Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Little Jack o'Lantern Party!!!

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We just got back from the Little Jack o'Lantern party! It was so much fun!!! Harrison was his usual wild man self. That probably should have been his costume LOL. He wore his bee costume from last year but tonight he is putting on his pirate one. Is it normal for a child to wear three different costumes?!? He is so funny. I saw my old second grade teacher, Mrs.Manes at the party. She is the one who inspired me to become a teacher. She is the nicest person I ever met in my childhood life and I remember her hugs. Such warm memories I had being in her classroom. I will never forget her! I told her I owned the hyperactive bee in the corner and she laughed. I also saw my pregnant friend Darcey (hiya girl!!! your little baby bump looks so cute!) but I did not get to talk to her. I did get to talk to someone I went to college with--Tanis. She has adorable boys. I gave her my email addy and I hope I hear from her. She is so sweet. Other than my son trying to run out of the library twice and then us making our ghost windsock craft upside down!!!--we had walked out during the instructions--and were lost when we returned, it was fun (huge run-on sentence I KNOW). We ate pumpkin cookies, drank apple juice and came home with a small treat bag.
Then we were off to grandma's but she was not home. Funny thing is I told H, "I bet she is at WalMart, let's go there." I had to get a tablecloth and I saw a shirt I wanted from their ad. (Cute heart neck thermal shirt with heart buttons!!!Red.) And H insisted on wearing his bee costume inside and he loved every minute of being the center of attention. I swear--just wait until he learns to do jazz hands for attention or something!!
We went back to grandma's and SHE HAD BEEN AT WM!! LOL We just never saw each other. So we talked to her and I made plans to drop H off at her house tomorrow morning because I have a shirt to exchange for Ben at Old Navy. She gave us some not so spooky music to play tonight on our playdate with A.T.
We made those apple pockets again last night. So good!!! (see recipe in a previous post below). I like having things Harrison can make with me.
I want to send hugs to my friend Wendy! Congrats on a successful Grand Opening virtual crop. You rock! It was fun (other than my oopsie by moving threads too fast) and I know we made good design team choices. I love working with you. Too bad we don't live in the same state! LOL
And thank you to my friend Audrey for letting my join your Christain SAHM group! I cannot wait to have a playdate with you all. I am so blessed to keep meeting such wonderful and awesome people in my life. I thank God for them everyday.
Later tonight or tomorrow I will post pics from our party and of our delicious apple pockets.
I am going to the post office in an hour to mail out those ScrapCity prizes!!!
Now we have to go take popcorn balls to the neighbors!
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