Ashore in Australia

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Tuesday was like WHOA! :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSo today we went to the mall. I always feel like I have to get really dressed up when I go to the mall! Like I am on display or something LOL. I think its natural to compare yourself to other mothers but I am always extremely self-concious and feel like me, Ben and Harrison can't even have a hair out of place at the mall. Grrr...wish I could get past it. So then I was online off/on today setting up my challenges for Crop A Latte's July Cyber Crop. Come join us!!! And I also just did a just because challenge for July. Here are the deets:

I made this pretty easy since this is my first challenge on here. The challenge is for the month of July. The challenge~Make a LO/alter something/create anything with some ribbon on it. Easy! Here is my sample (SEE ABOVE)~ A notebook with my doggie Kipper on it.
I used ribbon on the coils.
HAVE FUN!!!! Entries are due July 31st at midnight CT. All participant's names will be in a drawing and winner receives a scrapalicious Basic Grey Adhesions RAK (see below):
>Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hey,be my friend!

My friendship card
and me busy getting my scrap on!!!!

I made this little card today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE daisy d's. I cannot stop buying and using it. Even my dh Ben picks it out when I ask his advice. Its my addiction!!!

{Details!}Paper~ MME, daisy d's, scrap essentials

Flower~Prima Sprites

Ribbon~Marcella by K (its self-adhesive!!!)

Rub on~Colorbok

Ink~Color Box dark brown

Button~Just an old one
NOW back to reality- I have to go help Ben remove the kitchen tile. Its only a year old but jarring our nerves. We are thinking of doing a hardwood or something.

I love Wendy Schulz's pics

Check them out!!!!

Celebrity Baby Blog

Because everyone has a blog...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Okay I am slow to post today but...

Hi, Its me (above)...just kidding.
I spent the majority of my free time working on a new flick to add to the bottom of my blog. I figure since I always put my son's pics all over the blog it is only fair if I put some of my dorky the blog author's pics are below. Well, don't say I didn't warn ya!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

I knew it!

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about Nicole Richie being pregnant (source was Perez H.)? Well, it is supposedly confirmed now by US Weekly. I really hope she focuses on getting healthy! I wish the girl luck.

We are doing an online crop

at Crop-A-Latte. Come join us! Say Tina (aka twinklescrapbooks) referred you if you are shy! The crop is July 25th-29th. I hope you join us because it will be fun! There are prizes! Sign up here~


Is Kristin! Woot!

Melanie from Crop-a-Latte DT has a tutorial blog~

You must check it out! She has such fun techniques on there. Its on my favorites list!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th Everybody!!!

Happy Fourth of July! We went to fireworks last night. This morning we went to our town parade. Don't let the pictures fool you--it looks small town, but it was sooo super crowded! It grows bigger every year. Two years ago we had Kenny Rogers singing at the night concert. Most of the other towns cancelled because of rain fears so there were really only 3 big OK metro celebrations going on. We had fun was mildly stressful just getting from here to there and we were overheated, but we did enjoy swimming in the backyard. Then we had more fireworks tonight! I hope you had a great 4th!
Here are some pictures from our day~(you can see me in the first pic sitting next to Harrison)

Cool Slideshows!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Boy Scraps RAK (CLOSED)

We have a (small) RAK --freebie contest--on the Boy Scraps blog. Just click the link on the top left under I CONTRIBUTE TO THESE BLOGS.... and the Boy Scraps title! Good luck!

So I am going to go get my haircut...

I woke up at 7:30am and now its 9:44am...I am so dragging my feet about this haircut thing! Harrison is still sleeping. He always sleeps more on rainy days but then he stayed up until like 1am last night...a total ball of energy. And dh is drinking coffee in his recliner and watching the History channel. We have such a glamourous life LOL. So the girl from Age of Love picture above is the haircut I want (I know she really has long hair but I want a short one that looks like that--an angled cut). Wish me luck!

Monday, July 2, 2007

July already?

I cannot believe its already July. Bring on the fireworks! I am so looking forward to the 4th. We have so many plans. I just hope this rain goes away. I have to share my horror story. Yesterday afternoon Harrison and I were headed to the car after yet another rainfall here in OK. We were seriously SWARMED with mosquitos and horseflies. AGGRESSIVE ones! I put Harrison in the car. I was hoping they would all follow me as I ran inside the house to grab Skin So Soft spray and Harrison's bug cream (Gentle Naturals...all natural bug repellant lotion). But when I returned to the car there were some still covering his little body (even his face!!!). I am not exaggerating...they were really all over us and the car. So I started spraying the air,and applying lotion like mad,and then I sprayed myself. It took about 10 minutes to kill the ones around us. Well, last night we went for a drive and about a block from our house there are some acreages for sale (we live in the metro, but in OK you can still get acreage in the city believe it or not). Anyway, the acreages have turned into algae swamp-like ponds because the way the land dips. ARGH--you totally know mosquitos are breeding there. We are very anti-chemical spraying our yard, but now we had to go buy bug spray and spray the door ways, and pretty much most of the yard. So frustrating. It did rain some more today. Yes, mosquitos are still maniacs here, and when the rain stops it dries a little, and everyone runs out to mow. And your realize how many potholes have been created in the streets.
So Harrison and I did some coloring and painting in his little art center.
Here are some pics of our "masterpieces" LOL.

Cool Slideshows!
I did the rainbow drawing because we were talking about colors, and I helped put the row of animal stickers on the left side of one page (he did the random stickers)...and then the rest of the art work is all his. :)

saw this layout on 2Peas...{shock}

Warning: It has vulgar language...that is why I am posting the link because I am little shocked by all this rawness in the scrapbook world! Remember tear bears people? Why can't we bring them back...then no one would be using this kinda
language on a tear bear page LOL. Hmm...what are your thoughts? I like to keep this a family-friendly site so...well, you've been warned!
Cussing scrapbook layout