Friday, December 21, 2007

Mommy's Brag Book

Christmas is almost here!
I have to be a total dork and brag about some of the stuff my 2 year old son has been doing lately. I find them so humorous! Here is some of the cuteness (well, I think its cute!)~
~He woke up this morning and declared, "Daddy goes to work so he can buy us more watermelon!!!" (he is crazy about watermelon)
~He sang the WHOLE song, Jingle Bell Rock!!! We were in shock.
~He got mad at the dog, and said, "Santa is not going to bring you a bone!"
~When someone asks what he wants for Christmas he says, "LOTS of presents."
~And he is really into color mixing. He has been telling strangers, "Red and white make pink." or "Blue and yellow make green!". I always have Jerry Maguire flashbacks when he does this.
Okay enough mommy bragging!