Friday, October 5, 2007

Decisions, decisions

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^That image is called Paper Sharks LOL.
Wendy and I are picking the DT for and let me tell you...what a hard decision!! First, there is soooo much talent. Everyone should be on the DT based on that! Second, I have been giving it supermuchoattention because I want to take it really serious and pay close attention to everything--the blogs, the galleries, the apps,etc. I have probably put several hours into it all. Third, I don't want anyone to feel bad if they don't get picked and I REALLY don't want anyone to leave ScrapCity just because of hurt feelings, kwim? I want it to stay a happy place.
And Wendy and I have been contacting sponsors like crazy for the online crop, October 26th-28th. I know Cosmo Cricket already sent some goodies our way! Yay Cosmo Cricket! :) Check out the cool blinky Rick made for us! Thanks Rick!
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And tonight starting at 5 CST is our Friday Fellowship mini-crop. Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Come join us!!!!
Okay enough scrappy talk for now...
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We are headed to the pumpkin patch today!!! Fun.
Tomorrow we are going back to see Thomas the train (but not ride this time), and we have the birthday party. I love Fall so much.
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(me and Fall!)
Harrison has been wanting to make homemade chocolate chip cookies because he saw them make them yesterday on Blues Clues. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSo we are off to the store!
I know I am behind on posting some of my most recent creations...hang in there I hope to get caught up--someday! I also have some new cute Kitson pics!