Monday, January 28, 2008

Manic Monday!

Well, you know last week how we were superexcited about our new adventure?
I made a slide about it.

I have been blogging for a year...usually I do not discuss TOO much detail about my personal life but I really feel a need to share this:
My son was upset and agitated. For awhile he would not talk to me. Then he broke down crying and told me how he got hurt. By a little boy. He was choked, bruised and scratched. Both his hands were raw like they had been pounded with something. He told me the person's name, little X. His mother, Mrs.X, was a friend of mine. Had been for about two years. I emailed her a very nice, non-accusational email telling her what happened. NEVER heard back...not even an apology!!!! NEVER got a call. I am very disappointed. I am not naming names. To other mothers out there who may know Mrs.X, watch out!!! Watch your child near hers, please.
The thing that makes me lame?? Even after all this I emailed her saying, "Maybe we can iron this out?" NEVER heard back and it left me feeling like totally lame.
I always like to think the best of people...I am very naive and gullible. I get a lot of life's hard knock lessons learned this way because I trust way too much. I do too much sometimes to keep a friendship alive. I believe people at face value. I forgive A LOT (but never really forget). I feel really lame. :(
Why can't X see things from my perspective???
I have problems with social anxiety in my past so things like this make me want to run away from everything (not physically) and just stay home in my little shell again. There is flight or fight and I always choose FLIGHT. :(
Needless, to say I pulled my son out of that program and I quit my job. I am not placing blame at all on the unidentified program or unidentified people involved in it. My son told his teacher what the child did (like I had taught him)--and he did say she intervened after he told her. I actually liked my day of work. I liked my co-teacher. So it bites that it is over. :( But I got to keep my son's safety in mind first and foremost above anything else. Yes, I admit to be someone who overreacts and I am for sure a helicopter mom--extremely involved in my son's life, and overprotective. I know I am overdramatic. But an apology sure would be nice.
Sadly, Harrison is still traumatized. Last night he had a nightmare and started yelling in his sleep, "I no go to school! No more school!." Ugh. I had a weird dream myself last night that Ben and I were called bad parents by a movie theatre audience yelling at us.
Oh, and my readers may be wondering why I did not call her...
I got a virus. A BAD virus (and I think I know from where...hint). I had the whole works as far as symptoms. I had no voice so I did not think I could be understood on the phone. :( My voice is still scruffy, and I am still very weak. I have a horrible cough. I am still unable to keep food down. :(
I have to say THANK YOU to my angel. My husband took Friday off to nurse me. He has been here all weekend. Thank you Ben for fixing me soup, running to get the trash can, putting Vicks on my toes (supposed to stop coughing), running to Walgreens a gazillion times, cleaning the house, cooking meals, entertaining Harrison, and calling my mom with updates. I love you, Ben.
This is how awesome he was...
Saturday he took Harrison to the park for 2 hours and the library. These are the awesome pics he took at the park. (You can totally tell he took photography classes--his pictures are sooo good!)I love the close-up nature pics!
And Sunday they were at the zoo for 3 hours. And then came home and played outside for another hour.

I got lots of rest. It was very thoughtful of them both. :)
With everything that has been going on I have lapsed in my photos of the day so here are two for today. The theme is PATRIOTIC. :)
And they were both taken in my neighborhood by me.
Oh, and this makes me laugh.
My neighbors for two years in a row have decided to leave their phone book on their porch untouched. I disposed of last year's LOL for them. They think it is unlucky to touch it. Oddness. But I did collect mine of the porch and had a really cruddy week last week (and was supergrumpy) so maybe there is something to it??
Retail Therapy!!!
This was from last week when I told you to web-kick me in the butt if I bought scrap stuff.
$1 prima-alikes at Target
More Target stuff and Bingo cards a friend sent me.
Stuff from Michaels and Big Lots.
$1 chipboard letters from Big Lots
(Valentine barrettes for my hair,too).
More Big Lots stuff. I got 5 packs of Galaxy Markers for $2. And the jeweled glasses just remind of Guess Who from the scrap blog (love her).
Get a 20% off total purchase Big Lots coupon...
And THANK YOU Tricia for the Creative Memories stuff. I am so happy my order came in and I got my trimmer.
I was happy to hear from my friend Darcey this week. Trust me, I need friends right now. Darcey, we cannot wait to see little baby Luke!!! :)
While I was sick I read the book Strange State. Here is the author's blog:
I love learning history, especially about Oklahoma. A great blog,too.
I perused my Creating Keepsakes mags, and Feb. Scrapbooks,Etc. issue.
I also skimmed some library books.
I watched The Brothers Solomon (with Arrested Development's Will Arnett and SNL's Will Forte). It was supposed to be funny but maybe I was too sick to get it, kwim? I also watched The Nanny Diaries. LOVED it!!! Ben--not so much. I think it was too girly for him but he did make me sit through the Brothers Solomon. I could identify with Laura Linney's character in the sense of trying to be a perfectionist to the point of being overwhelmed. Scarlett Johannson is a good actress,too.
So here are one of my scrapbook layouts (a layout is a page) that I did from my crop (when scrapbookers meet to scrapbook) two weeks ago or so...
I put all my other new pages in the slide at the top of the blog under Winter Creations. :)
I am super pumped LOST is returning this week! Yay!
WHEW!!! You knew since I have not blogged in a few days I had a lot of pent-up blogging to do! Enjoy.
And don't worry about may be rain but the sun always comes out tomorrow!

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. (Psalms 30:5)”

UPDATE: My son just woke up with projectile vomit. :(