Friday, August 31, 2007

Break Time!

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I am taking a break from blogging for the holiday weekend. Before I take off, I am going to leave you with one fun and very easy project!

Making Paper License Plates
You need:
5" x 2 1/2 " patterned paper
4 3/4" x 2 1/4" cardstock
4 1/2" x 2" patterned paper.
Round corners of all pieces and assemble.Embellish as desired.Use a hole punch (2 or 3 round holes together) to make the "bolt holes", you can use your Xacto craft knife or scissors to even out the holes. Easy peasy!
Feel free to catch up on the archives and see you Monday night! Have a safe and happy weekend! :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

YO! GABBA GABBA some more

here is another Yo Gabba Gabba clip. Like I said, we adore this show! And it is good exercise because my son and I both dance to it! Working that momma booty, oh yeah! LOL I love the host. The show reminds me of the 80s, fruit loops, Japanese characters and HR Puff n Stuff (I know I spelled that wrong...but the 60s kid's show) rolled into one!!!

Yo Gabba Gabba!

H and I LOVE this show so much! It comes on Nickelodeon mornings at 9:30am central. (I know its weird but different is good and I am tired of Dora LOL). We love the music and they teach morals.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Frugal shopping 101

Some of these were bought the other day, some today.

68 cents! Halloween treat bags from Big Lots.

These are $1 tote bags from Target's dollar spot. I bought one for myself (? no idea why) and one for Harrison to carry his library books in. Oh yes, and $1 hot pink fisherman's tool box organizer. (hard to see it in pic)
Close-up of Harrison's bag. Its hard to find boy-ish tote bags!
My bag--I am a princess (not)!
Thomas rub-ons, pink generic Thickers and KI Memories ice frames. Big Lots.

Valentine stickers, Halloween labels/titles, KI memories ice frames. BL again!

Target: $1.04 floral pencil pouch, $1 pink document box (has shine on it), $2 word builder post-it notes (GET A FREE SAMPLE OF THEM HERE: ) for Harrison and for use on LO's, and 68 cents stamp pads!!! They have all colors and the stamp pads are huge! May go back to buy more (without hubby along!)
I have spent $49 on scrap supplies this month. Pretty good, I guess. Could be better though!


Here is a pic we took of the eclipse early yesterday morning...did not come out so great!I wish we had a better lens!
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Simple day

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketToday started out as a simple day...really it did. Then we decided to drop by my husband's work (after school had ended) and we ended up at the zoo for gosh sakes! While it was sprinkling outside. Crazy, yes! Spontaneous, yes! Am I sore? Yes!! We got to ride the train so it was worth it. Then we went to WalMart to return some vitamins my husband had bought for our son..the wrong kind. I had to wait in the return line for like an hour (okay, maybe 40 minutes) while the girl behind me try to pick up the middle schooler behind me while he son ran around trying to break things. Then I start shopping and get frustrated that an item marked 5.00 scans 9.88 on their little aisle scanners. So I just put everything down--and walk away to keep my sanity. We end up at Target where I find everything I need and I don't have to worry about my shoes sticking to the floor. Above are pics from today's buys and the other days...mainly $1 items (you know I am on a budget, girl!). But Target did mark school supplies 30% off and my Target insider friend says they go 10% more off every Wednesday! I want to buy a Dymo label maker (not the crank one...I already own that) so I can label my life and remember where things are.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Call me Diva Roxx...

That is officially my glamourous new nickname! Find out what your glam name is!

Monday, August 27, 2007

I updated!

(no reason for the cupcake--just sharing drool worthy eye candy!)
I just made some new Flicks for the top of the blog (and don't worry if you miss the "old" stuff I put it at the bottom of the blog). I have to make this short because The Hills is starting and that's my show. For reals.
And yes, I bought some more stuff...too much enabling going on in this house! Got some adhesive runners (my ATG gun is out and I've yet to re-order tape!!), Thomas rub-ons, pink abc generic Thickers, 2 packs of KI memories icicle frames,Xyron tape, Elsie-type KI memories stickers, Halloween labels, 2 packs Halloween treat bags. I swear this is turning into the scrapbook hoarding blog!!! But I have been using what I buy. I even did a little scrapbooking this morning! :)
My son is asleep with his kitten. They look sooo cute snuggled up so I clicked away with my camera. Toodles for now.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


(My dog Kipper says "Bring 'im to my house...I will take a bite out of crime!" And I would let him do it,too.)

Dog-Chewed Vick Trading Cards A Hit on Ebay!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cheaper Vellum tip!

Want to use a lot of plain vellum but can't afford it? When I was preparing an elegant invitation last summer I wanted to computer-print on a vellum overleaf but for the number of invitations I needed to make the cost of vellum would have been prohibitive. That's when it occurred to me to use tracing paper! This paper is available padded and very inexpensive in the school supply area of many department stores, in the stationery area, or artist supplies. It is translucent, and accepts laser printing very well. It can be stamped on, punched, colored with pencils or markers - well, you name it.Best of all, when I made a mistake I didn't feel bad about discarding the ruined portion.The scrapbooking applications are endless!
Source:Pepper @kc

Shop 'til ya drop baby!

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The only reason I am in here blogging is because my hubby (or "scrubby" in the scrapbooking world) is watching The Lord of the Rings-Two Towers. Don't get me wrong, I liked that movie. The first five times we watched it! But he is a nut for the LOTR. My son is sleeping. I have been scrapbooking my bottom off--got two pages done. And I went shopping at Michaels today. I am on a budget since we had the kitchen-leak fiasco so most of the goodies I bought were from the clearance aisle. Some women buy shoes, I buy paper. It's a sickness, I know!
Here are my finds:
K and Co. Danny-O epoxy letter stickers and 3D words! $3 each. Loves it.
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Deja View flocked abc stickers--I really like flocked stuff now that I read the article about it in BHG's Scrapbooks, etc magazine. 1.00
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Angel wings (so going to distress them) 99 cents, pirate 3d embellies also 99 cents (I have adorable pics of H in his pirate costume from his dress up box), felt letters 1.00 (felt is in again!), and green lace 50 cents (so is colored lace). In or not, I like it!
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Marshall's Oils! I have been wanting a set for-evah! Yes, I know how to do tinting in photoshop, but I really, really like the translucency (sp?) you get with these. And they are reg. 36.99 and I got it clearanced for 5.00. Just call me old school, I don't care!
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And the piece de resistance...
I told myself I would NOT buy anything Martha Stewart. But never say never because not only have I purchased her glitter letters a month ago, but I found this sweet owl stamp! It is gigantic and only 3.49. Now I want to go back for her cat one!
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Best of all? I had a 20% off my entire purchase coupon (from the Scrapbooks,etc Aug/Sept mag)!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Scrap on...

I cannot believe I have only spent like $8 on scrap supplies this month! I know the month is not over...(maybe it should be $18 since I just paid $10 to attend a huge crop at the fairgrounds?) I got some major scrapping done last night. I did a LO and an altered clipboard. It really took me forever to do both because I did quite a bit of painting and had to wait for layers to dry!
Here are 2 really cool Dollar Tree finds I made the other day~
yup, adhesive lace trim...4 rolls!
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and heart rub ons (in the wedding section...there were tons of cool rub ons there!!!!)
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Please ignore my super messy scrapbook desk! :)

Picture Day!!!

Here are some pics of what we've been up to...
Harrison and A.T. made cards with a kid card making kit:
This one was for Grandma G. Cute! The card making kit was by Alex Co. It came with everything...gluestick, crayons, popsicle sticks, pre-colored cards, feathers, pompoms, tissue paper,doilies, ribbon, colored corrugated cardboard die cuts!
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This was for Grandma W since she had a birthday. Love the hair!
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Here is A.T.'s--a car card for his mom.
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Crayons--love the way they smell! Like school.
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Here is my mom's cat Maisy.
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This is from the night of the big storm here. (they predict more rain this weekend...eek! i will be okay as long as the sirens don't go off during a blackout!)
It is our weather tv/radio.
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And the footage of the storm over our area.
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I've been drinking water like crazy from this big sports bottle. I carry it around all day and sip. I really love it!(Yup, our pool collapsed in the storm).
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Here is our new kitty, Kitson. Loves it!
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Okay and here Kitson is looking like one crazy mamajamma!
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My son is currently OBSESSED with water balloons!
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So much has gone on this week! First of all, why did Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie get off so easy? Well, I know NR is pregnant, but it was her 2nd DUI and lots of pregnant women are in prison. Hmm...maybe I just need to eat some m and m's and be happy. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
We heard from the mold/air quality guy (not sure what his official title is...sorry) and it is highly allergenic but not toxic (R-E-L-I-E-F) because intially it looked like the toxic kind. Insurance adjuster is coming out tomorrow at 4:30pm.
Ben's leg got swollen and discolored. He had been complaining about pain and I thought he just overdid it moving everything out of the kitchen last Friday. Then I saw the discoloration/swelling and freaked. He went to the dr. the next day (when it rains it pours, right??!?) and he had a superficial blood clot...nothing serious even though the name of it sounds serious! His is really at the surface but he has to take a diuretic and elevate his legs. I am sure he is overjoyed I am talking about him on a blog now (LOL).
Then the next day he comes home from work and is all sad. I saw a sign at our local feed store---we go there to buy duck food--that said FREE KITTENS. So I tell him if he wants one he can go get one. He had to put his 10 year old cat, Taz to sleep in May. It was sooo hard on him. So he says he will go look at them. He comes home and I don't see anything. I say, "Were they out of kittens? Was something wrong with them?" and he is like "Nooooo..." and pulls out this kitten from back. Yes, I am a chump for not noticing him hiding it behind his back with one hand but oh,well. We have dubbed our new kitty Kitson.
Now we have 5 pets--3 dogs (keely, kermit and kipper), cat (kitson) and one frog (hop). I am running a zoo! I seriously have no idea what these animals will do when I am not staying at home anymore! They are so spoiled. Our dogs get ice in their water when they are outside on a hot day and even dog popsicles (you can buy them at Walgreens). Oh, and they love Dingo bones. Like crazy. And Kitson got lots of new kitty toys. Our dogs jealously tried to hide some of Kit's toys-- but now they ignore him.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Massive chaos central!

Ben came home with a kitten. We have named him Kitson. He has really kept me on my toes! I will post some pics soon (and i still need to post some of us weathering the storms). :) Have a good afternoon. Sorry for being a "bad blogger!" Handslap!

Monday, August 20, 2007

All this for $7!

Some recent scrapbook supply finds: Found these at Big Lots for $1 each...wish they had the abc icicle letters :(
Another BL find. $1. Fun for me and Harrison. I think I can bend them into letters for a title on a scrapbook LO and use embroidery floss stitches to hold them down. I saw that recently somewhere but cannot remember where! Anyway, these are neon pipe cleaners.
Target (by me anyway) has clearanced out the scrapbook section again. I got an acrylic block but plan on going back because they have lots of Prima flowers in the jugs for 4.88. I also found these flocked stickers in the $1 spot there. You get 60 in a pack I believe. Now I need to learn to use what I have instead of hoarding...le sigh.

Oklahoma=not good for my health

Okay I wanted to upload pics from Saturday night but am too exhausted to do so at the moment. Here is my Saturday night story:

All day Saturday it had rained here in OK because of the remnants of Hurricane Erin. It was a pretty rain--no lightning, no thunder. Lots of people were out shopping. It was a good snuggle up with a book and blanket day. We come home after a long day of shopping, eat dinner, put our little tot to bed. My hubby Ben and I were just about to watch a movie (had just pushed play) when the electricity went out. Actually it went out as we pushed play while Ben told me a scary story about when he was little and a possible serial killer followed him home! We grab flashlights at amazingly fast speeds. Then we proceed to light candles. I think, well if we cannot watch tv maybe we can just talk. I think to myself "At least, H is asleep through this" as Ben dials the electric company. Cue H. Screaming at the top of his lungs. (Do toddlers sense this stuff or what?!?) We start to settle him down as the tornado sirens start to blare. What?! Our trusty weather radio (and if you live in Oklahoma you do need one) had no working batteries. So we call my mom--they had lost electricity earlier but it came on as the sirens did. The weathermen said there was circulation in an area a little close to us, but not our town--yet. So we go to Walgreens and realize the nice rain from earlier in the day had turned into a horrendous windy, lightning, thunderous storm. We purchase a b/w of those that can plug in the car (and dh also purchased way too many battery packages)and we turn on a local channel. We watch as they say the strong winds (but not a tornado) are basically headed for the parking lot we are parked in. Joy. Some branches fall down. We end up back home and I put batteries in the tv. It calms H down just to have something new to watch--black and white tv is fascinating to a youngster I guess. Tornado sirens went off 2 or 3 other times. Our dog Kermit is outside howling so he ends up coming in the house. We see the electric company drive by. Twice. They were en route to other areas. Only 4 of us have no electricity--everyone else on our street does. The house became stifling! We open a kitchen window, rain be darned (well, the kitchen is messed up from an earlier leak anyway). Ben mumbles someone must have gave us the evil eye, in a half joke/half serious tone. We pass out from exhaustion, all 3 of us (make that 4 with Kermit) huddled on the bed. We wake up to see the electric company trimming our neighbor's tree branches. They leave. Still no electricity. Oh, yes, forgot to mention we had gone to the grocery store before all this happened. I cringe at the thought of throwing out strawberry ice cream. Then they return a few hours later and replace some rod thing on the transformer--yay! Electricity!! I turn on CNN/MSNBC just in time to see our local rescuers dropping people from the helicopter rescues back into the dirty water. And to hear one local reporter say "ridden" repeatedly instead of "rode." I HATE when other people get on national tv and make us look like a bunch of crazy rednecks! My prayers go out to the flood victims. I was so sad when the chairman of the Kiowa tribe was on tv talking about his wife and daughter that got swept away by the flood waters. And I am a little worried about Hurrican Dean bringing us more rain this week. We were fortunate that we live in a high area in the city and we only got leaves, limbs and dirt dragged all over the streets.Ugh.

I miss my old "kicks"

This was in last Sunday's paper. It makes me miss my old hot pink Converse shoes I wore in elementary school. Everything old is new again. Great excuse for me to never throw anything out! :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

using drywall tape for scrapbooking!

First thing I will say is to color it on a scrap piece of paper - not on your layout!! You can color it with markers, colored pencils {using the side of your pencil nib works best}, stamp pads {using a brushing motion rather than pressing up and down}, chalking.
You can also get a neat image by stamping images over it then removing it for a tiny "grid" effect. This can also be done with letter stamps.
Try heat embossing it. Stamp the top side with a slow drying stamp pad {Versamark or something along that line} and then apply embossing powder. Using the heat gun is almost a two-person job because the tape is flimsy and sort of blows in the wind. MAKE SURE YOU USE TWEEZERS TO HOLD IT - NOT YOUR FINGERS!! You have to be careful not to hold the heat gun in one place for too long because the tape will start to melt. It actually works quite nicely - oh the possibilities now!!!
Best part is that it is repositionable - it peels off easily without leaving any residue and will restick nicely to your page.

Source:kindred creations

my so-called weekend

Okay I know I am a grown woman so I should not be squealing like a little piggy but I am soooo happy I finally bought myself new clothes this weekend. I have not bought more than one thing at a time in over a year (I think my red summer dress was my last clothing buy for the 4th of July). Just as a mom I have trouble spending fun money on me and not on family activities, my son, my hubby, my dogs or my scrapbook obsession. So I forced myself to get some clothes. I hate trying on clothes in the dressing room because it feels like going to the dr. or dentist. Just weird and sterile and I am always freaked out that someone is watching me on camera and closing up on my momma rolls or something. Anyway, I bought two adorable dressy tops, two tshirts, a pair of Chrissy Snow-type terrycloth shorts for lounging around the house, a pair of white capris, and some black shorts. I go shopping some more for tomorrow for new undergarments and makeup. Hey, but I did manage to sneak some scrapbook stuff in the cart: neon pipe cleaners, flocked hot pink polka-dotty abc letters, and some icicle stuff from KI memories (hot pink also). I plan on going back tomorrow to also get an acrylic block! Some things never change...

H walked away with a Henry and Spencer motorized train ($20 total). We just cannot say NO to the little guy. And Target has all summer/pool stuff on clearance so he got a beach ball for 68 cents. Ben got a striped polo shirt for work. We are looking at getting him new athletic shoes for mowing the lawn but did not find any appealing ones today.

Weird News of the Week!

Wrestler-turned-reality TV star Hulk Hogan's Miami Beach, Florida home has been burgled.Thieves reportedly stole $100,000 (£50,000) worth of jewellery after breaking into the star's family home on Thursday night (16Aug07).Hogan and his family are currently in the middle of moving house.Terrence Gene Bollea aka Hulk Hogan became the face of pro wrestling when he wom the WWF Heavtweight Title in the late 1980s.Over the years Hogan's popularity an all time high as Hulkmania swept through the world of WWF as Hogan remained WWF Champion for just over four years.When Hogan bowed out of the ring he had several television and film roles as his WWF popularity spread over in other channels of entertainment.He starred in Mr Nanny,Suburban Commando and No Holds Barred. He is set to appear as himself in 2008's Scary Movie 5. Source:

That was one brave burgler!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I love that the scrapbook site 2Peas
is going to get a makeover! I really think its time for one. I am mainly a lurker there from time to time because I just don't have much time to post. I also like the SIS site. They are super positive there. And of course, I am partial to since I am on their design team. Gotta love scrapbooking!!!


This is a bullet proof backpack! Is it sad that I am thinking of getting one from my husband (he teaches middle school) and definitely for my son when he goes to school?? They can be used as shields in a school shooting. Now they need to invent bullet proof purses...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I heart this song!!!

I really like this version by John West.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It starts Friday!!!

HSM2 premieres this Friday on Disney. Sad but I am looking forward to it even though there is no tween/teen in this household! I love musicals though! Read an article here

Me want cookies!!!!

This cookie monster layout is sooooo cute!!!

I want one of these!!!!

I want that Yale sweater for Harrison. It is too cute!!!
I got my new Parents issue. I subscribe to so many mags,but there are only two I read front to cover immediately...Parents (Ben peruses it too! LOL) and Scrapbooks,etc. Here is a reader's tip from Parents:
save the plastic tops from laundry detergent bottles and then hot glue sponges cut out in fun shapes to the lids. They make great large stampers for preschoolers!!!
They had a great in-depth report on lead paint in toys. I am so steamed Mattel is recalling yet MORE toys (Barbie,Cars, Polly Pocket, Dora,etc) for lead paint!!! When will the madness stop? Here is the NEW info:

happy things

Insurance told us yesterday they will not cover the kitchen and stuff because it was not a sudden leak or a pipe burst...since it was a slow leak we are on our own. But we hear from agr (mold tester) tomorrow and then we will talk to the insurance agent again. Oh, bother. I have decided to stop talking about my house for awhile...let's focus on happy things shall we?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Scrapbooking with Ribbon

This is a good tutorial on using ribbon.

Brad Paisley-Online

This is so cute!!! I saw it the other day.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Update on my drama LOL

Well, you know yesterday was crazy. Here is an update on what is going on with our house sitch~Since we tore tile and unknowingly discovered black mold the other day (read my previous post) the kitchen area has been cleaned (the area that was exposed),emptied,etc. They also found 2 small water leaks that would have been undetectable to us unless we had knocked a hole in the wall between the kitchen/bathroom. They believe there is (yuck) mold in that wall and the wall for sure is warped inside. Ben took pics last night for our insurance co. This is what needs to be done--the wall will need to be replaced (one for sure so far--maybe 2), the kitchen tile, baseboards, sink, cabinets and countertop will also need to be replaced. Nothing else is going to be done until Monday. The insurance co. said we could stay in a hotel and save our receipts for reimbursement. I am a huge germophobe so I don't really want to do that now. My family lives only two blocks away and their house is huge so we are just going to stay with them as needed. We can get our stuff from the three bedrooms since they are on the opposite side of the house. None of that was ever exposed to anything. Everything in the kitchen has been sanitized and disinfected. All the food has been trashed! Everything else was wrapped and moved to my scraproom after it was all cleaned. I just want to make sure all the mess is cleaned properly and I don't want to expose us to anything. When the dust settles, it may be a blessing (well, parts of the kitchen will be new) or a curse this happened. I know I am probably taking this all too seriously but I am the mom who tries to use organic food, carries sunscreen and Purell in her purse, bought her son his own booster seat for eating out and a cart cover for shopping in. And I am a drama queen. On a plus note, I have enjoyed spending time with my family and eating junk food/watching movies with them. They keep me laughing!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

you have got to be kidding me!!!!!

I am typing this from my brother's computer. Looks like we will be living with my parents (!!!) all weekend, maybe for a week. Longtime readers know that I have been sick on and off for over a week or two with a nasty ear and sinus infection. Well, today while visiting my parents for a few hours I noticed all my symptoms disappeared. Ben did some investigating. Recently, we tore up tile in our kitchen and there was a laminate underneath. We were taking our time replacing it. Well, long story short it had TOXIC BLACK MOLD under it. There had been a small leak the entire time we lived there, but pulling up the tile exposed it. This leak even extends under our bathroom and whole kitchen. We had to leave our house with nothing and a lab is going to come out and take samples. We had to call insurance co. and is a HUGE mess. Ben is over there now taking pics. I am typing this on my bro's computer and don't know how often I will update this week. GRRRR. All 3 of us also have to see a doc because we now know the cause of my infection and poor Harrison is breathing like he is congested. When it rains, it pours!!! But you know--Thank GOD--we found the cause before really serious stuff happened. Worst of all I have to let down my Saturday crop group I was meeting with in Edmond and I had just started an OKC scrapbook site so I will be MIA on all that stuff for a little bit. Thanks for your patience everyone!!!!I knew something was really wrong because I have been so tired, grumpy, under the weather lately and not my normal HYPER self. :(

August everywhere

When did it become August?!? Seriously.
"Wheee!" That is the sound of my two year old at 1am. We are completely out of whack when it comes to having a routine. I applaud any family that actually follows a schedule. My eyes tear up a little when I hear moms tell me their kids go to bed at 8pm EVERY night. I have tried unsucessfully in the past to post a family schedule on the refrigerator only to have it end up covered with chocolate milk and yogurt stains to the point that it is un-readable! Sometimes I feel like the opposite of a Supermom...I guess it would be an un-Supermom.

Need a scrapbook layout idea? Go here...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Scary Carrie?

What do you think of this new ad for SJP's new perfume Covet? It kinda scares me.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Two day vacay

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Ben goes back to work (teaching) Thursday so these next two days I am trying to squeeze in optimal family time so today and tomorrow I will just be posting some of the classes I taught for CropALatte. Enjoy!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Altered Letters (any size, any kind)
Get your ABCs on! I love altered letters! You can get any kind in any size. You can hang them on your wall, door, place them on your desk, or put them in your scrapbook. Class Supply List: Letter(s) that can be altered A paint brush Glue/mod podge/adhesive (acid-free if you are scrapbooking this) Stuff to alter with, such as: acrylic paint, stamps, rub-ons, stickers, paper, fabric, ribbon. It is up to you what you want to use--that is what makes them so easy and fun!
Where do I find letters to alter? You can make your own out of chipboard. I have used my Cricut and Sizzix before to cut my chipboard. If you do not own a die-cutting machine, go into MS Word and choose a large, bold font. Type your letters. Print it really large (well, the size you want) on regular copy/printer paper. Cut the letters out. Use removable adhesive (I used my Hermafix) and glue your cut out letter to a piece of chipboard (found in the back of notebooks/paper packs) or an empty cereal box. Now you have a pattern to follow.Take an Xacto craft-type blade and cut following your pattern. When done, tear the printer paper letter off and VOILA! You have a chipboard letter. You can purchase Provocraft wood ones in the unfinished wood section at Michael's Craft Stores for .99 cents each. You can purchase them in various sizes and fonts in the craft section at Dollar Tree for $1. You can always buy them at your LSS or big box stores. For this project, I used paper mache letters I purchased at Hobby Lobby for under $2. You can make your own paper mache letters using cardboard and paper mache if you like.
So let's get started!!!
1. I painted my letters using acrylic paint. I chose not to make it heavy so I took my foam painter's brush and put paint on one side and then flipped the brush and used the other side to drag the paint (dry brushing). I like turquoise so that is what I used.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
2. The paper mache letters dried in about 5 minutes! Once your paint is dry, start stamping. I used Heidi Swapp and Michael's word stamps first and then I used my Autumn Leaves swirl stamps.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
3. I used two different brands of rub-ons (K and Co and Basic Grey). Apply rub-ons with rub-on tool (aka a popsicle stick).
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
4. I inked the edges because I liked the look of distressing. I used Color Box ink.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
5. After my ink dried, I tied black and blue ribbon on the letter L.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
6. There you go! Altered letters . Just hot glue a picture hanger and it is ready to be displayed on your wall!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Here's another one I did on a scrapbook LO.
I found an article in Scrapbooks,etc (Jan. 07 issue) about altered letters:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Their ideas: ~adhere distressed patterned paper ~add fabric ~adorn with ribbon ~use rub-ons ~cover in glitter ~outline in buttons ~decorate with photos ~stamp all over ~embellish with flowers ~apply stickers I cannot wait to see your letters! Email me at with your creations if you would like and I can post them on here.

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I know some of the pics are a little big--thanks for putting up with it. Since I am on "vacay" re-sizing is not going to happen today LOL. :)