Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stuck in the arm!

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Owie! I just got back from the doctor's office. I got my flu shot, and they took some blood to check my liver (last time the level was high). So both my arms are sore! On the upside, I lost 10 pounds!! Woohoo! Ben gets his shot at a discount through the school district and Harrison has his appt. in early November. We always try to do a flu shot every year. I think this is my 6th year getting it. The trick is to do it early before everyone and their dog is trying to get one.
Ben is home these next 2 days for Fall Break! I have a huge honey-do list waiting for him.
Here is a kitchen update: We did FINALLY order Pergo wood flooring for the kitchen!! Ben had bought 16x16 ceramic tile, and brought the boxes in the house. We both had a "this is not going to work" moment and changed our minds! And the cabinets are going to be white instead of the steel I originally wanted because we are going to spend more money on the quartz countertops.
I am happy progress is being made!!
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Isn't that delicious?!? We ate Frankenstein cookies over the weekend!
I had a great birthday with my family. Got lots of cute cards (and felt a little crazy for thinking "hmmm...that would make a great scrapbook embellishment!!!"). I spent most of the money at Michaels, Target and I bought myself some cute mary jane slip on shoes today. Birthday money rocks!!! I spent Monday at the zoo with my little man. I was determined to NOT take my camera and just spend time in the moment. It is hard for me to focus on that but I hope to be better about it. One really great shot I did end up taking with my cell phone was the jaquar asleep on his back with his mouth open!!! We had a blast.
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Harrison has been using his imagination with this doll (remember the painted doll?!?) by placing it in the little red wagon that resembles his big Radio Flyer wagon and pretending to take it to the zoo and talking about animals to it. Too cute!!!!
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This morning it rained ALL morning. Yucky COLD rain. We went to Chuck E. Cheese because pizza sounded right. He got 404 tickets!!! We left with cotton candy , a koosh ball animal and a tootsie roll. He is sleeping right now. CEC is always a good idea to get your child to run themselves tired!!!
Tonight I have to work on my Love, Elsie Challenge #1!!