Monday, January 21, 2008

Good morning sunshine!!

Ben and I saw Juno over the weekend. I liked it (I LOVED the music), but he did not so much.
Now if it was about gladiators or hobbits on a journey he would have been in seventh heaven!
We also hesitantly decided that the bathroom will have to be renovated after the kitchen. The works. It started with a leak in the tub, then the soap dish mounted on the tile wall broke when one of my heavy bottles of shampoos fell on it, and the toilet and sink just look a little sad. I did a faux finish technique on the wall by ragging it,but two years later, it looks blah to me...maybe because it is this weird purple color.
I will be happy one day when the dust settles in this house. And then once everything is done we will sell it...LOL.
Sunday we spent most of the day at my in-law's house. It was my father-in-law and nephew's birthday. {pics coming soon! :) }
I have tentatively started work on my acrylic album. Wish me luck with that...
Harrison and I are making triple berry muffins tomorrow. Yum! He has asked us to call him Charlie Brown and he has renamed our dog Keely, Snoopy.

We started the happy? chore of getting all our tax papers/receipts in order.
I start work Thursday..yay!!!
Our weathermen had predicted snow and ice starting they are getting wishy washy on us and saying it may be rain, may be snow. I want SNOW!!! :)
Remember when I told you to web-kick me in the butt if I spent money on scrapbook stuff I don't really need right now? Well, yes I will take those kicks...get in line!
Is it really my fault Michaels Craft Stores had dollar days? And I also found alphabet chipboard letters for $1 at Big Lots. I think I need Scrappers Anonymous or something!!!
In remembrance-Martin Luther King Day is today.