Sunday, December 30, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine :]

We had three different snowfalls this week. I love our snowman--he turned out so cute!!
Here are some of our Christmas pics:

and here are some of the wonderful gifts we received:

I thought it would be easier to put them in slideshows to share.
We had lots of family time over the week. We had a great Christmas. Harrison got some wonderful presents. I love how he was really into the story of the birth of Jesus this year. He would tell it to whomever was within earshot whenever he would spot a Nativity!
I also wanted him to learn the Christmas was not just about receiving but about giving what you can. We donated to a local organization, The Children's Center. They had a wishlist on their web site ( and Harrison was pretty active in helping us shop for the items. It felt good to drop them off to donate. We also found out that at the front entrance of PetSmart there is a display with white bags. You take the bags and can donate any ink cartridges or cell phones. We donated 11 cartridges (I kept thinking I would refill them...NOT!), and my Razr cell phone. We also gave bags of toys to our neighbors. I know we aren't in a position to do much right now financially, but I like to feel like we are doing something, especially around the holidays.
So Friday was Harrison's birthday!!!! We had a party for family only earlier in the month so we just spent the day as a threesome. He had the choice of going to Chuck E Cheese or Toys R Us and he chose Toys R Us. They gave him a balloon, a birthday crown and announced it over the intercom! Since he is in the FREE birthday club (I think you can even sign up online) he also got a $3 gift card and a call from Geoffrey! He bought Murdoch the train. He proudly wore that crown on his head ALL day and beamed everytime someone said, "HB" to him. :)
I got a phone call from my doctor's office the Friday before Christmas. They want to refer me to a specialist for my liver. My dr. tested it 3 times and all three times the liver enzymes were dangerously high! So I tried to call the specialist and had trouble making an appt. (I was told to call back after Jan.1st). I am concerned, of course, but for the past 5 years Ben and I have been together I have had some health crisis and/or surgery EVERY year, so we get sort of immune to it. Please keep me in your prayers, thanks! I have a really good doctor, Dr. Halcomb, so I am sure she could find me someone else to make an appt. with if it does not work out. I like how she genuinely cares for her patients. I never feel rushed when talking to her and I always notice she takes really thorough notes. :)
Well, 2008 is almost here! No, I don't ever make any resolutions. I think I did one year when I was a teenager but I only followed 2 or 3 of them. I do make little to do lists and little goals. Right now I just want a happy, healthy 2008 for my whole family. Oh, and I need to start an exercise program because I would really like more energy. I have been doing a really good job of drinking only water. When I get bored with that I add lemon or lime and sometimes I just do one of those Crystal Light pouches (try Cherry Limeade flavor!).Oh, but I do have a BIG goal for this year! I am enrolling at a local university again to finish my Master's Degree (in Reading Education)--I was halfway there when I had to go on long-term bed rest while pregnant with Harrison. I am really happy to go back and finish it. Then when/if I return to teaching elementary it will be in a more specialized field and I will make more money which means we can move into our dream home faster.
We aren't doing anything big for New Year's...just staying home in our PJs watching The Office season 3 or something. We have never been really celebratory on NY anyway. Oh, we did make a New Year's tree!
We finally saw the movie I Am Legend. Ben and I both liked it. The monsters in the movie reminded me of the ones from The could really tell they were computer animated. Will Smith's acting was really,really good! :)
Today we are taking down our tree we adopted at a local park. We are taking Harrison to play at another (smaller) park. Then my mom and I have plans to visit an antique shop that is having a 1/2 price day. And we are going to Target...they have a ribbon organizer for $4.99!!!