Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Vice

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Oh, this ice storm!! This is day 3. Bleh.
1 in 3 Oklahomans are without power. The electiric company has set up booths at local grocery stores so people can report power outages. Trees, branches and power lines are in some of the streets.
Today it rained and since it was 34 degrees the ice started to melt. I saw a huge chunk slide off our car and you could hear crashing noises--from trees splitting or falling--inside the house. So we saw since the roads were wet, not icy that it would be good to venture out and do some errands. Our car would not start! The battery died. Ben jumped it with his truck and had trouble finding an open store to buy a new one (local stores have no electricity, 4 WalMarts are closed, and our local McD's!). Finally, he changed it out and we went driving towards the grocery store. A huge chunk of ice fell from a power line in front of our car with a loud crash!! We were grateful it did not hit the car or the windshield!
We are really lucky to still have power. I can hear generators outside. Some people in the cul-de-sac across from us have no power.
Ben will be home again tomorrow because schools are closed. Schools have been closed since Monday.
My mom was a little sad when I talked to her today. She says she lost a lot of her trees. :(
The weathermen say more is coming in tonight through Friday.
On the upside my house is really clean and I have been able to do some reading. And I have been taking ice pictures (carefully) like mad.