Friday, December 14, 2007


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This is a random post on nothing really.
Want some cool fonts? Go to
I love patterns and dots font.
Music I am loving right now...
The Weepies--Stars
The Weepies--All That I Want
A Fine Frenzy--Almost Lover

Anything by Paramore
I recently saw Enchanted over last weekend. LOVED it. It had lots of singing and references to the other princess films. My husband--not so much. He was a little bored by it. It is definitely a girlie film.
Movies I want to see:
I Am Legend
Nanny Diaries
The Ex
and I rented Babel (yes, I am behind!!) and hope to watch it tonight.
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The reason for my ramblings? This was my night/morning:
9pm--son goes to sleep
watch tv with dh and check email
11pm--dh goes to sleep
I start to read a book and check voicemails.
son sits upright in bed and yells, "Wake up everyone!!"
12:35am--Baby Einstein dvd is over.
1:37am--son demands a bath. I think, maybe it would help him sleep. WRONG.
son refuses to rinse hair--I do it anyway.
1:51am--son is rolling around in ball pit. I go to his room and realize he has cat in ball pit with him. Cat is grateful when I free him.
1:59am--we get online to watch his favorite Kermit YouTube video.
We come across a Donald Duck farm one. Son asks why Donald is milking pee from cow. Have talk with son about milk coming from cow. Although the milk did look yellow.
2:13am--read a gazillion books to son
3:17am--son keeps poking my spine to make sure I am near him. Prodding stops...I ease out of bed only to hear, "MAMA!!!" a few seconds before my feet hit the ground.
3:23am--dh warms up some milk hoping it will remedy son's insomnia and he grumbles the whole time while doing it.
3:30am--BINGO! We have sleepy eyes!
5:59am--I have insomnia from my adventure and now I am blogging about my bad parenting skills. I have more ice pics (snow is on its way today so I hope to have snow pics soon!), and pics from our adventure at the Oklahoma Science Museum on Wednesday. I will post some pics tonight (unless I am dealing with my toddler's insomnia!!!)