Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Dreams Come True

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Wendy at ScrapCity has blog challenged us to blog about our holiday traditions and how we prepare for the holidays.
In our family, we decorate EARLY. Like a day or two before Thanksgiving usually. Lights outside, the tree, kitschy snowmen,etc. This year my son has really taken to collecting decorative Christmas trees. We have 14 so far. This is the first year he has his own big tree in his room. We put kid-friendly plastic ornaments and candy canes on it. I always put a wreath on the two house doors. And Christmas candles and potpourri that smell like cinammon spice go out. We have a cute Build-a-Bear advent calendar that my son enjoys taking the felt ornaments off of.
I take him to see Santa 1-2 times and buy the pictures every year. We go look at Christmas lights most evenings on our evening drive. For the past 2 years, we have adopted a tree at a local park to decorate. I hope to carry on this tradition as Harrison gets older.
Every year I also have Harrison make a craft keepsake for each set of grandparents. Last year it was hand and foot print Rudolph banner. Before that it was red and green paintings. This year he colored ornaments (paper trees printed from an online coloring book site), and we mounted them on green cardstock, cut out and laminated them. Then we punched holes and tied ribbon. Voila! Ornaments--easy peasy!
We always shop early and get most of our gifts done by Thanksgiving. Crowds make us jittery!
My husband's family has us meet on Christmas Eve and they open all gifts that evening. In our family, we just open one. Then we eat, of course!
My family makes tamales, posole,and stacked enchiladas at Christmas. For dessert, we eat Biscochitos. I love celebrating my hispanic heritage! My mom makes an awesome dessert called Raspberry Delight. So tasty!
Ben always makes his famous sugar cookies ,and H and I put homemade fondant on them. We also make chocolate peanut butter bon bons!
Ben always dresses as Santa. On Christmas Eve, we leave cookies and milk for Santa, and reindeer food for Rudolph--outside. After Harrison is asleep, we put the presents and filled stockings out. We have some footprint boot templates that we use baking soda on to make it look like Santa walked in the hallway!
The holidays are great, aren't they?!?!